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Tony Covey MGS

Bellum Winmore Model 707 Prototype Putter

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Hey Guys (and gals...all 4 or 5 of you), I'd like to show you something pretty cool I had a chance to mess around with a bit today. As you may recall, community member 'Duke' is launching his own line of putters under the Bellum Winmore brand. Their first offering will be a traditional anser-style blade milled from 303 Stainless. The model 707 has a short plumbers neck.


The plan as I understand it is to offer some degree of customization as far as face milling and site lines are concerned, but the initial 'stock' offering is pure naked simplicity (some of the photos do have a tape site line (Duke's preference), but it's not exactly a permanent sort of thing.


I putted with it for a half an hour or so today. I came away impressed by the feel, and the consistency. It's a great roll.


I'm sure Duke is anxious to hear your feedback and will no doubt answer any questions you may have, so I'm going to post some pics and turn the thread over to him.

Bellum Winmore Putter-0.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-1.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-2.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-3.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-4.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-5.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-6.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-7.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-8.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-9.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-10.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-11.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-12.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-13.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-14.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-15.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-16.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-17.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-18.jpg

Bellum Winmore Putter-19.jpg

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These look amazing!

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Classic shape. Can't go wrong with that. The short neck looks very good.


I know this is going to sound stupid, but I think that a putter brand that's offering the classic models everyone has needs to have a logo and brand font that stands out. Something that shows they have more class than the competition. Look at Piretti and the lion.


The logo on this one is pretty nice. Reminds me a little of Whitlam.

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Great looking putter!


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Very nice clean look, reminds me of the Byron 006 which is one of my favorite models! Nothing in the bag as classy as a good looking putter in my opinion... Any idea on price range? Best of luck Duke!!

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Posted Image

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Like it!

I'm interested to see the effect of the short neck. Lots of toe flow?

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Generally not a fan of plumber's neck-style putters - but this one looks very nice. Well done Duke!


How will you be going to market? What other styles are in the pipeline?


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BOING !!!!! I'd bag one

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Will be interested to read Duke's take on the "fat shaft" concept.

Posted Image

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Reminds me of a modernized Tad Moore Tour S Shorty. I think I'd like it even more if the edges were softened a little more. Any plans on making the site line or site dot available?



What's the toe hang on that one?

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First of all I'd like to thank Tony for taking the time out to give it a roll as well as taking all of these pictures. The toe hang on the 707 is 4:30. We're targeting the beginning of August for release, but we're still debating price. Tony was right. We will be offering a minimal amount of customization, allowing for a choice of sight lines, face milling, and paint fill. Initially we will offer the 707 with a simple bead blasted finish as shown in the pictures, but our intent is to add finish options at a later date.

Regarding the design pipeline, we'll be following up the 707 with a mallet, followed by a #9. Thank you everyone for all of the support and positive sentiment, and let me know if I can answer any questions.


Kind Regards,


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Duke, that's fantastic that ya brought this to fruition!


Congratz on a beautiful putter!


Yea, what are your plans regarding distribution and product line?


Hat's Off!



Fairways & Greens 4ever



Thanks, Richard.

Your back and forth with me augmented our approach more than you know.

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Lordy that's pretty

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