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    Sure it’s easy to have that attitude when you play 4 times a week like Sluggo. [emoji31][emoji56] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Not the greatest score today, but it was a great round with my dad at the Nicklaus course at Pine Hills in Plymouth, MA. Got paired up with two members who were great about where to aim and what to avoid. Unfortunately they weren't aware that my father & I have ZERO control over where our ball goes... if it goes forward, we're happy! 5 penalty strokes which really hurt, all of them off the tee. I had another hole where I caught the driver dead perfect and blew through the fairway and landed in thick straw. 4 shots later and I was back on the fairway. I did have 3 pars so I'll take what I can. The greens here are FAST, like "putt from 10 feet off the green and you're rolling off the other side of the green 50 feet away" fast. Par 3s were kryptonite to me today - 3 of them were triples. Ugh. Need to work on that. 54/56 = 110
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    You got personalized plates, didn't you?!
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    I read a little bit of split motivations here. You're a good ballstriker with "easy" swings, all over the place when you try to hit it harder. You want to get control again. So why not swing easier? I know why, because you have a new driver, you expect to hit it further, and you're giving it that extra "juice" to get the distance. I'm speaking a bit from personal experience. I was fitted for a driver late last fall. For a while after getting it, I'd subconsciously give it a bit extra, because I expected a big increase in distance. That wasn't rational, the club was longer than my previous driver, but not by a bunch of yards, still, I expected "more", so I gave more effort. And it didn't work, I was all over the place. If I'm "patient" with my swing, if I let the club do what its supposed to do with just normal effort on my part, I get really good results.
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    Regarding you question on gapping, you should have about 12-15 yards between clubs. You might not have that because you aren’t swinging well and making good contact or the clubs aren’t setup correctly to provide that gap. My guess based on your post is that you are chasing numbers and trying to hit the ball as far as possible with every shot. I think you are just swinging hard and not fast which gets you out of sequence and results in inconsistent distances. You seem to be pointing at the fitting for causing the driver problems. What was you ball flight like before the fitting? I doubt that even a bad fitting would change a good ball flight to a low hook. My non educated, I stayed at a holiday inn express, opinion is that you are swinging out of your shoes because your club was fitted and you have gotten your sequencing totally messed up. As a 5.6 you have to have a decent swing and not consistently experience what you describing
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    Lefty pic from Sweden, getting colder by the day.. hope to extend the season with warm clothes and will power.. This was a 7 iron from about 160 yards (to center green according to gps, pin far right and in the back) away from a blindspot behind a hill and some trees, pretty happy with the result. Missed the birdie putt though
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    After golfing yesterday, walking back to the parking lot, saw a car with personalized plates.... GR8 GOL4
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    This is a big factor I think, must ask our club if they would consider doing this. I turned slope ON accidentally, fortunately today was just a friendly.
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    Our round yesterday was wrapping up just after 6:30pm so it was starting to get just a bit darker, and I didn't have any issues. In fact, this was a higher-end course with reflectors on all the pins, and I was able to get yardages with just a laser or two. I found getting the correct distance with the NX9 to be so much easier on this course than some others I play. Granted, I'm usually at the muni or a par 3 where technically a rangefinder isn't really needed. However, on a course with reflective pins the NX9 shined. I still accidentally turned off slope twice, however. Still an issue there.
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    Heading to Pensacola/Fort Walton Beach tomorrow for my 50th high school reunion (Fri and Saturday). The first night of the reunion will be at the high school homecoming football game and it just happens to coincide with my 68th birthday. Sadly, I won't be taking my clubs with me this trip. When I get back at the end of the month, we'll be taking off for 2 weeks in the motorhome to visit Moab and eastern Utah. I'll take my clubs, but not sure how much golf I'll get in. Maybe all of my bad habits will disappear while I'm not playing....as if!
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    I played in a 4 man best ball tournament yesterday from the Senior tees. 5400 yards. It was a total joke but the money was for charity, so it all worked out. 3 of the 4 in our group were low single digit. The longest we had into a par 4 was 55 yards. The longest shot we had into a par 5 was 145. We drove a couple of par 4s. We finished the day at 51. It was a hell of a lot of fun at least!
