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SeeMore Putters - Any Fans?

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Are there any fans of SeeMore putters out there?  I've tried them in stores but just can't seem to feel it....


Anyone game one?  Does the alignment trick help?




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I actually used to be a designer for SeeMore putters in the past.  I have also tested hundreds of putters, including both SeeMore putters and other brands.  That being said, I feel I have a good understanding about the putters and their model.


SeeMore putters generally speaking have performed very poorly in our testing.  That is one reason I really love data.  Companies can make claims all day but it was not until we started releasing the real data that many of these have and more will go by the way side.


First you have to remember, this RST technology like most was just an idea, it has since turned in to something entirely different.  But at its core it is was just a fairly unproven idea when "originally" conceived.  Testing before MyGolfSpy and during my time here has shown that the idea is not nearly effective as many others in the putter world.


The best way to putt better without changing anything is to fit a putter to "your" stroke.  Not to fit you to a putter.  No different really than any other club.  But this is what SeeMore preaches.  And it is not effective generally speaking.  Our data has shown this to be true.  


We can get in to the more specifics of why and why nots, but this continues to be proven time and time again with SeeMore putters.  They painted themselves in to somewhat of a corner with this design philosophy and I feel it hurts those that use their putters.


This is a harsh reality to some, especially SeeMore fans.  But I find I can properly fit someone for almost any putter other than a SeeMore. 

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I own one and have for a long time.  It's the original brass one.  I actually refinished it in black polymer (except for the face) and didn't do paintfill in the RST.  I putt well with it, not because of the RST but because the design/headshape works very well for me. I also added a ton of weight to the head as well.

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Thanks for the comment.  I have always liked the SeeMore concept, but I have never been able to putt well with any of them using my stroke.  I have always thought that if I could somehow incorporate the SeeMore alignment into my putter, I could improve consistency.  I do pretty well with direction alignment, but I tend to get sloppy at times and distance from the ball and eye alignment over the ball becomes an unwanted variable.

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Have owned a couple and always ask myself why I got the damn thing in short order.

It obviously needs to be used in a certain manner/technique that is not compatible for me anyway.

Aiming them I always find difficult after a really brief honeymoon. Really brief.

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I always thought the Eye over the ball concept was correct.  As the Slotline putters of the past.  The little notch & line in the putter forced me to get my eye over the ball which helped my stroke.


So the SeeMore concept should work......Interesting to discover that it doesn't.

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I used to game a Seemore, it was the bronze model.  It was nice, I liked it and I felt like it was easier to aim my putts properly but it wasnt magic.

Some people act like a Seemore makes putting automatic but the putter doesnt read the greens or swing the putter for you and all RST does is help you aim and get the shaft lean where they think it should be.

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I have used one in the past, don't buy into their method, but was successful in using one with the whistle shaft. Si5 I think it was? It felt like s***, looked like s***, had a million lines, but I was putting poorly and that bad boy saved me as I used it as a crutch.

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  • 2 months later...

Big SeeMore fan here, best putter I have used in 30yrs playing the game.

Was using an Odessey 2Ball at the time and putting ok with it but centre shaft putters kept catching my eye. Stumbled across a SeeMore Si3 model online that I really liked the look of. Went for a hunt around in the local golf stores and no one carried the SeeMore range apart from the odd stand alone model. With no Si3's to roll and see how it sits the excitement was lost a little. While looking for the SeeMore my eye was caught by the Scotty GoloS. Really liked the look and feel. At that same time I got onto a very good deal on a GoloS locally that was a lot less than it was going to cost to get a Si3 shipped.


Gamed the GoloS for 6 months but wasn't wowed by the results. Loved the look and feel but struggled to get comfortable with the alignment on 4-10 foot rage. Was missing more than my fair share compared to what I was used to. I even re-did the sight line paint fill in white in place of the black. During this frustration I kept seeing the SeeMore Si3 as if it was calling me.

After 4 months of perseverance with the GoloS I got the local Pro to order me a SeeMore Si3 in the specs for me after I'd done the tests/checks the have listed on the website.


The plan was to have it for a few weeks before club champs. It took longer than expected to arrive and only arrived 4 days before the first round of champs. With no time to get out to the course before champs I had a big decision to game or not to game. Rolled a heap on the carpet and was very happy with the way it sat and the sight lines in the back of the putter.

Took the punt and gamed it in the first round and so glad I did. 25 putts and 1under off the stick for a PB. 30 in the second for 7 over and 23 in the third for 1 over was enough to suggest I was on a real winner.


2 years later I'm still gaming the Si3 and seeing regular rounds sub 30 putts and mid 20's.

The RST alignment is an interesting thing and is a good checking point for me to confirm my alignment a posture is not slipping. I'm surprised to read the above negative comments. I know they clearly state that the RST does not work if you have a forward press which many golfers do.

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I know they clearly state that the RST does not work if you have a forward press which many golfers do.

Actually this is incorrect. They produced the "whistle" shaft option which I think they now call their offset models for those who prefer a forward press.

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I'm a huge fan. Been to their offices in TN. Currently use a custom X2 Precision Tour Milled. Deadly from 4 feet in, nearly deadly anywhere else. Best putter I have ever used. I've owned it for abolut a year now. I do find on 20 foot lag putts that I lip out, usually enteringon the right side. Love the feel, love the look, love the alignment. When you get out of sorts, just look at the shaft, breath deep, put it in!

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You need a particular stroke to benefit from the SeeMore. I got fit (CS One) at their place outside Nashville and really enjoyed the putter. I putted great with it right out of the gate. Then I got greedy and asked them to convert it to counter-balance and it all went to poop. I root for the small guy and I think they have a great product...but you really do need a straighter putting stroke. 

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