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New Gamer/Tester for LaMont

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Here are a couple of pictures of a concept putter that took shape over the weekend. I made a similar putter a few years ago, using a Cameron Mid Sur and gamed it with some real success for a period of time. That one got Ebay'd this past Spring and I still had an itch for something along the same lines.

Chris has been incredibly busy with his relocation, trying to get in some family time, his new job and trying to juggle all three............and more, so I am spending some time trying new things that will result in some very cool putters, coming January 1st, 2011.

This will be on that spends some time in my bag, as a "tester". Every time I make one for "ME", it sells before I get to game it. This one will be MINE, ALL MINE...........at least until 2011, LOL.

Check it out, make any comments you feel like making and thanks for checking out SSB's threads.


LaMont in AZ


PS? Love what I do and you guys make it possible, as does Chris.

Looking forward to 2011, in a very big, very custom way.











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Sweeeeeeeet putter as usual! I got excited when I saw the title of the post thinking that you were looking for a new Gamer or Tester for one of putters! So yeh- if you ever need any putters testing...


My favourite part is the face milling... looks sharp!

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