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    +2 (39) 3/7 FiR 4/9 GiR 15 Putts Happier with my putting today, no 3 jacks and my misses were very very close. Holed a good one to save par as well. Driver is trending way, way down still. My 2 bogeys were on long Par 4s, and I played "boring" golf for the rest of the round, which is actually exciting for us plebs.
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    Hope you have a great, safe and fun day.
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    Jonathan Wall dropping some beauty... Rickie Blades... in brushed chrome with cobra on it... Classic!
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    Played the "Nine & Dine" at Desert Hills yesterday (first time this season) and recorded a stinker 47 . Pitching and putting was awful... only one chip that even scared the hole. I even managed to 3 putt my closest to pin par 3 . Oh well, dinner was great as was the company. I have already deleted this round from my cache.
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    I hope each of you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving with you families! Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I just want to get over this “bug”....my wife got it two weeks ago, now she is finally better but I have it. Every muscle in my body hurts.So, for the first time some 1996, Thanksgiving will not be held at our house.....UGH! So Happy Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy time with your families. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Cold and windy front 9 and stuggled te whole way to a +7 with a couple dubs. Decided to play a few on the back and was even after 11 so I kept going. I was +1 on the back on the box at 17 when couple guys came walking up to play a couple extra holes. In my back swing one of the guys decides to use the bal wash and I actually topped my 4h off the tee. I looked over and his buddy aplogized for the ball washer. Bogey bogey finish for a +3.
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    Hoping you all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!
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    All right gang. The bracket is ready. Take your time to make/change pics as I'm gonna close it up Sunday at noon. Right meow there's 10 entries available but I'll make more if they fill up. You'll see my tab as an example. Once you pick a tab and enter your name in the space, be sure to rename the tab to include your name for easy identification. Head over here to make your picks: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e-JSqkDz8KefubPOeVtYcKPmTUss31gPCkNoD2b1Cdg/edit?usp=sharing Speaking of bracket busting, that's definitely what would've happened last year with @blackngold_blood coming from a Wild Card game to the crown.
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    I’m thinking mine is more like an Ole Fart Looney Tunes[emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Excellent video! I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see how the 410's worked for you. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Niners are tough but Jimmy G. will struggle post season. My Vikings..oh my Vikings..Please beat Seattle. NE is just gettin by and they are one of my favs but they wil lose out inte playoffs if they dont win home field. NO..love to see Drew in the SB again. Seattle is dangerous. Ravens are the best team going with a running QB on fire. Tough to beat. Dont love running QBs and its only a matter of time he gets hurt.
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    I'm more surprised that 33% of this data group have a round in the 60's. As has been pointed out, even with some extra mojo flowing, this achievement requires extraordinary play. Of course, it could be that the poll is heavily weighted with our single digit handicap spies.
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    Happy Thanksgiving! My dog and I on our way to the in-laws in Arkansas. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Spies and their families! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Mizuno’s, 919 Hot Metal, Great clubs, now. I had a bad experience with a Fitter who screwed me up Royally but was made good by Golf Central in The Villages who replaced the set N/C no problem. I’m also surprised at a Ping price reduction. I saw 2 brand new sets of G400 in the wild last week. Didn’t know they were still available. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Happy Thanksgiving and pray for my sanity as I head into Manhattan with my family to enjoy the day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all the spies out there. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I wanted to get an electric pushcart for my wife, none of them were on sale... the models we were checking were all around $2000. Got 12 bottles of wine, a couple of bottles of Hendrick's gin, a bottle of Courvoisier XO, 3 bottles of Botucal Reserva Exclusiva Rum (this rum is the best I've tried, I even like it more than Zapaca) and 2 bottles of Jose Cuerco 1800.
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    Holy snap! These might officially be the sexiest blades.. ON THE PLANET! Not just because they look gorgeous but because they're Cobra, and RF's. Who both have my full support. [emoji1786] the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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    Beautiful!!!! Maybe THESE will bring Rickie some luck and WINS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Not really looking for anything but I think I will buy 2 dozen Snell balls to try. Ifzi dont like I will throw them on CL. Used Callaway has a decent sale coming out so I might buy a used 60 degree low bounce wedge to experiment with. A local golf shop has a special event next week with some deals so making the 50 minute drive to check it out. I will also hit the MP 20s and 919 tours while Im there so maybe new irons? Actually trying to get some pounds of me so that will be my reward when I make that goal.
