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    It's time for a MyGolfSpy Super Bowl pick'em contest! Like our contest for The Match, we're setting up some props for you to pick for Sunday's Rams vs. Patriots championship game. For each prop, complete the poll to pick the side you think will happen. NOTE THIS CAREFULLY: For a tie break, post in this thread the total points (both teams combined) that will be scored in the game. Submissions without a tie break will be given lowest priority in the event of a tie. And there are PRIZES! A MyGolfSpy putter cover (either mallet or blade) A MyGolfSpy bag tag A MyGolfSpy divot tool We'll be closing this contest at 6:00pm Eastern Time on Sunday. Good luck to all, and winners will be announced next week! ___________________________________________ Results time! We had 261 entries in the MyGolfSpy Prop Bet challenge. Some of the props resulted in landslide wins: only 9 of you thought there would be a safety; the other 252 of us were glad you were wrong. Some were pretty close to 50/50. Oddly, the total yardage prop (51.92% for the Patriots to 48.08% for the Rams) was closer to 50/50 than the actual 50/50 bet on the board (the coin toss, with 52.31% going heads and 47.69% tails). As for the tie break: everyone was (shocking) way over. The closest there was @Herb, at 29. The distribution was almost a bell curve; it skewed high because of a couple that most people got right: On one extreme was an entry that got a single prop correct. I don't want to single him out, but he and I were fellow reviewers on the G700 irons. Among the staff, @GolfSpy MBP had the most impressive performance, nailing 9 out of ten. He doesn't get a prize for two reasons: he's ineligible, and he picked a combined score of 327, which was only off by 311 points. (Also, I would rather have watched that game.) Rounding out the staff results: @GolfSpy STUDque: 8 @GolfSpy Barbajo and @GolfSpy Dave: 7 (and they both picked 49 points, for a total tie, or collusion) @GolfSpy MPR: 5 <sniffle> There were nine contestants who picked 9 out of 10 correctly. Unfortunately, only three of the nine (counting MBP) followed the instructions (left above in this post for the record) to add your total score prediction as a tie break. Honorable mentions, then, to he guys who nailed the predictions but didn't nail the instructions: @2talltodd @banny @deg430 @jody @marvimus @mtashiro That leaves three (how convenient!). In third place, picking 9 of 10 correctly and predicting 52 points scored was @Kduncan55! To him goes the MyGolfSpy divot tool! In second place, also getting 9 right but picking the still grossly inflated, but closer to the (boring) reality 44 points, is @golfer71909! We'll get a bag tag headed that way! And the winner of the MyGolfSpy Prop Bet contest is: @jscarborough55! He defied the odds and picked all 10 correctly. Being the only one who did so, it doesn't matter that he expected a wildly optimistic 45 points in the game. For his victory, he gets his choice of the MyGolfSpy mallet or blade headcovers! Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all for playing!
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    Lesson #5 Today's lesson was really focused on my footwork and where the forces/pressure points are in my feet at different parts on the swing. My new hip turn and rotation has been working out well, but I haven't been getting onto my front foot as well as I should. I have been sitting around 65% of my weight on my front foot at impact and we'd like to see the number closer to 80% (and the number to go up even more after impact to show acceleration through the ball). We focused on keeping the weight in the middle of my feet so that I didn't get too far out over my toes at any point. On the downswing I really concentrated on getting that weight into my left food through the middle of the foot. I really had to concentrate on a feeling of the weight going to my front outside heel so that I wouldn't get out over my left toes. Syncing up the torso and hip movements with the footwork is definitely a work in progress, but I left the lesson understanding exactly what I needed to work on and I was able to match up everything with a few swings before the lessons ended. The last thing we worked on today was a little better setup with my shorter clubs. I had a habit of setting up with my hands too even with the head on my wedges, which caused me to add loft and expose the leading edge to the ball (two not very good things). We worked on ball position (slightly further back) with my hands slightly forward and it allowed me to compress the ball much better and get a better launch angle. All in all, another fantastic lesson with progress being made and a good understanding of what I need to work on leading up to the next lesson.
