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If you only had one last round of golf to play which course would you select and why?


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I would select St Andrew’s the Old Course. I went there on a buddies trip back when I turned 50. It was awesome and I loved the course and atmosphere. Our caddies were fun and entertaining. They actually were betting amount themselves on how we would do. Then they went drinking with us after the round. I shot 74 from the back tees and loved every minute!

Play like a champion today!

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Just now, Tom the Golf Nut said:

Agusta. I've walked the grounds during the Masters a few times and always wanted to be able to play it. I don't know any members, I'm not good enough to be on the PGA tour, and I'm to old to get in the Drive Chip and Putt option for kids. So, if I'm picking a course, I'm going big.

I have never been lucky enough to be there. So other than TV, I have no reference. However, one day soon if I don’t win the lottery I will just purchase tickets. It looks amazing! However, deep down the home of golf at St Andrew’s has me.

Play like a champion today!

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Royal Dornoch.  But with a proviso; provided that my friends were part of the equation.  I think the whom would be more important than the where.  I would rather play a round at my local club with friends than a solo round or round with strangers.  But if the friends could go, we would be headed for Scotland. 


Some of the most fun rounds I've had were at Dornoch.  There is something magical about the place.  The last time I was there, we played 18 in the morning and the a 2 vs. 2 best shot in the afternoon.  The beer shack on the course was closed, so one of the caddies called his girl friend who brought down 18 Tennants and we all, caddies included, finished them off.  Thus, the Tennants Cup was born.  


Great golf and great fun.   

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Tara Iti

Had a chance to play, but the cost and just timing would have made it way too rushed so declined and saved the 4k it would have cost. However one day I truly hope to get back and maybe have the chance to play. 

⛳🛄 as of Nov 6, 2023 (Past WITB
Driver:  :callaway-small: Paradym TD w/ GD ADDI 6X Driver Shootout! 

Wood:    :cobra-small: F7 3 wood 14.5* w/ Motore F1 Shaft

Irons:   :titleist-small: T Series - T200 5 Iron
                                          T150 6-9 Iron
                                          T100 PW/GW

Wedge:  Toura Golf - A Spec 53,37,61 degree 

Putter:  Screenshot 2023-06-02 13.10.30.png Mezz Max!

Balls:     Vice Pro Plus Drip (Blue/Orange)


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I join with those that picked Augusta. Having been there a number of times, there is that mystery and feeling each time you walk through the gates. I have been blessed to play many of the top North American courses over the years but, as Jim Nantz once said about Augusta, “A course like no other.”

TaylorMade  M1 custom driver with Talamonti Lite 55 gram R flex shaft
TaylorMade RBZ 3 HL 17 degree 3 wood Matrix Ozik R flex
Ping G2 17 degree 5 woodw TFC 100 R shaft
TaylorMade SLDR 3 Rescue 19 degree w Fuji 82h Speeder S shaft
TaylorMade SIM Max OS irons 4-PW w Fuji Ventus 6R shafts
TM RSi1 50 degree gap wedge w KBS TGI 60 shaft
Callaway X c grind 56 degree wedge True Temper S steel shaft
Callaway SureOut 58 degree UST Mamiya 65 sand wedge
TaylorMade Milled Grind 60 degree lob wedge NIppon Pro modus 1 degree upright Tour 120 S shaft . All woods, hybrids and irons fitted with JumboMax grips. FBS1 modified 3 degree center shaft offset putter w JumboMax grip. Bushnell TourZ6 rangefinder

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I'd have to flip a coin- it'd either be Sawgrass or Augusta. I've had dreams that I've aced THE island green and The Golden Bell (#12). I can't think of any better places to get my first ace.

ALL :callaway-small:

Paradym 10.5*(11.5*) (Hzrdus Gen 4 Silver 60/KBS TD)

Apex UW 17* (Tensei AV Blue 75)

Apex Pro 21 Hybrid 20*/23* (KBS Hybrid)

Paradym 6-PW (Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 105X)

Jaws Raw Face Chrome 48* (Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 105X)

Jaws Raw Chrome Full Toe 54*/ 58* (Nippon Pro Modus 115 Wedge)

Jaws Full Toe Black Wedge 64* (DG Tour Issue Spinner 115)


Chrome Soft X 

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I guess the obvious choice is Augusta just due to the Masters and the exclusivity of playing the course.  Simple reason just to say and be able to tell people I played Augusta.  

if it were to look at it from the perspective of what course would i pick if it was something that was accessible to most golfers I would pick St. Andrews.  Just because of the history and being able to play golf where it started.  

