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Graphite shafts

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Hi everyone,

I have a set of Mizuno T-zoid pros that I absolutely love. They have seen a lot of play and I have tried to give them up but I keep going back to them. I have been debating on graphite iron shafts. Even just in the long irons. Maybe slowly transition the whole set. I was wondering if anyone has experience doing it to an older set and the outcomes




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Graphite shafts can be a good option to relieve any stress injury related to repetitive ball striking over time especially related to steel shafts. Mizunos are pretty pure when struck sweetly, but they are certainly not very forgiving when hit outside the sweet spot and can consequently feel very harsh. Some sets were fitted with Sensicore to offset this and it works pretty well, but graphite shafts are 10 times better in this regard in absorbing unwanted vibrations. 

If you are looking to pick up a little bit of extra club head speed, then a lighter graphite shaft would be a good choice too, provided you pay close attention to the flex profile when you are fitted for them. All in all, graphite is a pretty sound choice for irons, but it does come at a price....


...That being - price. Quality graphite shafts don't come cheap and will easily be double the price of a steel set. Steel also has the advantage of being very durable and maintenance free - graphite is much more prone to wear and scratches if not looked after carefully. The last is strength - steel is much more resistant to to tip stress than graphite - if not assembled correctly graphite shafts can easily break, particularly if you have a strong swing and take a healthy divot. Make sure your club builder knows their stuff.

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I just recently went back to Steelfibers shafts after playing/experimenting with steel shafts for the past year. Graphite is definitely easier on my back than steel, which is why I made the change. Don't think I'll ever go back to steel at this point.



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I'm just switching to graphite this year and so far the difference in feel and performance is amazing. I'm with Orange Hog in that I'll probably stick to Graphite for the long run.

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... I switched to graphite in my irons about 15 years ago after suffering some elbow tendinitis. Graphite iron shafts are just so good, I never even thought of going back to steel. Currently playing Recoil 95's and 110's and couldn't be happier with their performance and they certainly produce less shock on the body. Not sure I could have played 30 days in a row twice last season with steel shafts as my joints would have needed a few days off. 


... Some folks think the cost is prohibitive but it isn't as much of a difference as many think when compared to high end steel: 

$45  Recoil 95/110/125

$45  Project X LZ

$39  Project X Taper

$37  Nippon Modus 

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Putter:  Newport 2.5 at 33"
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Have a few joint issues myself and graphite is the way to go. I'm certainly no expert, just a weekend enthusiast, but from what I've read, today's graphite is very comparable to steel in terms of performance. My RECOIL shafts even look like steel. 

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This is the first year I will be gaming Recoil stiff shafts, in my MP5 irons.

Looking forward to getting a couple rounds in this year.

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