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The New Year has arrived and it's time to turn our attention to the PGA Tour!  Get ready for the:


The MGS community lends itself to large fantasy leagues which boost the drama to nail-biting hair-pulling levels (just ask @blackngold_blood).  This will be a great opportunity to connect with fellow posters and chat about the PGA Tour all summer long.   @Berg Ryman and I will be your humble commissioners.  The format will change from last year and we're working with Fantrax to see if they can add a new option for the season/playoffs.  If that doesn't pan out, we have a plan B that we'll roll out.  Both options will be geared to maximize drama during the season and in the playoffs.

In the meantime, it's time to start gathering players. So, who's in??

  • Platform: Fantrax
  • Buy-In: Free
  • Draft: January 30, 2019 9:00PM EST (can be changed by popular demand)
  • Draft Format: TBD pending league size
  • Format: Head 2 Head - Details TBD
  • Scoring: See Below
  • League Size: As big as we can get while remaining even
  • 1st Tournament: AT&T Pebble Beach - February 7, 2019
  • Playoffs: During FedEx Playoffs
  • Prize:  😉 


For returning players, the 2018 league has been renewed and all of your profiles carried over.  There's no action required from you on the Fantrax side, but please confirm your interest in this thread.  Until your name below says confirmed, you're not in the league:

  • BjornsBoys
  • Cam’s Gotta Big Putt - Confirmed
  • Carolina Golfer 2 - 😢
  • GolfJunkie302 - Confirmed
  • Jahren01 putt masters - Confirmed
  • Low Country Hacker - Confirmed
  • MGoBlue100 - Confirmed
  • mpatrickriley - Confirmed
  • Mudfish - Confirmed
  • Rhyming Bergs - Confirmed
  • pineapple squad - Confirmed
  • poprocksnbirdies - Confirmed
  • Shankster - Confirmed
  • Stud Muffins - Confirmed
  • tom mc - 😢
  • Undershooter30 - Confirmed

Newly Added:

  • GolfSpy Stroker
  • GB13
  • bardle
  • 02uwmadgrad
  • TSauer
  • cnosil
  • blackngold_blood
  • Apolloshowl
  • Russtopherb
  • Jbmullin
  • DannyDips
  • GeekingGolf
  • Asef
  • HQ Intern Kyle
  • GolfSpy Dave
  • 00sportsman
  • Alanpe
  • HardcoreLooper

If you're new and would like to join for the first time, drop a comment in this thread then shoot me or Berg a PM with your email address.  We'll get an invite headed your way.


For simplicity, the point values were reduced by the highest common divisible (5).  Anything that used to be worth 5 points, is now worth 1; anything that was 10, is now 2 and so on.  The scaling and weight is exactly the same as before.  The only new category is Par for 1/2 point to keep course setup from blasting our players. 

Scoring Summary:

  • Albatrosses: 4
  • Birdies: 2
  • Bogies: -1
  • Cuts Missed: -1
  • Cuts Made: 2
  • Double Bogies: -2
  • Eagles: 3
  • Holes In One: 4
  • Others: -3
  • Par: 1/2
  • Top 25: 5
  • Top 3: 5
  • Top 10: 5
  • Wins: 5

In addition to expressing interest, please comment on any changes you'd like made to the scoring or format.  No promises that they'll be incorporated, but now is your chance to make recommendations.  Stay tuned for more details.  Good Luck!

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How's the mobile site? 

Edit: Nevermind, I just checked it out. Looks good. 

Edited by GB13

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2 minutes ago, GB13 said:

How's the mobile site? 

It's good.  Fantrax uses a Progressive Web App (PWA) that basically behaves like an app, but in browser.  There's instructions to download it to your home screen so it really behaves like an app from there.  As the other guys will attest, it's not perfect but it's steadily improving as Fantrax gains traction.  As with any new platform, there's a bit of a learning curve but it's very manageable once you get over that.

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I have not done fantasy golf before but I thoroughly enjoyed football with you guys. If there is room, I'd like to give this a try this year. Same email from football works if I'm in Stud.

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So, while Stud is running through some settings and getting invites out to TSauer and CNosil, allow me to walk you through the first major change from the 2018 to the 2019 season... The Auction Draft

Now, for those of you who have participated in fantasy sports leagues that have used auctions, you can skip this post. For those who want a refresher or for those wondering what the heck an auction draft is, allow me to be your guide.

The draft, it's the Christmas day for fantasy sports, but some people unwrap great toys, some get coal, all based on draft position. We know how much it hurts to watch a Todd Gurley go #1 and know you had no shot at him drafting from #11. The auction draft gives up that and allows you to budget your roster and get who you want.

So, here's how it works. Every team starts with a budget to fill their rosters. Stud and I are still working this number and roster sizes out, but for sake of this example let's say you have to fill a 10 person roster with $100. At the draft an order is selected in which teams nominate a player to be bid on. That player goes "on the block" with the nominating team placing an opening bid. Once the player hits the block, it's free for you to bid as much of your money as you want to acquire him. After a set amount of time (normally 20 seconds without a bid), the auctioneer drops a 'going once, going twice... sold' and the player is sold for the winning bid, that amount subtracted from the team, and the process starts anew until all the rosters are full.

Now that we've gone over the basics, let's talk basic strategy.

1) Stars and Scrubs: A roster building tactic from Fantasy Baseball, playing for talent while taking cheaper picks to fill out a roster. Pair with superstars and superscrubs, picking a bunch of 1 dollar players to fill a roster while spending all your budget on big names.

2) Consistency: Sometimes, you don't want to own DJ and JT, so maybe you can find a group of guys you really like who may be undervalued, aiming for a team full of guys who may not win, but are super consistent scorers who you can add like 4-6 of for the cost of 2- 3 stars

3) The bid up: Nothing says you have to nominate and bid on players only you want. Some of the fun is driving up the price on a player you may not want and forcing a rival or friend to pay more for a guy they really do want. Buyer beware though, you could get stuck with that dud and tank your team. It's a risk, but so is all of fantasy sports, right?

4) USE YOUR WHOLE BUDGET: The only tip in bold, and for good reason. You never want to be left thinking "What If" with your money still on the table. Use all your money to make sure you get who you want and test your ability to find value where it is.

So, that's all I have for you on the auction front. If you have any questions about it, feel free to leave them here and I'll get to them, if we get a lot, we'll drop a follow-up post. I'll even talk to Stud about maybe running a potential mock for those interested that'll go a couple of picks so we get the feel.

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I'm going to bow out. I have some big stuff going on this year and I feel like my slacking to set my group last year was a disservice to everyone. 

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Jahren01 putt Masters is in. Need to take home that trophy after that 2nd place finish last year.  Remember “if you ain’t first your last”. 

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