Driver:  :ping-small: G400 Max 9* w/ KBS Tour Driven
Fairway: :titelist-small: TS3 15*  w/Project X Hzardous Smoke
Hybrids:  :titelist-small: 915H 21* w/KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid Prototype
                :titelist-small: 915H  24*  w/KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid Prototype        
Irons:      :honma:TR20V 6-11 w/Vizard TR20-85 Graphite
Wedge:  :titleist-small: 54/12D, 60/8M w/:Accra iWedge 90 Graphite
Putter:   :taylormade-small:TM-180

Testing:   SPGC_logo.jpg

Backups:  :odyssey-small: Milled Collection RSX 2, :seemore-small: mFGP2, :cameron-small: Futura 5W

Member:  MGS Hitsquad since 2017697979773_DSCN2368(Custom).JPG.a1a25f5e430d9eebae93c5d652cbd4b9.JPG


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I would say that on a perfect day my favorite course to play would be Turnberry in Scotland.  The lighthouse, the water, the rolling land , the history , and the variety of shots you have to play is unmatched !

Srixon Irons

Cobra Driver

Volkey Wedges

Evenroll putter 

3 hole in ones so far ( Ohio, Hawaii, Australia )


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2 minutes ago, 10Hockey said:

I would say that on a perfect day my favorite course to play would be Turnberry in Scotland.  The lighthouse, the water, the rolling land , the history , and the variety of shots you have to play is unmatched !

I got to play it on the buddies trip. Great course!

Play like a champion today!

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Definitely St. Andrews for me.  

Ping G425 Max 9° w/UST MP5 L-Flex

PXG Gen 5 0311XF 8° w/Grafalloy ProLaunch 45 A-Flex

Ping G425 3 wood 14.5° w/Ventus Velocore Blue-6R tipped 1"

Cleveland Halo Launcher 5 wood 18° with Project X Cypher R

Callaway Rogue 19° hybrid regular

PXG Gen 3 0311XF 5 - G steel regular

Corey Paul wedges bent to 53° and 58°

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11.5 putter

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I think it would be Bandon for me. My parents are from there and I grew up spending so much time in that town with cousins and grandparents before the courses were built. It’sa happy place for me.

Driver: Ping G425 LST, Otto Phlex UST MP5 or GD AD-TP 6X

3 Wood: Nike Covert Tour (@16 deg), Fujikura Motore Speeder

5 Wood: Nike Covert Tour (@20 deg), Fujikura Motore Speeder 

4i Hybrid: Titleist 913h (@24 deg), Diamana Blue Board hybrid

Irons: Taylormade P790 (5-6) & P770 (7-AW), KBS C-Taper 130x (Soft-stepped 1x)

Wedges: Taylormade MG3 TW grind 56 (@55) & 60, KBS C-Taper 130x (Soft-stepped 2x)

Putter: Piretti Cottonwood II, 34.5 inches

Ball: Taylormade TP5

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm not that good and don't really watch a lot of golf, so the famous courses don't really hold any appeal to me.  I think I'd rather play my local muni that I know really well, with my dad and my son.  We'd take our time, savor the shots, and sprinkle in a lot of "Remember when..."

Cobra Aerojet Max driver

Cobra Aerojet Max 3 wood and 7 wood

Cobra Aerojet 4/5/6 hybrids

Cobra Aerojet 7-PW, GW

Cobra Snakebite 52° and 58° wedges

Cobra King Stingray 20 putter

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Think I'd have to go with The Olde Course at St Andrews, simply because it's an icon and I've never had the pleasure of playing it.   If I restricted it to the US, I'd want to play Augusta National because, well it's Augusta!