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    Bought a used Titleist 915F 3 wood with S70+ stiff shaft in superb condition, looked new! Just been able to get one quick session with it but so far so good. Getting those good condition used clubs in specific specs for me as a lefty is quite a rare find.. Atleast in Sweden.
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    Par 4, 18th hole at Pine Hills. I hit my drive up the left side, and wanting to avoid water further up on the left, hit my 5i well to the right and in some trees. Nothing too bad, but I knew I had to go low to avoid branches. I hit a punch 7i that smacked the pin and landed 1" from the cup. One of our playing partners then chipped up, clipped my ball, and ended up in the hole. I still got the par!
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    ... Fwiw, I have never thought or stated a shorter shaft is better for 100% of those that play golf. Just the majority. I just haven't seen the video's claiming average golfers hit longer shafts farther. Robots? Absolutely as of course a longer shaft will produce more distance than a shorter shaft with all things being equal. It is the all things being equal that puts the fly in the ointment. But I think the article you linked said it well "In fact, a shorter shaft should help you find the sweet spot more often and may even add distance. Who thought the simplest of golf tips could make such a difference."
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    GolfspyChris posted this last week, so I'd give it a bit more time, but keep checking back. Thanks to the most active, passionate and engaged forum in the business! We've narrowed it down to 4-6 final designs which will be announced shortly. Here's what happens next: 1) Each finalist will receive a one-off copy of that individual design. 2) A final winning design will be decided via voting on social media, etc. Stay tuned!!!
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    Wilson Profile Junior Set Official MGS Forum Review by Deejaid and Layla- Stage 2 After Layla was selected and received her Wilson Profile clubs it was time to ditch the old cut-down wedge and putter and get to work hitting all the clubs in her new bag. Layla goes to a weekly junior golf clinic and we added a weekly range session as well for practice. Looks 20 out of 20 Layla really liked the color of the clubs and I liked the look of the clubs as well. I was particularly impressed with the wedge as it has a nice shape that keeps the shape of a grownup blade wedge while adding some perceived forgiveness with the small cavity. Sound Score 15 out of 15 Layla is 7 year old beginner so the sound of hitting the ball is great to her. It’s when she swings and misses that she doesn’t care for the sound [emoji16] Feel Score 15 out of 15 Again, a 7 year old beginner can’t really discern a good feel or a bad feel of a golf club so again we will default to a 15 of 15 as the clubs, as far as I can tell, seem to be well made and were comfortable for Layla to play. Basic Characteristics Score 22 out of 25 The clubs performed well when Layla was able to putt a good strike on the ball. The grips are nice and the entire set has graphite shafts which makes them light enough for a beginning junior to swing. The one area I think the club could be improved would be the putter. I think a mallet putter would help young players gain confidence and would be a nice option to have available. Layla said she likes her putter but also thought it would be cool to have a mallet putter like her left-handed sister now has in her bag. Total Junior Score Score 87 out of 90 Sponsor Evaluation Score 9 out of 10 It’s been a fun few months working with Layla on her golf game. I can honestly say she is more enthusiastic about practicing now that she has a quality Junior set of clubs, and that enthusiasm hasn’t waned. She is starting to see positive results and asks to go to the range so she can practice more which is a positive sign. I have been taking my daughters to junior golf clinics for over a year now and having a background in education I try to pay attention to what the instructors are teaching and also what type of equipment the kids are using and what works for them. I’ve seen many junior sets and I can honestly say the Wilson Profile Junior set is one of the best sets I’ve seen at its price point of $139.00 and rivals sets costing $100 more. For a seven year old just learning the game, Wilson included just the right amount of clubs to have them experience all aspects of the game; tee shots, hybrid and iron play, chipping, and putting, without overwhelming. Layla’s set is holding up well with only normal wear to the clubs. If I could change anything I’d like to see some sort of attachment that could make the blade putter look like a mallet so the child could choose which putter style works for them. I’d also love to see an adjustable length set of clubs, perhaps the grip section could be unscrewed with a longer grip section screwed on when the child grows. The rate in which children grow is always a concern leading parents to many times buy clubs for their child to “grow into” which only leads to frustration for a novice trying to learn the game with ill-fitting clubs. Final Score 96 out of 100 Overall, I believe Wilson has hit a home run with the Wilson Profile Junior line of clubs and for 7-9 year old the medium set is a great fit. For the price of a new wedge you can get your child a great set of clubs that will help them get more enjoyment out of the game. Now I need to wrap up this review, Layla wants to hit some more balls. [emoji846]
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    Red Wing Lake Golf Course. Quick 9 after class. 38, 100% FIR, 67% GIR and 17 putts (two 3 putts). What a difference a coupe days makes!
