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I am 66 with 17 handicap also addicted like so many out there and hope to enjoy this experience by sharing the love for this game.

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Welcome fitz - glad you're with us!

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Welcome from the Pacific Northwest!  Glad you joined us.  Where are you located?  It's nice to have another "old guy" on the forum.  I turned 69 two weeks ago.

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    • By LcollinsUSF
      Looking forward to the forums ... and contests! Info I have found so far is great.
      Larry Collins
      Tampa, FL
      12.7 hcp - trying to get better - hard!
    • By LongIronFrenzy
      Hey All,
      Been a reader of the blogs and all of the #truthdigest and thought I had to become a member. Enjoy playing golf as much as possible! Call Colorado home right now and work as a golf associate in a major golf retailer while in college. Prior USAF!  
    • By Geogolf007
      Hello from Katy, TX!!
    • By SimonBazas
      Howdy Y'all, I am actually a Florida Transplant here who moved to Texas about 2 years ago for work. I fell in love with the difficulty of golf about 5 years ago playing with some college buddies. I live in a town of about 8000 people and there is not a decent 18-hole public course within 25-30 minutes of me.
      I try to get out and play at least once a month but that is hard even in this town. My score is anywhere from about 85-95 on average.
      Look forward to getting to know some of Y'all
      What's in the Bag
      Driver- Aero Burner Mini TP Driver
      3 Wood- Taylormade RBZ Stage 2
      2 Hybrid- Adams Super XTD
      Irons 3-PW- Nike Forged Pro Combo
      Wedges- 54 and 58 Vokey Spin Milled
      Putter- Yes! Callie
    • By GolfSpy STUDque
      Hello! I don't typically join forums but I just had to join MGS due to the amazing community. The wealth of knowledge amongst the member base is expansive and I've based many of my equipment purchases off the reviews given by testers on this site for better or for worse.
      I played baseball my whole life through college. Once I got out, I still had that competitive itch so I picked up golf. More or less, I taught myself through videos, articles, and self evaluation. I spent a lot of time at the range and developed my own swing from what I could learn online. Many people are astounded when I tell them I've never had a lesson.
      Fast forward a couple years and I've got a wife and kids and less time for golf. I joined a golf league and that was the best possible thing for my game. I get out once a week (and still sprinkle in weekend rounds) and the competitive format has forced my game to improve. I'm better now that I've ever been and my love for golf is at its all-time peak. I keep my clubs as up-to-date as possible through tons of buying/selling on eBay and walk every round since it's my only exercise, HA!
      It'll be a complete honor if I ever get to test equipment. I've been a part of the process for baseball equipment and enjoyed every minute. I write for a living and believe I could translate these talents into quality information golfers can utilize in their equipment purchasing decisions. I'm happy to be here and look forward to contributing to the community!
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