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    For sure. Im betting an invitation to hang at the masters is in the mail
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    OK. We should be square now. Here's what we've got: 1) The Truth division draft is locked in and your rosters will not change. 2) The Digest draft has been rolled back again. 3) New draft for Digest is Feb 2 @9pm EST 4) Previous pre-rankings should be restored. I didn't do mine so can someone please test this one? I know it's frustrating to have these issues but there is a noble cause here that we're helping them improve their platform. I don't expect any further issues once we get the rosters set. As others can attest, the seasons have gone smoothly thus far. Lastly, I wanted to add in a nice little message from the Fantrax team. "You and your league members have been awesome, not just in your detailed bug reporting, but your patience for using such an early beta function, so thanks for that! We would like to offer you some credits, but golf doesn't have any fees since all premium leagues are free. If you (or others in your league) are interested in setting up league(s) in other sports, let us know and we will waive the fees for those." If you want to take advantage of the offer, just let me know and I'll help you redeem it.
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    Started 91, current 98.8 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Yep. Pretty sure that makes me and Nicky Besties now
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    I got retweeted by Sir Nick himself!!
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    I'll ask my mom if she has an extra pair laying around.
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    A few observations and thanks for starting a very interesting thread: 1. While you hit only three shots with each club three of the four were significantly longer than your driver - that is bordering on a meaningful result as you hit 12 drives with those other drivers. 2. The question is what that meaning might be. Were you fit for your current driver? The shafts in the test driver were longer and had perhaps a stiffer shaft than what you game. It could be that you need a little longer shaft - yes this happens despite the number of guys who cut down their driver shaft willy nilly - its best to get fit prior to monkeying with shaft length IMO. 3. Many club pros know less about equipment than we do. I've learned that over the course of the last few years - they may well be trained and quite good a club repair, they are skilled marketers, have polished people skills, some are good teachers but they rarely are equipment junkies like we are. In fact 2 of the pros at my club just use stock stiff shafts in their drivers because that's what titleist sends them each cycle. They play well enough with that and don't play enough to care too much about learning more about it because the membership really doesn't care either. Any more they will tell people who have equipment questions to ask me - seriously. Let us know if you decide to pursue this further. I was rather stunned by the blog video and the gain with the Ping 410 over the Ping LST. I don't know what to make of that - I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the meaning of my SS increases through SuperSpeed - at what point will I need to be refit? Hopefully MGS selects my for some sort of club testing this year that will require a trip to the fitter. I don't feel like dropping $100 yet at this point but I would if I were selected to do a test on some irons - wink, wink, nod, nod.
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    So, its official. I'm turning old this year. My daughter graduates high school and heads off to college. We just had our 25th wedding anniversary, and I turn 50 in 10 months. I figured that in order to remind myself that life is for living, I would try to make this year about playing 50 different courses before I turn 50 years old. For those of you who do not know me, I live in Oregon, work in the golf industry, and I haven't played 50 rounds in a year for over 20 years. I will try my best to chronicle my journey to 50 in this space. I love the community here at MGS. I have been a loyal reader and contributor since day one. My post count is down the past 2 years. I attribute this to much less time looking at a computer, and more time working on my game. I will list the course, city, tees I played, score and any notes/reflections about the facility. Course#1 - Tetherow GC, Bend Oregon. Sage Tees - 42: Only got to play the front 9 here. Green complexes were nutty. Very large, very fast and VERY undulating. Fair from the tee, but super difficult putting. Course #2 - Talamore, Southern Pines NC, Blue Tees - 78: Nice layout, very hilly. Course was wet from rain and recent hurricane, so there was no roll on tee shots. Greens were good. Would play again Course #3 - Pinehurst #4, Pinehurst NC, Blue Tees - 82: Conditions were wet, cold and windy. Didn't detract from the round. Awesome layout. Very difficult approach shots. Felt pretty good with 82. Course #4 - Pinehurst #2, Pinehurst NC, Blue Tees - 85: Tough putting for someone not used to the bermuda greens. I missed everything. Just a fantastic course. I would love to play again when I was fresher. Course #5 - The Cradle, Pinehurst NC, standard tees - I played 27 holes on this 9 hole par 3. It was the most fun I have had on a golf course in years! 10/10 would travel to Pinehurst to play the Cradle all day. Course #6 - Arrowood GC, Oceanside CA, Blue Tees - 76: Very hilly layout. Decent conditions. Greens were difficult to read. Some of the tee shots were undefined. Staff was inattentive. Range and practice green were acceptable. Course #7 - Eagle Falls GC, Indio CA, Eagle Tees - 76: Very well maintained.Good layout, could be very difficult if it was windy. Would play again. Course #8 - Pacific Dunes, Bandon Oregon, Green Tees - 74: My favorite course. Views are amazing. Bunkers are incredible difficult. Avoid avoid avoid. Greens are firm and subtle. I love this place.