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    Played Old South GC in Blufton, SC today.....just off Hilton Head Island. Front nine was super, shot 40. Back nine was a nightmare, shooting a 46....several holes were forced carry over marshland to a landing area then another forced carry to the green.....missed the Par by a fraction of an inch! Overall play was fun, the fairways had plenty of grass under the ball. My cost was $45(as a timeshare owner)....one Par 3 had a deal the pro shop would double what you bet if you get on the green, which I bet $20 and made the green....140 yards. I am taking off tomorrow and driving to Savannah with the girls. Hopefully I will play Thursday & Friday before returning home on Saturday. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Played with my eldest son in our regular Monday game. We played at Westwood in Norman OK - it's quite a short course only 6162 from the black tees with a par of 70 but a good little course. They had a rep from Titleist who was giving out 2-ball sample packs so that was nice - they gave me a pack of ProV1's and AVX and my son Tour Soft and AVX. I played the round with the ProV1 - such a great ball (no duh I know). I started out with 3 birdies in a row (Par 5, par3, par4) before I cooled off a bit. I had a good round although I missed more greens than normal. I missed a few on the fringe which left me good putts so that number is a bit misleading. No bogies but I was never in trouble really - I only had to work for one par and that was on the 6th hole. The 6th is a short par 5 of 465 but it is an awkward driving hole for me and I heeled my tee shot. I hit a short fade to the middle of the fairway but laid up to 62 yards. I hit what I thought was a perfect low pitch that flew the green. I had a delicate 4th but the greens were wet and receptive and I was able to get up and down. The I only had 22 putts because of taking putts from off the green so that number is a bit deceptive as well. As always, I had a great time with my son - I really treasure my Monday rounds with him. FIR 9/12 GIR 10/18 Putts 22
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    Just got Mike's email blast about the upcoming program he's releasing that incorporates the SuperSpeed training. The biggest news from my perspective? The opening week pricing for it is going to be $49. In all honesty, the price of the programs is the biggest thing that kept me from pulling the trigger before, but I'm pretty strongly leaning to getting in on this one for my off-season work this winter.
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    I did have my graphite iron shafts pured for my current set of irons that I ordered. Since I don't have before and after data to compare, I can't comment if it was worth the $$ or not. Here's what I do know....I don't have any doubts niggling in the back of my mind that maybe if I'd only done this....blah blah. In any case, I'm hitting my irons very consistently and any faults with the results lay solely on me and my swing. My hybrids, wedges, and woods are not pured (Driver was). I hit the hybrids pretty straight. Driver's another story, but again, that's more me than anything else. Bottom line: I don't really know one way or the other.
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    Nothing like a late September cold to knock all of my energy out.
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    Alright @poprocksncoke, it's finally time for at least one of us to get a win this year! I wish you luck, but not too much.
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    That, and he is built for relaxation!
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    If you are on twitter follow @fitforgolf. He always post exercises. As for the program rotational exercises and explosive exercises are what have stuck out to me. You are on the right track focusing on those muscles.
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    Layla’s Stage 2 is up! https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/32703-2019-official-forum-member-review-wilson-juniorteen-complete-sets/?do=findComment&comment=562061 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    In northwest Ohio: Short sleeves and shorts for the next two weeks - high 70's every day. Perfect golf weather.
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    This is the reason why I love Costco. Taking care of their customers...
