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How many rounds for the same ball?

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I will play a ball until it is scuffed and then(when I clean my bag out) it goes in the ball bucket in my garage to give to a buddy of mine who hits balls out into a pasture.  I may play a ball 3 or 4 rounds.  I don't lose a lot of golf balls.  I do however find a bunch of balls...many practically new.  I play new balls in tournaments but otherwise, I pull something out of the bag that is not scuffed and tee it up.  I play between 120 and 150 rounds a year. If I were to buy 5 dozen balls at one time, they would last me over a year.

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As long as a ball isn't scuffed or has any cracks, I will play it. Now if I'm playing in a tournament or an outing, I'll have fresh ProV1's or Tour Preferred's to use for wedge shots and putting.


I have 2 pockets for balls on my bag. 1 pocket is the balls that are in nice enough shape to use, and higher quality balls and the 2nd pocket is balls that are scuffed or top flights etc. that I find while playing.


I usually buy a few dozen Project (a)'s when the season starts. 

Driver - TaylorMade RBZ Stage 1 - 9.5* - Stiff Shaft

3wood - TaylorMade SLDR            - 15*  - Stiff Shaft

Hybrid - Ben Hogan Golf VKTR     - 20*  - Stiff Shaft

- Ben Hogan Golf VKTR     - 24*  - Stiff Shaft


Irons - Ben Hogan Apex Plus - 5-PW - Rifle 5.0 Shaft

Wedges - Cleveland 588 RTX - 52* 56* 60* - Tru-Temper Dynamic Gold Shaft


Putter -Ben Hogan by Bettinardi BHB1-C


Balls -TaylorMade Project (a)


Shoes - Adidas Tour360 Boost - All Black

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