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“Franken-mat” FB Flight Deck + Country Club Elite

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I’ve had a country club elite mat in my garage hitting bay for a few years. It’s a very durable hitting mat that holds tees well, and is probably the best for training golfers out of hitting fat shots (it penalizes chunky shots pretty severely). My only complaint with the mat is that if you try to take any kind of a “divot” into the country club elite mat, the impact is somewhere between “firm” and “jarring” depending on how steep and how hard you chop into it.

I gave myself a minor left wrist injury from over-use last year (both on the CCE mat and on the course), and there are anecdotal stories on this forum of others of CCE users developing injuries in elbows, wrists, hands, and even some speculative stories of this mat contributing to bending the tips of KBS iron shafts for heavy users w steep swings (It’s hard to say that the CCE mat is more or less likely than any other mat to cause an issue, but the anecdotal stories are out there).

Over the last few years, the mat has completely cured me of the chunk shot, but it also made me more of a sweeper. I got fit for irons 6-7 weeks ago, and trackman had me between -1 and 0 AoA, so I decided I would look into something else. I settled on the Fiberbuilt flight deck, which you can find on eBay for under $70 shipped, and proceeded to Frankenstein it into my CCE in place of the most pounded down section of the mat.

1. Use a jigsaw to cut the rim off the flight deck.


2. Trace the shape of the flightdeck into the back of the mat and cut the oval out with a sharp knife (like a Spyderco Endura sprint run Aogami Superblue).


So far I really like the Flight Deck “insert”. It’s much nicer to hit down and through, and it’s just a few mm “proud” of the top of the CCE mat. I also like that if I want to hit off the CCE I can just turn the mat 180*.


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