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    Sometimes the more you know, the more you realize just how little you actually know. That’s certainly been the case with the ball market in 2019 where MyGolfSpy’s testing started to peel back the layers revealing some rather uncomfortable findings regarding performance, consistency and how in the name of Zeus’ beard a package of one-dozen balls could actually be comprised of several fundamentally different balls. Maxfli’s answer to all of this is a ball with Center of Gravity Balancing Technology which it asserts can produce a straighter (and higher) ball flight. While the jury is still out on what amounts to built-in Check-Go-Pro, functionality the Maxfli Tour and Maxfli Tour X CG balls are a surprisingly competent offering from the guy's at Dicks Sporting Goods. TESTERS WANTED We’re going to let TWELVE of our trusted forum members decide and tell the rest of the MGS Community and us all about it. We are looking for twelve members to test the Maxfli Tour and Tour X balls. All of MyGolfSpy’s Community Reviews require a serious commitment on the part of the reviewer. You’ll need to be motivated, detail-oriented, and savvy with online forums. Writing a thorough, detailed, and honest review is a full two-month commitment, so please make sure you read the following instructions carefully and apply in the proper place. Please note this is not a giveaway or a contest. We’re looking for golfers committed to making a full evaluation and writing a detailed review for our Community Forum. Testers will be selected based on how well they demonstrate that commitment in the official Forum Application Thread. How to Apply The testing is open to golfers who reside in the U.S. To apply to test, review, and keep your Maxfli Tour and Tour X balls, please reply to this thread with the following information: First Name and Location Swing Speed Current Ball Preference: Tour or Tour X We’ll be selecting the testers next week, so check back in the forum to see if you have been chosen.
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    My wife threw a little belated bday for me. Her sister made me a cake of my adventures and activities which IMO came out awesome! Golf and food related. Double whammy! She threw in Golf, Guitar, Dominoes, Halloween(we do scary clowns), Empanadas, Chef jacket (for my newfound cooking passion lol) Oh and made chicken empanadas today. Had no clue she was putting them on the cake lol She even tried making a golf cart but the heat got to it and it turned into a flinstones cart lol
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    I don't have a single favorite shot I've made, but I do have a favorite shot I make with these clubs. It's a short lob shot with the Gap wedge. I now feel confident when getting ready for it (over a bunker, hill or nothing significant) because it's become pretty consistent.
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    But..but..but...the golfer is a righty?!
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    Last Men's League 18 today. I played terrible on the front including a double and a triple on 2 par 5's. Ended the front with a 50. Did better on the back, including a bird on a par 5 with a 44. For a total of 94. Drives were all straight but my gap wedge just didn't want to cooperate.
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    He is also running a special on the off season program right now. He has somewhere around 45 left @ $75. It's a huge bang for the buck. It really is only a couple of dozen golf balls.
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    He doesn't but he doesn't say it won't help either. He advocates for strength first to help support joints ligaments etc. For example he focuses on increased separation between spine and pelvis. It both strengthens and improves flexibility.
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    Yep, I've always done squats, deadlift, bench, and shoulder press as my "main 4." Maybe I should look at the overspeed piece and some more explosive movements. I was talking to our gym director/head trainer this morning and he gave me a few explosive types exercises to work on swing speed. One was using a big rubber band secured down low and with arms down low and rotated body to the right, you then explode up and out, swinging the arms from low-right to high-left (like a golf swing follow-thru) and rotating hips and torso to get that explosive power. Also started reading a lot about the "hip hinge" and working on movements that add weight/power to that motion (aka: deadlift, among others). Would think Kettle bell swings would also be a good movement to add back into rotation since that's an explosive hip-hinge movement that also works shoulder strength. The last thing that I don't think @edingc or @THEZIPR23 mentioned was flexibility. Does Mike advocate for yoga/pilates work mixed into weight training? Going to look at adding that into my mix as well to stave off injury and keep all joints and ligaments loose! EDIT: Ha, just saw this article in my feed and I definitely fall into the "body mass" category @ 6'4" 235, but good to keep in mind for those that want to lose weight... https://www.golf.com/instruction/fitness/2019/09/23/two-different-kinds-of-golf-swings-fitness/
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    NFL analysts are really something. The Bills were forecasted to win 6 games on average. Now that they’re 3-0 it’s a soapbox of “well, they played poor teams.” They have a long way to go but would it be the worst thing in the world to say wow, these guys are playing a good team concept of disciplined football?! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Curious, were you already doing squats and deadlifts as part of your previous programming? Mike still definitely favors being strong in golf per the Golf360 podcast I was listening to. His exercises do focus on a lot of rotational strength, but to paraphrase what he said during the podcast, a overall strong person who can move significant weight in the main exercises (squat, deadlift, bench, etc.) has a lot of potential for more speed in the swing. For those who are significantly strong already, he recommended overspeed-type training (SuperSpeed) to unlock that additional speed. For those who are weaker, he recommended more gym time adding to the amount of weight lifted. For most, this will be a combination of the two. For me, this means I need to focus on lifting heavier things. I'm not weak (well, not as weak as I was in the past), but adding weight to my deadlifts, squats and bench has the potential to help me more moving into next season.
