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    Checked in on this thread for the first time in a couple of days and it's almost entirely discussion about The Sandlot. I ain't mad.
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    All the mentions in this thread brought me back to land. I have been lost at sea for a fortnight! (Seriously, I miss this thread a lot and would have liked to get an extra 1000 posts, unfortunately, our move has been going less than smoothly, so I’ve been rather busy, but hopefully should be back soon.) Oddly enough, part of my curriculum is called CC and I’m doing level 3, so you’re actually closer than you think. Nope, never been grounded, and never will be. Not because I’m an angel, I’m just an extremely good liar. Can I get the credit? Sadly, no golf for me, my golf clubs are somewhere near Chattanooga, and I’m losing my mind. Peffercorn or Peppercorn????
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    Played 27 holes today at Lincoln Park West and East - the club championship is this Saturday and Sunday so the pins were tough - didn't make much on the West: 69 (Blue Tees) FIR 6/13 GIR 16/18 Putts 32 East - hit it much better/closer and made some putts. Played in 55 minutes which was awesome. Took me 20 holes to get the speed figured out. 29 (White Tees) FIR 6/7 GIR 8/9 Putts 11 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So follow up. How many of you do what you hear that the pros will often do. Make your last shot on the range, the same shot you will hit on the first tee. I know in most cases that's going to be driver. But in the pros case they most likely are not just hitting the same club..ie driver, but with the same shape they will need on the first tee, Fade or draw or in Brooks Koepka's case, bombing it over the trees on the dogleg Sometimes I will actually "play" the first hole on the range for my last couple shots, meaning, hit the driver, then based on where it landed approximate what club I would have into the green from there and hit it, then maybe a chip or pitch shot with a wedge.
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    Maybe he finally found the Muppets...
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    Kirke rolled out this afternoon with my dad and mom, headed south for the first round of Drive, Chip, and Putt. His tee time tomorrow is 9:50 Central Time. I'm eager to hear his results, and even more, to hear from my dad on how Kirke handles the pressure of an actual formal competition for the first time. I've seen Kirke hit in front of an audience before. At the local kids' clinic our course holds, the instructor will often ask Kirke to come in front of everyone (sometime over 100 people) and hit shots, and it just doesn't faze him in the slightest. It's almost as though it brings him an extra layer of focus and (even) swagger (which needs to be managed). But this could be different. It's certainly one of those times that show how useful sports can be as a tool in parenting, to see what my son is feeling on the inside. I haven't before watched any of the Drive, Chip, and Putt, but I'm struck (in preparation) with the volatility of the scoring. The chipping and putting is so key, because of the massive dropoff in points. Make a putt, get 25. Miss within a foot, 20. Miss within 2', 15. And so on. Outside 5', a point. So having perfect dead weight is crucial. My dad promised to get some video and to text me updates, so I'll let everyone here know as soon as I can.
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    Played my first 9 holes (league/best ball round) with the new M5 driver I won in the member-guest tournament I played in with @Wedgie... WHOA!.... even my mishits were out there. We used my drive every time. The guy I was playing with works at the course and he mentioned on a couple of holes "wow, this is your drive? I've never been here before..." Driver-wedge, driver-wedge... GIR on all 9 holes....if only we could putt. It's a keeper!
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    ... Amen! Thank goodness many courses are replacing the red "LADIES" tees with green "FORWARD" tees. I got paired up with a guy a few weeks ago that moved up to the green tees and admitted he would never play from red tees. Same course, same tees but ego would not allow him to play from reds yet greens are acceptable . He was a typical high index player and struggled from the forward tees and I cant imagine what he played like from the longer tees.
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    This used to be the conventional wisdom, but some of the newer statistical analyses suggest that it might not be the best policy. Most players will have better results when they're hitting from closer to the green, all other factors being equal. I've worked the past few years on doing just this, NOT laying back to ___ yards, but getting as close as I can without taking on too much additional risk. I'll happily get to 50 or 60 yards, and now that I have a little experience under my belt with those shots, I'm confident I'll hit a decent one. It took some getting used to, and some practice, but its worth the effort.
