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Well this gets more interesting - I was watching Morning Drive this morning and they posited that Bryson plays better in top events because the entire field plays slower and so he doesn't stand out.  But they didn't give us the statistics to prove that they play slower.


I honestly think that the rounds do take longer in majors and there is a reason for it that's the obvious one - each one of those events has a number of players in them that are not accustomed to tour level course conditions - of course the pace of play will be slower. 

Honestly I don't see why what is happening on the PGA tour or any tour should impact us - slow play is an issue for many of us - we don't play golf for a living - it will impact how often, how many and when people play if a round of golf takes over a certain amount of time.

At some point we have to recognize that there is a difference between how golf is played at the highest of levels and how we play it - it's still golf there's just a difference - I'd quit if I had to play golf from 7,300 yards long with 30 yard wide fairways, greens like cement that ran at 12.5 and three inches of Bermuda rough - so there's already a difference - I'd love to see some changes to professional events that make the game that they play more similar to the one that I do - let's see them not able to reach some par 4's in regulation or have to play most par 5's in 3 shots or have traps that aren't properly and perfectly raked or tees that aren't level - I'm all for that.

If however the USGA decides to roll back equipment for all golfers I'll just stop playing by their rules altogether - right now I have leagues that play by their rules with allowable local rule exceptions - I'd stop playing in those leagues if they followed suit and just play for fun.


Sorry for the rant -

Back on point the numbers say that Rory is wrong and that the scores at European events are very similar to those at PGA events - right now those guys have figured out how to shoot low scores on tough courses.  Just like MLB players have figured out that its better to hit HRs to score runs than try and fight all the various shifts employed against them - I still saw an exciting 4-3 playoff game last night - I don't really care how the runs scored it was as exciting as ever.


Ping G410 - set at 12 degrees, fade setting - Fujikura Motore X R flex

Ping G410 5-9 wood

G30 6-PW -  Aerotech FT 500 shafts

SCOR 48,52,56,60

EVNRoll ER 5

Titleist Pro VIx optic yellow with revkev stamped on them

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Word has it that Chamblee was the deciding vote  😄😄  

Let's look at it a little differently.  We all know what Rory and Brooks accomplished this year.. each with 3 wins Rory with a Players and the Tour Championship, but not really in conte

This is where it would make sense for them to announce the vote - it’s also an item of curiosity for me as to where people rank majors and also is there a pecking order among the majors themselves.  

6 hours ago, RickyBobby_PR said:

Do you think Brooks, Rory, DJ, Snedeker play significantly slower during the US Open or The Open outside of the players in their group or ahead of them affecting the pace of play?

yes... still faster than the average guy, but slower than easy setup non-majors.

We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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