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    Yep. Interesting results above. I recently tried a Ping G400? at a local store on their LM. I wasn't warmed up at all. In fact I had been sitting around while a buddy was testing some shafts in his driver. When it was my turn I was a dud. I wasn't ready to put a good swing on it really and therefore my results we poor - disappointing. I wish I could just walk off the course at the turn one day and straight into a fitting. At that point I'm into my game and swinging with my full potential. But that's a dream for me as my course doesn't offer fittings. Additionally, I'm not going to ever buy another driver without playing the club on the course with a game ball. Indoor driver fitting has never worked out for me.
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    I feel like I want to make the switch to Evnroll so bad, but I've got to be able to demo one first and no one in my area has them. In fact, I've not yet seen one in person anywhere... I believe their groove tech works - it certainly makes logical sense and MGS backs it up - but if I can't demo one against my gamer (which works great for me) then I doubt I'll drop the $$$ on one. The only reason I have a Scotty in my bag is because I was able to borrow the pro shop's demo every round I played for nearly a month. After you see enough putts drop, you don't too much question cost or brand loyalty or anything else. You just fork over the money!!! LOL
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    @revkev we are glad you saw your speeds spike again at the end of the Level 2 training. You may still get more gains if you continue to the next level. The great thing now is that if you choose to take a break from the training you should pick back up close to where you left off. Typically the gains after the first 2 protocols levels are now permanent baring some type of physical injury after you stop training. We always want the last swings of the day to really attempt to max it out and imprint that into the brain.
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    This one is about all I got without using props. http:// Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Entry #1 just an easy shot to get started http:// Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    An extremely generous offer. Might I suggest you set up (I volunteer to help if needed) a golfspy forum fantasy league for another sport using this offer? Maybe baseball or college basketball if there’s such a thing in March or save it until football. Special thanks again to you for dealing with all the issues.
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    The cost of graphit iron shafts as an upgrade isbt that much. Most offer the recoil for $25/club they alreadt March or beat the performance of steel because the companies can do so much more with them than steel shafts and with all the technology and various materials that can be used. Graphite iron shafts today are completely different from the ones that originally came out. Graphite has replaced steel in the woods and hybrids and is starting to do it in the driving/utility irons.
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    I've got a 2.0 stealth in 54 and I was surprised at how well it felt at impact and how well the finish has held up over 6+ months of use. I bought mine 'gently used' and I could hardly tell it had been hit. Still looks great and the finish has held up better than the black Callaway MD3 58* wedge I bought about the same time.
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    I think golf would be a lot more interesting if there was a clock on each hole and guys had to carry their own bags. I’m not sure how you would make it work but I’d damn sure tune in to see guys jogging down the fairway to beat the clock. Maybe just one tournament a year where you have all kinds of crazy rules would be cool. What happens in Golf is the same thing that happens in all sports.........amateurs imitate what they see on TV. The slow play from the PGA Tour trickles down to us scrubs because we want to be like Mike when we really only have the skill of Jo Jo the Monkey Boy. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    After taking a month off my Cobras to play my old PowerBilt Air Force Zones, I have repaired the F8’s. All went well except I had to replace the battery for the Driver sensor. I am ready to get my Cobra game back. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Club throwing seems to be the theme in 2019. I had better seek some help and work on this.
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    I had a fun idea for a shot that used Kirke and me, but the degree of difficulty ended up being beyond us. So here's my entry:
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    I am going to take a page out of your playbook and say... It's good.