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    IF there's a range I typically use it... BUT... I have to be careful. There are two types of "ranges' for me... there is the work-on-the-swing range and the before-a-round range and I have to be really careful not to let the first creep into the second. The work-on-the-swing range is big bucket, alignment sticks, 1hour+, etc.... I call this playing "golf swing" The pre-round range is as small a bucket as they offer and seeing how the ball will fly that day... I call this playing "golf" When I get on the course I have to remind myself to play "golf" and not play "golf swing".... Some of my best ball striking rounds have occurred after I've warmed up on the range. There are a couple of courses I play that do not have a range but they have a net you can hit into; I try to do that at the very least. my putting sucks either way so I typically just try to get the pace of the greens down and hope I can avoid the 3 putt.
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    This thread influenced me to find a Cobra 3-4W of my own. I'll 3rd the comment. I would hands down turn over my driver to keep the 3W. I'd say 9 out of 10 of my 3 wood shots off the tee are lasers.
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    Were these clubs new? If so, congrats on your Chinese counterfeits
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    Paige Spiranac is watching us!!
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    I hit two shots today that stick out in my mind - on the 5th hole I missed the fairway to the right - I'm only off the fairway a yard or so but I have to hit a low fade because I have a tree in front of me. I had 178 which is a good 6 iron for me but because I had it hit a low fade, I took a five iron. I came up just short on the front fringe and was able to get up and down which kept my round going. The other was a 50* wedge from 106 yards into the breeze on my 25th hole:
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    Played a leisure 9 today, to kind of clear my head. Took some pictures and filmed a muskrat swimming. I played good with a couple birdies and a sweet Eagle on a par 4 from 120 out. I hit a gap wedge I borrowed from the pro shop (50* ping glide 2.0) Overall it was a nice club to use but already having a high launch, I noticed I hit the ball way to high. Yes, that's a Z-Star XV
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    What is Fortnite... or Stranger Things? Thank you for the kind words though, I miss having fun with y’all, but I’ll be back soon. The whats? You’re wrong... Err, well, maybe not entirely, but definitely mostly.... somewhat...
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    77 in league this afternoon - doubled 9 which really frothed me. But won $105 dollar skin/closest to the pin on 8 - 178 yard 7 wood to kick in range - we play it down, putt it out so I did. Oh and the course that I played was at 6,200 and my longest drive was 228. It’s wet, heat index was over 105 - the ball goes nowhere in these conditions. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy My practice paid off. When i had wedge, I hit it inside of 20 feet and I got up and down 2/3rds of the time.
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    What a difference a day makes. Same view as yesterday, nearly the same time. End result was better today, too. 4-iron to 18 feet and two-putt par. I'll take a par on a 200+ yard par 3 all the time!
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    I’m afraid GB13 has falling in the stranglehold of teenage girls. Just saying, when I was that age, I didn’t care one earthly thing about anything but girls. Could be wrong here, but I doubt it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    FedEx just arrived..... Great Outfit from Puma....Thanks MGS and Thanks Puma....y’all are the best! #CobraCONNECT using the new F8’s from Cobra Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Yesterday I had the opportunity to play a very nice away course that I really enjoy and haven't played in several years. We got there in plenty of time to warm up, almost an hour before the round. It was hot and I didn't want to over do it. But I took a small bucket maybe 30 balls and hit 15 or so 7 irons and 10 drivers and about 5 wedges or so. I hit all three very solidly and was happy. Then went and putted for 20 minutes. Rolled in my 2nd putt from 30 feet. Ok this is going to be a good day. Get to the 1st tee a pretty wide fairway and only about 340 yards. I proceed to push it dead right into the pond that had to be at least 70 yards from the center of the fairway. Doubled the hole and tripled the next with an OB 7 iron off the tee off par 3. Went like that the rest of the day...except for the driver. But every iron I hit was horrible. Wedges werent as sharp as usual and I swear I forgot how-to putt in the first 25 minutes of the round. All this led to a disheartening 102, filled with 7 penalty strokes and 5 three putts. Earlier this year. I've gone straight from the office without litteraly 3 practice swings by the cart before the first tee and shot in the 80's. So it makes me wonder if a range session really helps me before a round. Maybe 10 minutes swinging the Orange or Yellow Whip is all I need to go play. What are your all's thoughts on the importance of hitting the range before a round.