Driver: :callaway-small: Rogue ST Max (10.5* set at -1 and neutral) -- Mitsubishi Tensai Blue 55g R shaft

Fairway: :callaway-small: Rogue ST Max 3 wood (16.5*) and Heaven Wood (20*)-- Tensai Blue 55g R shaft

Hybrids: :callaway-small: Rogue ST Max 5H (23*)--Tensai Blue 55g R shaft

Irons:  :callaway-small: Apex CF19 6-9, PW, AW -- KBS Tour Graphite  TGI 70 shafts R +1/2 inch 3* upright

Wedges: Edison 53* and  57* KBS PGI 80 Graphite +1/2 inch 2* upright

Putter: L.A.B. DF 2.1 -- BGT Stability shaft

Ball:  Maxfli TourX...Golf Bag: :ping-small: Pioneer...Shoes: :footjoy-small: Hyperflex... Glove: Red Rooster Feather


My Photography can be seen at Smugmug

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I'll say anywhere in Hawaii. 

Finding a way to turn birdies into bogeys since 1992. #TeamChunks

'23 Forum Tester: image.png.9f90721cd28bc7b0a9c9a7080e1e9365.png Elixir Golf Ball

WITB:image.png.3fd681db3510b6ca5b9cd8746bbb1447.pngTS2 10.5° @ 11.25° Screenshot_20230525_003120_Chrome2.jpg.453ea23fc579d3ff5d81168fdd3d1632.jpgTensei blue AV 55 R graph•917f2 15° @ 16.5° Screenshot_20230525_003120_Chrome2.jpg.453ea23fc579d3ff5d81168fdd3d1632.jpgDiamana blue x5ct dialed 70 R graph•image.png.34e4547e173a54172ff78e7545cfce3c.pngStealth 22° image.png.3e3fd052b67b6f62d3666b666d7109fe.png Ventus red 6 (non-velo) R graph• image.png.8fb479c452fc063454e923dea514c13d.png699u 2i 17° image.png.9a4846088e26973fb7fe5624bddbdc81.png tgi 70 R graph•24° image.png.d2eb192c22d125fefbd3607df7e0b327.png Tour v 90 black pvd R steel•699 6i-PW image.png.9a4846088e26973fb7fe5624bddbdc81.png Tour 110 black pvd R steel• image.png.eca9fa52c016ce4745893f387fef46df.pngSM8 50°/08° @ 52°/10° SM8 stock steel• image.png.3a7bdc80b43a23d4e08c16f2f319cc28.pngJaws Full Toe 56°/12° Screenshot_20230525_002154_Google2.jpg.c2d23d7abfb8451e510d254517410b64.jpgDG Spinner TI steel •image.png.98634e318580c192c5682c5d7f2a763a.png c series DW 2.0 slant neck stock steel•image.png.13e1aa1ef13bc0a92bb27f2e4df082a9.pngPhantom 2 gps•Tour v3 rangefinder•image.png.9f90721cd28bc7b0a9c9a7080e1e9365.pngElixir golf ball•

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Pebble Beach, with one condition. I get to play it few times beforehand, so that my last round isn't humiliating.

DRIVER :cobra-small: AEROJET 10.5°  |  FAIRWAY :callaway-small: ROGUE ST MAX 3/15°
HYBRID :ping-small: G410 21°  |  UTILITY :Sub70: 699 V2 U 5/23°
IRONS :Sub70: 699 V2 6-PW |  WEDGES :cleveland-small: CBX 2 50°, 54°, 58°

BALL :callaway-small: SUPERSOFT
BAG :1590477705_SunMountain: 3.5 LS  |  PUSHCART :Clicgear: ROVIC RV1S

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  • 9 months later...

Any of the courses in the villages. One of my fondest memories with my grandfather was playing with him, my dad and myself when I was young. I’d love to bring my dad and son there. I know not the most extravagant of course choices but for me it’s more of the importance of the memory.

Been playing for about 2 years in total. Winter breaks and a 6month period when I got sick. Starting to feel like myself again and recently played a “okay” round. 
I currently have custom fit Cobra LTDx irons/wedges, a Vokey 60(cause my short game has been the best part of my game, and a Maverick 9 deg. Driver. Driving is the worst part of my game so My 4 iron usually takes alot of the long game abuse. 

