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AlmostGolf Balls...

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So I got my 2 free AlmostGolf Balls the other day. I like them.


When opened the package, my first thought was "these are the same as the ones I get at Wal-Mart & Target". Unlike the cheap smooth foam balls that are next to worthless, both the AlmostGolf Balls & Target balls have dimples similar to a real ball. The AlmostGolf Balls were noticeably firmer than the Target balls.



The AlmostGolf Balls weighed 224 grains (ProV1 weighs 706 grains), while the Target balls only weighed 112 grains. So the AlmostGolf Balls were twice as heavy, yet still about a third the weight of a real ball.



I grabbed my trusty 100 yard wedge and started hacking away. The Target balls carried 35 yards. The AlmostGolf Balls carried 62 yards. What is interesting, though, is when I used my 7 iron (155 yds) I still only got 35 yards with the Target ball, yet the AlmostGolf Ball carried 77 yards.



Both balls noticeable ballooned in flight as was expected from a lightweight practice ball. The uber-light Target ball ballooned much more so than the AlmostGolf Ball. The AlmostGolf Ball had a much more realistic ball flight. Not exact, mind you, but pretty good.


The same holds true for "sidespin". The AlmostGolf Ball definitely exaggerates hook/draw spin, but it was not nearly as ridiculous as the Target ball. I liked the AlmostGolf Ball because it gave me a clear idea of how much and what type of spin was on the ball.



An unexpected "thing" about the AlmostGolf Ball was that is sort of bridged the gap between a practice swing and hitting a real ball. It's completely mental, but sometimes, especially when I'm playing bad, I can find it difficult to put the same swing on a real ball as my practice swing. The AlmostGolf Ball, being.....well...almost a ball, seemed as easy to swing at as a practice swing. Low handicappers probably don't have that problem often (if at all), but for someone working to ingrain a new swing I found it an added bonus. Your mileage may vary.



I like them. They are significantly more realistic than their competition (the balls Wal-Mart/Target sell). I'm going to get a couple dozen of these. Which means their 2 free campaign woked on me ;)

HDCP: 12.6 (GHIN: 3143312)
In my bag, JULY 2020
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 :callaway-small: PM Grind Wedges
:bettinardi-1:  Putter

:bridgestone-small: 2020 TOUR B RXS
Sun Mountain Cart Bag
:Clicgear: 3.5 Push Cart (I'm walking 9 outta 10 rounds!!)

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I like them a lot as well, Last year I got 3 sets through their free campaign (my parents and in-laws volunteered their addresses for shipping). My side yard is about 50 yards long, and while I can't take a full swing, these are much better for practicing than the Target balls or wiffle balls... Like you said, I really like how the ball flight is pretty similar to what it would be in real life...


Next I want to try out the Birdie Balls, they don't show ball flight as well (from what I've seen), but they look like they would be better for my sized yard...

My Bag:
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3 Wood -  :callaway-small: XR16
Hybrids -  :srixon-small:  ZH45
Irons -  :mizuno-small:  JPX 850 Pro

Wedges -  :callaway-small: Mac Daddy 2
Putter -   :taylormade-small: Spider Tour Red
Bag - Ogio Grom Stand

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I like these for practice(yard golf)they don't do well if I fly one into a kennel run,

they last about 3 sec :blink:

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got mine in the mail, haven't tried them yet, but I had the same thought at first, this is just another foam ball.


unfortunately for me, living in condos, I don't have any room to hit anything, so I still need a net!!!! and in that case, I'd just hit a real ball.

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