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    Introducing the UN series. A hybrid grip with the signature velvety sticky touch of NO1 Grip. This grip combines a sticky, solid feel in the upper hand area, and a delicate softer feel in the lower hand area, which provides an unmatched sense of stability and confidence. UN series promotes light and consistent grip pressure, which leads to a smoother swing, improved distance, and control. Available Round Material: Elastomer Weight: UN series 50g (±1g) UN Light 44g (±1g) Pink, Shocking pink Men's Standard My Third Shot at NO1 It was way back in 2011 when I first ran a set of NO1 Model 48 grips through the old GolfSpy Dave review process. It’s fun to look back at my early reviews to see how the golf industry has changed over time. One of the coolest things about the Model 48 grips was that they came in lots of colors. Such a spectrum selection would not move the needle as much these days, but as many of you remember, there was a time not too long ago when your choice of grip color consisted of black or black. I took my next spin with NO1 grips in 2015 when they released the Model 50 Pro grips. At the time, I considered the Model 50 Pro to be one of the best grips that I had ever put on a club. It had a great shape, tackiness, and overall feel in my hands. I could tell right away they it was also a durability upgrade over the Model 48. I really thought that the Model 50 Pro grips would last a while. As it turns out, I was not wrong. I played last week with a friend who was using the set of irons that I had gripped with the NO1 Model 50 Pros, and those grips were still in use, and looking damn near perfect. As one who regrips about once a year, I was amazed that he still had those grips on from 2015. All he did was occasionally clean them with dish soap and water. Unbelievable. And so today we take a look at a third model of NO1 grip, the newly released UN series. I’ve slapped them on my Srixons, and am ready to share with you what the UN is all about. A New Decade of Dominance Golf Pride’s New Decade Multi-Compound grips have impacted the golf grip industry perhaps more than any other grip. I'm going to go out on a ledge of craziness and call the NDMC the Anser of modern grips. Yep, that just happened. Sorry Tour Velvet... Keep the torches untorched for a second and hear me out. When we look at putter companies, nearly all of them make some kind of Anser variant. It’s really a necessity, as the consumer wants that head shape, and should a company want to sell putters, they had better provide the customer with what they want. Think about the upcoming Scotty Cameron Tel3 rerelease. You have two Anser Newport heads, and a cool flow-neck mallet. I’ll give you one guess as to why the Newports are there and not a Laguna and a Del Mar 2. Like the Anser, Golf Pride’s NDMC grips have become iconic, and highly desirable to the playing public. Like the Anser with putter companies, grip companies have paid attention to this consumer trend, and now most companies feature some kind of NDMC-ish grip where the upper and lower portions of the grip feature different materials and textures. These new grips are typically not just copies, as like with the Anser situation, these companies are also taking the original New Decade design and putting their own spin on it. “Adopting” and improving on a working design may be the most prevalent product plan in the golf industry, be it putters, drivers, gloves, or grips. Wheels get tweaked far more often than re-invented… With all of that in mind, I bet you can guess the general design of NO1’s new UN series grip. Yep, you’ll find different tactile situations at the top and the bottom of the grip, and like the Anser making putter shops not named PING, NO1 has put their own spin on the design, perhaps even improving on the original concept. A Tale of Two Textures One thing that the UN series grip is not is a multi-compound grip. The entire grip is made out of the same elastomer material. Elastomer is rubber for those of you out there without Google. What NO1 has done is make the UN grip more of a multi-texture grip, and in doing so, they were able to achieve the firmer upper/softer lower composition that we associate with the more traditional multi-compound grips. Those of you who spent points for ranks in putter face milling knowledge will immediately get how NO1 has accomplished this feat. When a putter face is deep milled, the amount of metal that actually contacts the ball at impact is reduced. This interaction will be perceived by the person putting as a softer impact experience when compared to a putter without the deep milling. When you look at the texture patterns on the NO1 UN series grip, you should notice that the texture on the lower section is far more aggressive than