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    Someone is a little cocky about their game
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    Hey I'm Anthony From NJ. Happy to be here! Playing golf for 18 years and hover around a 9. I love everything about golf I check out this site and listen to the podcasts often, so I joined. From Neptune NJ, home course is any of the county courses. We have good golf here but its seasonal. Firefighter I think we know why I picked this name...
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    I was checking in at the Pro Shop and a guy walked up behind me obviously irritated. While he didn’t state his reason for doing so he did ask the Pro to cancel his membership. The Pro’s response was typical of what I tend to see across the industry...........an attitude of arrogance and indifference. People may remember what you say, they could remember what you do, they will always remember how you make them feel. I’ve met some really great folks on the Golf Course and I’ve met twice that number of Arrogant a$&holes. There is so much competition for people’s time and money, in order to remain competitive you must be completely committed to customers experience. Whenever I take a break it’s usually related to the negative attitudes around me and not the sport itself. I’m perfectly ok with playing bad because I have realistic expectations. I play a lot of 9 hole golf so time is also not a factor. I think the number one reason Golfers leave the sport is because of a decline in the enjoyment factor. The Golf Community as a whole needs to spend more time developing a culture committed to the players overall experience. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    7 wood [emoji33] You would have loved the 7 wood I hit from 190 over a pond yesterday - never in doubt - 4 iron or hybrid would have been a nightmare scenario for me. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I’ve not heard one negative about the G410 driver from owners in TV. If there’s one place to get negative is a retirement community. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Another quick update for this thread: Even though the championship itself is over, there were a couple of additional tournaments to which this one served as a qualifier. The first is the club's individual match play championship and the second is a Ryder Cup-style team match play event against a neighboring club. While I know I did not qualify for the team event (I still could receive a captain's pick though), I was happily surprised to receive an email regarding my round 1 bracket in the individual tournament!!! I have until the 30th to schedule my match. Unfortunately, expectations aren't too high. The guy I'm playing posted rounds of 71 & 74 in the stroke play event. Meanwhile, my round 1 80 is the best I've done all season... Oh well, it will be fun regardless and my opponent is a nice guy with a good game I can very likely learn from.
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    Great attitude ! We should all keep that in mind...golf is fun
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    Interesting discussion on playing “emotions”. I’m very fortunate in that I get to play 4-6 rounds per week. What I’ve discovered is that very simply put, some days you have it, and some days you don’t. My round the other day when I stunk up the place was funny, because we were discussing this concept as we were playing. It almost became funny when one of us hit a bad shot, and everyone had a smile after a bad shot, because we all know it’s not the norm. Because we see each other hit hundreds of great shots most of the time. but some days.... you just don’t have it. No need to get all pissy about it, because we’re amateurs really. We just give a *sigh*, perhaps an eye roll, and a laugh, then off to the next shot. But we also know that we will play tomorrow, so no big deal.
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    Funny - but the big question: is the wedge a 56 or 60 [emoji23] Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I'll give it to the OP, he's really concerned about growing the game and making sure no one quits. Besides this thread, there's also: and
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