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GOLF MAD LIBS! - _______ makes the best shafts in golf.


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That really can't be narrowed down because there is a shaft in a company that fits the person responding. With the said I would go with my current gamers but it is a bias as heck because they fit me and love the smooth feel of both companies, KBS / RT Technologies

Callaway Epic Max 12.0 (-1/N) @ 44.50" w/ Graphite Design Tour AD IZ-7 Stiff

Callaway Epic Speed 18.0* @ 42.75" w/ Graphite Design Tour AD IZ-8 Stiff

Callaway Mavrik Pro 23.0* @ 40.00" w/ Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 95 HYB Stiff

Sub-70 639 Combo (5-P) w/ Nippon Modus 3 125 Stiff, Standard Length, Weak Lofts (27-47, 4* gaps)

Callaway MD5 Raw 51-11 S-Grind w/ Nippon Modus 125 Wedge

Callaway MD5 Raw 55-13 X-Grind w/ Nippon Modus 125 Wedge

Callaway MD5 Raw 59-11 S-Grind w/ Nippon Modus 125 Wedge

Callaway MD5 Raw 63-09 C-Grind w/ Nippon Modus 125 Wedge

Golf Swing & Putting -- Bruce Rearick (Burnt Edges Consulting)

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Since all my gamers are KBS except for the driver and putter I could say that it is KBS. But since these are arguably the most important clubs, are they not the most important shafts? And then should they not be the best?

:taylormade-small:  SIM2 9° on  Graphite Design  Tour AD DI  6S 

:taylormade-small:  SIM TI 3W  on  Graphite Design  Tour AD DJ  7S 

:taylormade-small:  SIM2 Rescue 3 on Graphite Design  Tour AD DI  8S 

:cobra-small: ForgedTec Black 4-G  on :aerotech: i95 S

:mizuno-small: ES21 54° 60°  on :kbs: Hi Rev

:L.A.B.:  DF2.1 on :accra: x L.A.B. White

:titelist-small: AVX  -ProV1X

:918457628_PrecisionPro: Precision Pro  NX7 Pro

All grips are BestGrips Micro-Perforated


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Three letters: K-B-S.


Thats based on everything I have SEEN and HEARD. I have been very impressed with the success they have had with amateurs and pros alike. That is also the reason why my next shafts will be KBS.

Inside My Blue Callaway Warbird X Golf Stand Bag:

Driver:Nike SQ 10.5* with Graphite Design Y6+

3W:Cobra S2 14*

4W: Nike SQ Dymo 17*

3H and 4H: Taylormade Rescue 19* and 22*

5H: Cleveland Mashie 23*

6H: Adams a3os Hollow-Back

7Iron-Sand Wedge:Callaway X-20 Series with Callaway Steel

Lob Wedge (60*):Cleveland CG-12 Black Pearl with Cleveland TRaction Steel Wedge Flex

Putter: Odyssey Versa #9

Golfball: Callaway Hex Black Tour

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