the top, with the holes being deeper and wider on the lower half. Think again about the putter and the milling. If you have larger holes on the bottom section, you will actually have less rubber touching the (typically) right hand, and thus it will feel softer. Crazy parallel there, huh? In addition to a less prolific texture pattern, NO1 has also added an additional layer of elastomer on the top section which increases overall firmness as well. It’s grip wizardry. One material, but two different tactile experiences. Playing The UN Series I love sharing the technical side of these with you, but at $16 a grip, what you really need to know about is how they play. With that goal in mind, I went grips-ons with the Srixons and went to the course. While all of the following is, of course, subjective, I did have a few key observations worth sharing. Comfy, Comfy, Comfy I love the feel of these grips. As a point of reference, prior to installing these, my irons were gripped with Lamkin 3GEN Ace grips. With that in mind, I definitely found the NO1 UN series to feel softer overall, with the lower region giving a nice bit of squish. It’s a welcome squish with these grips, at no point do they feel too soft. They are soft enough to mesh in with the fingers, but not so soft that you’d get waves of wiggle with the club. The great thing about my game these days is that I get to take all kinds of shots from all places on the course. Admittedly, that’s not so great for scoring, but it is great for testing grips on a variety of shots. Under all conditions, these grips felt great and performed as needed. Grip performance is absolutely a tough thing to measure. Outside of falling off the club, or spinning in the hand, it’s tough for a grip to have an immediate failure. In this situation, I measured subtle performance in two ways. First, these did not promote finger damage like I will sometimes get with the 3GENs and even NDMC. No bandaids needed to play that second 18, just the usual Advil and alcohol. Second, and most telling, is that I basically forgot that I was playing with new grips about two holes into the round. I don’t know if there is a higher compliment that I can give these grips than that. For me, they were so comfortable, and functional, that they just vanished into my subconscious while I played. A grip that rubs roughly, or suddenly slips, is not a grip that you would ignore during play. The UN grips were totally un-obtrusive and un-der my radar during play. Fancy Colors Rule You have a bunch of choices when you are shopping for the UN Series grips. While the lower hand will likely be navy, you can get a number of bright colors on the top hand. Of the samples received, I really liked the light blue, and would probably game the white or yellow as well. I’m a colored grip guy. I’d actually like to see some of the more esoteric color combinations that NO1 has on their Series 48 and Series 50 grips. If these came in purple/white, I’d probably buy a case of them. Should you prefer a more reserved grip palette, you can go with the mundane navy on navy combo, or the actually-very-badass all black design. Longevity I’ve only had a few rounds and some range time with these, but they are wear-free so far. Hopefully, they hold up like the 50 Pro grips. I’ll circle back to this section over the next few months and add photos should any wear issues develop. For now, all seems solid. Thumbs Up for UN Overall, I’m quite impressed with these grips. They are able to give you that upper/lower hand tactile difference that you look for in a multi-compound grip, without using multiple compounds. Folks who play without a glove, but don’t like the chord roughness in typical multi-compounds should definitely check these out. The vanish-from-consciousness nature of these grips was especially welcome. That’s one less thing for me to think about when I am playing. I don’t want to think about the alternator when I am driving, I just want the alternator to do its job under the hood while I drive. The NO1 UN Series grips have been UN-believably good so far.
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    Do You Feel Hitting the Range Before Your Round is Essential? Not too sure how essential it is really but I do hit the range almost every time before I play. That's what I like to do and it's my standard routine. I do 4 things. I start with my 56* wedge with short half shots working up to a full swing. Then I go to my 7i and hit 10-12 shots. Next is the driver and I'll hit 5-7 more. Next I move to the chipping/putting green and hit a a number of chips followed by putting for a few minutes. Do I play better by doing this? Most of the time I'd say Yes. Key for me is that I ease into the round without rushing around. Running from the car to the tee box never seems to workout well.
