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FOX US Open Coverage


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For me, I think they are doing a great job. I absolutely LOVE the course shade to see the hills and valleys of a hole. I also love their "live" leaderboard on the bottom right.


I usually do not say this, but I like west coast tournaments that go late, allow me to watch more :)

Good job so far Fox.


What are your thoughts?

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The silence is deafening

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I like it so far. I have Direct TV so they have the mix channels so I switch around some. But I think the coverage is a breath of fresh air compaired to the GC and NBC. No Nobilio No Faldo no Johnny Miller. They are really doing some great camera work and coverage through out the field including the amateurs

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I think they should hire the MGS staff as color commentators.

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I am pleasantly surprised. They are doing a great job and I have not had to curse at the idiots one time.

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So far I'm not a fan of the Fox approach to golf coverage. Ok, I get that this is their big debut. It's like that hired some of the football guys and said, "today you'll be talking golf. Now go get um sport." Zzzzz

I hate to say it but Greg Norman is awful quite frankly. I like Norman but this is not his thing and it clearly shows. It's just not for him I believe. Weiskopf is a nice enough guy but again.... Zzzzzz.  Joe Buck? Neh... not really even though he is clearly the best of the bunch. I can't help but look at some the guys attempting to be golf interviewers but realize they are only microphone holders. Holly? Again.... Zzzzz. She really doesn't lend anything to the broadcast and golf.  If Fox had to have a woman to fulfill their diversity quota then they should have hired a proven Pro. I do like the shading effect on the greens. That's new and unique. Others should take note and do the same. In summary.... Fox is about like watching ESPN do golf. Awful.

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I agree Buck is just not good..however, they will adjust..and I understand the tracer is someitmes of, but its better than NBC and ESPN and CBS doing it after the fact....i truly LOVE the angles FOX is giving us...the announcers and the interviewers, agree, need changed...but i still absolutely think that shading theydo is the best thing for golf viewing in years

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I did not get to see any of the Thursday/Friday telecast so I cannot comment there. Had about an hour to watch Saturday and most of the event on Sunday.


My impressions:

- there was too much other stuff and not enough actual golf - booth commentary and documentaries galore. I would have much rather seen more of the amateurs and other competetors than the perspective drivel.

- the use of the shot tracker was great but they did not cut to the landing soon enough - seeing 3/4 of the ball flight is sufficient to see how and where the pros hit the shot. I also wanted to see how/where the ball landed more than was displayed.

- Holly's interviewing skills are not as good as her analytical skills - unless the questions she was asking were determined by the network, she does a much better job discussing golf with others than asking irrelevant questions.

- The booth team was lacking on golf knowledge


All told, it was ok to watch, but could have been much better

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hope the get the kinks worked out, It has Horrible....

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