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    If only they had the reverse muscle of the Norman signature irons. I know they guy that got those pictures and where jonathon wall got them. Too bad he didn’t give him any credit.
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    I pre ordered one as well. Just went to my instructor again and I still roll the club to the inside on the takeaway despite trying not to for the past two months. Everyone talks about how this fault disappears in a very short period of time. We shall see.
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    Oooooo. Like a March madness bracket? This can be done! If at least 5 people want to do it, I’ll whip one up. Eliminated people only!!! Keep out Pete Rose.
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    Sucks to miss the playoffs but it’s been a great fun season and I’ve enjoyed every bit. Looking forward to see how the playoffs go as we drop down to single matchups. No matter who gets there, you know I’ll be rooting for the Stud division representative to win it all! Most competitive division top to bottom IMHO. Since I’m not dancing, at least I’ve still got circus
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    The driver and irons are gone but I still have the Cobra 3 wood, hybrids, and wedges in my bag. They are all top notch.
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    I know I said I'd like 60's more; but I'm still working on that "Broke 80" badge. Maybe a HIO would get me closer to both A hole in one, a few lucky putts, a ton of lucky misses, and I'd maybe get that 79
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    Also, although I love him like a brother, thank god @blackngold_blood won't be going for the MGS three-peat of fantasy leagues, that would have been an abject disaster.
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    Currently 42/100 of us have an Hole-in-One. I'm actually amazed it's that high and even more sad that I'm in the 58/100 group . Also, the data suggests those that have them on their mantle, have more than one... seems to follow lottery and sweepstake statistics... some are simply luckier than others.
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    Those look really good and for some reason Cobra iron s typically do nothing for me. The logo is cleaner and the finish is great. Good stuff Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've been fortunate enough to have both. I've had two aces and enough rounds in the 60's that I don't remember all of them. We aren't talking 100's but we are talking 40 or 50. My two lowest rounds were 66 and 68 and those both came in competition, the 68 on a fairly difficult course - the 66 was on a not so tough par 70 and it was match play. My opponent gave me a few putts none of which were likely to be missed until the one that he wanted to give me on 18 - I don't recall how long it was other than it was miss-able. I begged him to rescind the concession and after I explained why, he did. I'd love another round in the 60's. I shot a 70 earlier this season so close. I think that I still may have one a two in me so long as I play the proper set of tees. Right now I would rather log another Ace. If I make it to 70 and am still healthy enough I'd love to shoot my age sometime. That would be cool. I played with a guy in my golf league who was in his early 80's and shot his age regularly, God rest his soul.
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    There is a lefthanded standbag from Ouul. the straps are on the reverse side, open side of the bag is top left shoulder. I am lefthanded but do not feel that this makes a big difference - especially when the weight of the bag is evenly divided between the straps.
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    ... Haha reminds me of my cousin. He has 3 HIO's and has never broken 100. I was with him when he hit a 5 wood worm burner down a hill, hopped over a small creek, rolled up onto the green and in the hole. I was giving him a stroke and hit an 8 iron to 5 feet, made the birdie putt and lost the hole by 2 strokes. He said "I don't care if you tell people I topped a 5 wood down the hill for an ace, but please don't tell them I used a 5 wood from 158 yds. ... A few years late he hit a 30 yd slice on a short par 3 that went in the side of the hole. The Golf Gods obviously have a sense of humor.
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    30.6 for average putting is pretty good. It's comparable to me as a 7 handicap. I would attack your par 5 average of 6.4 first. What I see over and over and over again with higher handicappers is hitting it as far as you can on the first two shots on a par 5, where you then probably have a 60 yard shot (or less) into the green for the 3rd shot, and then you chunk it, blade it, or some other variety of missed lob wedge, which leads to the inevitable double bogey. Another perspective for you - I'm thoroughly convinced that I could beat most higher handicappers on par 5s just hitting 7 irons on this hole to the green. I say this mostly because I can keep the 7 iron pretty straight, and in play. Most higher handicaps tend to spray not only the driver off of the tee, but a fairway wood for a 2nd shot. So by any 3rd shot you are probably behind a tree, or in bad rough, or dropping and hitting 4 way before you are close to the green. My point to all of this on par 5s is to use better course management. Sure, hit driver off of the tee, but then pick an iron that you have confidence with to lay up to a comfortable number, like 100 yards, so you'll have a decent chance of hitting a full wedge into the green. I could be way off on all of this, especially since the numbers don't tell me anything about how you hit certain clubs, etc, but that'll give you some blind feedback and something to think about anyway, and take whatever you want from it and throw out the rest. As always, it's advice that is worth what you paid for it, unlike the garbage coming out of Brandel Chamblee's mouth.