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    And this is a big reason why courses should stick to labeling the tee boxes with colors only. As soon as the terms “senior” or “ladies” tees get used, some people’s egos take over against what is best for their game (as if it is an insult or something). I regularly play with guys I drive it 30-50yds past and they insist on playing from the same boxes as I do. They’re giving up 3-4 clubs on some holes, and then get frustrated when I’m hitting 9 iron and they’ve got 6 iron. Just move up! That’s why we have different boxes! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    If he pulls this off we should call him the winner and cancel the entire playoffs!
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    Alright here are some numbers from tonight’s range session. 3W off the deck and tee respectively. 2H off the deck 4 Crossover off the deck I’m not sure about the Crossover yardage honestly even though I did flush it. The hybrid shot was ripped, too so who knows [emoji23].
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    So spent some time on the monitors tonight. Something to be said about a PW and 9k+ rpm with cheap practice balls [emoji869][emoji2956]. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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    Word of caution, do not do this with foam balls and hit them into your white curtains..... my wife didn’t like the random marker spots all over the living room curtains lol. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Shot scope did not capture the pin correctly here - It was about 4 feet. I do really like the 7 and 9 wood - the 5 has the jury out on it. When I play this course next week I will pull the 52 and 56, put in the 53 and 3 wood. I hit the 5 wood really well off the turf. I struggle with it off the tee. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I HAVE to hit the range! I also have to stretch for about 15 min as well, all due to Ankylosing Spondylitis (back disease) that has taken all curvature in my back, and makes me stiff. No going from the car to the first tee for me anymore. I also have to see what my swing is showing me that day: fade, draw, etc, so I can plan for what I brought to the course. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I don't have monthly dues; pay annually in October for the next year (10% discount for paying early). But I do have a range pass with my membership. However, I rarely will hit balls on the range before play. For me the range is for working on certain shots or working out a swing issue, not warming up before a round. When I show up for a round, I trust my swing is ready. The last thing I want to do is hit balls on the range and have something unexpected pop up for me to think about during the round. I will stretch, swing my Skilz Gold Flex both right and left-handed, pitch 20-25 balls, chip maybe 10 balls, and putt for 10 minutes; takes about 30 minutes total. I'm usually better off the first tee than my buddies who swing on the range for 20 minutes or more.
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    Ahh, Peffercorn, okay. Yep, NC from MN, and it’s been a fun move. But lets not dwell on that. I don’t know if I had much of a mind before, but it’s definitely gone now. I had to play a round with a rented Top Flite driver with two ball dents. (Shot 46-39) It almost killed me...
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    Selfie pics or it didn't happen [emoji23] Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I've missed seeing his posts on here, they were always entertaining. But, he's a young man and he might have discovered something else that had his attention.....like Fortnite. Or maybe he started watching Stranger Things and all of a sudden gotten an interest in all things 80's. He could be watching things like The Goonies, Ghostbusters, Ferris Beuller, and Gremlins. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I think that a lot of the distance changes depends on where the distance actually falls. My home course I consider short (6399) but it has 2 par 3's over 200 yards, par is a great score and bogey is the average. With my game distance is not usually an issue so I don't expect a whole lot of increase in score when playing a longer course. On the flip side of that if you play a course that leaves you a lot of half shots or feel shots and you struggle with those it can make scoring more difficult than a course that would be longer but leaves you full shots into greens.
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    Well after playing three rounds with the Black Cat irons and comparing specs it is easy to see why they launch higher! But the thing I can't explain yet is that I am not losing any distance!
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    At the start of the challenge, my favorite club was the 5i. Now my favorite club is the 3w. It launches very easily off the tee or deck and just flat out works. I am going to be pounding this drum for quite some time, but if you need any new equipment, do not purchase anything without a thorough test of Cobra's lineup.