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There used to be this 9-hole par 3 course down in San Diego (in LA Mesa for any familiar). It was the only time in my life before the last month that I ever played golf. I was 16, hanging with my friends, not a care in the world. Just knocking balls down par 3's. Times change, the course and those friends are no longer around, but the memories of the first time I swung a golf club will be etched in my brain forever. Now, I hope to create plenty of new golf memories on different courses. None will ever match that old La Mesa 9. 



Beginner golfer, looking for all suggestions and advice. Golf is supposed to be fun... I think 🤔

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If I had one last round to play, it would be easy to select any of the truly iconic courses in the world like, Augusta, Pebble Beach or St. Andrews, etc.  Instead, I’m going to select a place, a little off the beaten path, Tara Iti in New Zealand.  Breathtaking and gorgeous and another reason to travel down under and visit Australia and New Zealand.  For my “local” choice, I would pick Banff Springs in Alberta  The majestic beauty of the Rockies never grows old.






Driver: Taylormade Stealth 2 plus, LA golf DJ shaft, 55S

3 wood - TM Stealth plus, Mitsubishi Kai’li. Blue, 5 wood - TM Stealth plus,  Hzrdus red, 3 hybrid Mizuno CLK, Fuji pro 2.0

Irons (5-PW) - Mizuno 921 HMP, Accra IS 80

Wedges, Vokey SM9 48*10F, 54* 12D, 58* 8M, DG S400

Putter: Evnroll tour, stability shaft, Evnroll gravity grip

Bag: Vessel Cobra tour stand bag

Balls: Titleist ProV1x, Callaway Chrome soft X LS, Bridgestone Tour B XS or Srixon Z star Diamond

Tech: Arccos, Bushnell Pro XE rangefinder

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I have to go with the history, so Old Course at St. Andrews.  I would then go and ruin myself on the pub trail given that I had played my last round of golf ever!! Second would like be Turnberry and then Augusta. 

image.png.b89fa684b54b186f20c376e6af43ac1d.png 425's- 5i to PW, UW

image.png.4462ac5ffcc9491d68e78951b3a1a587.png  G400 Driver, G425 3W, G425 7W, G425 3H

image.png.cf53a065a6e348c87221c4bf13510375.png 56 degree Hi-Toe wedge

image.png.4462ac5ffcc9491d68e78951b3a1a587.png  Glide 60 degree 

image.png.d4990c8d6330ecc392d9a5124b26165a.png Evnroll ER3

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Easy for me.  Augusta National. 😍 It is Mecca for those of us play golf for the love of the game.  Have been blessed to have played some of the greatest courses and this is high on my list.  At the age of 77 and limited walking ability it would be very difficult for me, but playing that course would be a dream come true.  Have walked it many times outside the ropes in the past.  Would not care what I shot, but to walk those sacred grounds where the best of the best have played would bring tears.  Have friends who have played there and they said it was unforgettable.  "A loss of words".  Bobby Jones had the right idea, when he selected Alister MacKenzie as the golf course architect for Augusta National Golf Club.  Georgia on my mind.    


Driver - TSi3 10.75* - Fujikura Speeder 661 TR

Fairway - TSi2 14.25* - Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 6.1 

Fairway - TSR1 17.0* - Fujikura Vista Pro 65S

Hybrid - TSR1 20.0* - Fujikura Atmos Red Tour 75  

Hybrid - TSR1 23.0* - Fujikura Atmos Red Tour 75

Irons - T350 (2023) - 6-48W - True Temper AMT Red 95g-107g

Wedges - Vokey SM9 - 52.08F, 56.10S - True Temper AMT Red 94 

**  GolfPride MCC +4 Midsize Grips  (all woods/irons/wedges)

Putter - 2023 Scotty Cameron Super Select Squareback 2 35" 

**  Superstroke 1.0 Pistol Grip  

Golf Ball - TITLEIST - Prov1s (2023)                                                         

Golf Bags - TITLEIST  - Cart 14 (black), Mid Size Tour (black/white)

Golf Glove - FootJoy (StaSof), Shoes, Apparel and Outerwear        

Rangefinder - Bushnell Pro XE


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