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    I believe many PGA instructors .. and also Jack Nicklaus .. also agree with that view.
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    Happy thanksgiving! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Unfortunately the part that OP isn't good at is the hardest to improve upon. Looks like he took the advice of people saying just improve your short game for quick gains LOL. Developing a consistent swing is hard, and a lot of work and understanding. Smart people find a good coach and gets it done quicker. Stupid ones like me try to figure it out on YouTube.
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    Thanks guys - It's always amazing to me how equipment will react to different swings differently. This is exactly why its dangerous whenever someone starts a thread labeled, what should I do (about equipment) or what's the best so and so. There's really no right or wrong answer to that question because it needs more info - just like reviews need more info - you need to know the type of player that the equipment best fits - The guys that I played with on Monday were stunned at the number of woods that I have in my bag but these lofted woods work for me - so much so that I'm longer off the turf with 5 wood than I am with 3 wood (I carry 3 wood because the rules allow for 14 clubs and I do hit it well off the tee). I had birdie putts inside of 25 feet on the two par 3 threes that required 9 wood - the guys that I played with could not hit their 5 irons or hybrids high enough or straight enough to get the ball on the green while I just carried mine up there between all the traps and it stuck. But would a 9 wood be the best choice for a guy who swings 117 mph who might also be a digger? Not a chance. The same holds true for golf balls - the difference between the Pro VIx and the Maxfli Tour x is stunning to me - I haven't seen that big a difference in distance off the tee with a golf ball since the days of balata and top flites. But I thought that there might be a swing type that the Tour x worked for. Beyond a doubt there are lots of swing types where the Tour is a fit - really anyone who hits a Pro VI ball type will like the Tour.
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    If it's a one-time only sort of thing, then I think I'd prefer to have an ace. Sharing a story about the one time I broke 70 just seems a little less magical to me for whatever reason. Now, give me a season of scores in the 60's then yeah... THAT! Lol.
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    My name is Thinh Tran from Elk Grove, CA. I invented the Transrover. I came to the US to unite with my family at the age of 15. Finished college and had my dream job as a Graphic Designer. At the height of my career, I decided to give it all up to pursue my invention. It has been nearly 10 years in the making since I first started hacking out prototypes in my backyard. The road has been tough but I never gave up. Our first mass-produced batched has been completed and scheduled to arrive in the US before Christmas. The review by Dave Wolfe with MGS earlier this year was tremendous. https://mygolfspy.com/transrover-all-in-one-cart/ It provided a platform that allowed me to gauge and interact with golf fanatics like myself about Transrover. Many of them became backers on my Kickstarter campaign and remain to be my strong supporters despite numerous setbacks. I love the work that you at MGS do for the game and for us as players. I believe Transrover will add another dimension to how we play the game that has never been done before. I would love for you to share my story and invention to more of your fans and followers. Respectfully, Thinh Tran
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    Well, I have more days behind me than in front of me so my relationship with this game called Golf has been a long and bumpy one. I can remember back at around age 6 seeing some guys playing at a course near my home. I went home and fashioned a make shift club out of a couple sticks and hit a rock around the yard. Found an old Spalding Rebel one day outside the course and began hitting that...until my Dad took it and hit it with a ball bat to infinity and beyond.... In my 20's I bought some used clubs. There I was slugging it out on both the course and range, trying to figure this game called golf out. I was a hot head back then and wrapped my share of irons around trees, bags, carts...you get the idea. It was a on again. Off again love affair. When I hit 40 I found a book by Sam Snead "Golf begins at 40". That was a real light bulb moment for me. I invested in better equipment and read everything I could get my hands on. Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan Jack Nicklaus to name a few. Although I don't hit it near as far as I did in those old persimmon days, my game however is better than ever. Now I enjoy being on the course, haven't wrapped a club around anything in years and find my time on the course to be refreshing and soul cleansing. I only wish I would have had this relationship with the game decades ago. My only regret is I only have only years left, not decades to really enjoy the game I've grown to love.....the game of Golf. Chris
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    It’s going to help pretty much every swing fault. When one slides they tend to have to lean away from the target and have to flip, early extend and other things to get the club to the ball. If you don’t pivot right with this the band will let you know
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    Pre-ordered the plane mate. Going to be a long wait
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