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    Man...I missed this when it was first posted, I was on vacation that week. But great question and one I can answer pretty accurately, by saying right now it makes a big difference to me. 15 years ago probably not so much. On Wednesday Nights I play in a Mensa league it's only 9 holes and is usually played on a course that measures 6200 from the whites for the full 18 holes. I have either a FW or hybrid approach on just about every par 4 and even on the tee of some par 3's. Par 5's are played with 3 full shots. Driver/FW/ and usually hybrid. My scores for 9 holes can range from 44 to 52. On Thursdays I play every few weeks in a senior league on the same course. It's 18 holes, and they play the Gold tees at about 5800. I rarely have more than a hybrid on any approach, and on a couple holes in particular I will be hitting a PW as opposed to a 3 wood or 7 wood from the other tees. My scores from these tees have ranged from 82 to 88. Several years ago when I could hit it further I often said, I could shoot 95 from the tips or the red tees, that it didn't' matter. As I've gotten older and lost distance, it's definitely a disadvantage to play the longer course, but my short game has evolved that I feel playing from reasonable tees, I should be able to score respectively.
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    At my home club, range balls are included in our dues. I generally arrive about 30 minutes or more before my tee time, and almost always hit a few balls to loosen up. I also chip for a bit, and hit a few putts mostly to understand the green speed. I like to do this when I travel for golf, whenever its possible, but its not a huge deal when I can't. Travelling in Scotland and Ireland there are a lot of courses where there's no range, or where its a significant hassle to hit balls. In those cases, some good stretching and maybe a few swings at a ball into a net are the best I can do.
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    What can we say, we've been having fun and got distracted . Ok, golf. I have been really enjoying using the 3 wood from the tee. As I have shown it is a rocket!!
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    Like @sirchunksalot suggested, we probably need one more option: My course doesn't have a range. I do normally putt for a while before my round, and I'll swing my Gold Flex a bit to loosen up. But unless I've traveled to another course, my first full swing is always my drive on #1.
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    Glad to have you back. I assumed you left us behind to completely dominate the fantasy golf league. Not much new the last few weeks. I'm trying to put this thing away but everyone keeps hanging around. I have to travel to Greensboro, NC a few times each year for work. It's always a nice break to get out of Wisconsin in January and hear the people in North Carolina complain about the freezing temps when it's 50+ degrees.
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    Didn't take a swing in about a week and a half and went out and played the best golf I ever have. If only that time away wasn't so excruciating...
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    Only one of the two courses I play in town has a range, and I can honestly say I've never taken advantage of it before a round. I'll stretch and take some practice swings to loosen up. I have, however, taken to going to the chipping and putting green and spend 10-20 minutes working on the short game. I played twice this past weekend, arriving early to get the short game practice in. The first time started out good, I was chipping balls close and then shank! Hit another one, shank! Another, shank! I quit and just went to hitting some putts. I couldn't chip the rest of the day, it had gotten in my head and I shot a really bad round. The next day, I started out chipping and everything went good that round. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I was happy to get it going and hopefully some Spies found some new golf buddies that lived right around the corner they didn't know about lol. Tazz Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    At my home course, range balls are included with our monthly dues, so it's easy to get there and hit a few balls to stretch out the creaky bones. Typically, I only hit about 15 balls prior to a round. When I travel, I normally don't get range balls, but will get the body moving by swinging the club for a bit. I always want to hit some putts, however....and chip a few, if possible...prior to any round. I like the orange whip, but don't carry it in my bag, so that's not an option for me. Might stick it in there again, though.
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    Hit the MB+ at the range today...... Mmmm, yep, it works for me! Wow. MAJOR ponder. Gotta get it on the course, but rain is coming... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    OH. MY. GOODNESS.... https://www.golfsub70.com/sub-70-639-cb-forged-black-irons.html?fbclid=IwAR0r9IaLyw41iufxb3haNZ39gDjJ6E7cR3eM4CyqyOIJvTNKdaEdL8TkffM
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    77 today! Started with a J arthur on the first tee that ended up inside the base of a tree! penalty shot and chipped short of the green, then chipped in for an easy bogie lol Game was pretty rank for the first 6 holes, left right heeley and toe shots. 7th tee I went right back to basics and stopped all the 'little tweaks and idiosyncrasy's' I've been experimenting with and started hitting solid shots again. Amazing what that does for your confidence in going for difficult shots, a few chip and 2 putts and a few 3 putts kept me 8 over, then a wedge to 6 inches for an easy birdie and parred 18 to keep in the buffer zone. Feeling better about my game now I've decluttered all the youtube videos out my head
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