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Poll: How Often Do You Really Clean Your Clubs?


How Often Do You Really Clean Your Clubs?  

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  1. 1. How Often Do You Really Clean Your Clubs?

    • After every round
    • After every 2-3 rounds
    • After every 4-7 rounds
    • After 8 or more rounds
    • Almost never, just wipe them down occasionally

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I went with 4-7 rounds. I try to wipe after every shot. Wife got a groove it brush for me this winter so that will help but I usually do a clean once a month, not only because they keep better but resale value people! I want every penny I can back 😂. kids like to do theirs to now too so good little evolution for all of us.

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Like many others I wipe my clubs after every shot but then on Fridays, I carry them into the house and put them in a sink of soap and water and clean them in detail.  I not only clean the clubs and make sure nothing is in the groves but I clean the grips with soap and water.  My clubs are 1 and 1/2 years old and look new. 

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Cleaning my clubs is therapeutic and something I just enjoy doing so I always clean them after rounds.  

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I clean my heads after each shot, and the day before I play I clean the grips(tackier) and find tune the grooves on heads.  I  take pride in my equipment!!

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So, I clean my club after every shot (ok, at the range off mats is not after every shot).  But if I'm out on the course they get a wet towel and cleaned grooves after each shot.  That really has mostly eliminated the need for a soapy clean during the year.  I will give them a cleaning if I have a lot of tee-marks or something, or a particularly muddy round.  Generally though they get a cleaning at the beginning of the year, in the middle, and at the end of the season.  

Now I should probably consider cleaning the grips more often, that's for sure. 

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After every round without fail!

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I guess that this can be somewhat of a loaded question. I try to make an effort to hit the range before every round, and after the range make sure to soak the clubs in a bucket of water and clean them before the round starts.

Additionally it's become my OCD to have a wet towel before I tee off. I will clean my club before each shot to make sure there's no dirt to get in the way.

As far as soapy water in the sink cleaning, I probably do that once a month but the clubs naturally stay pretty clean from round to round. 




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How do I say after every shot?  If you're hitting a ball with a dirty club you're shortening the life, and hindering the playability, of your club.

You don't need soap and water to clean your clubs, unless you got oil on them. You also need to towel dry your clubs.  DO NOT LET THE FACE AIR DRY!! That will destroy the grooves. 

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I wipe them down after shot but like to clean them after every round but most likely every couple 

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I used to race mountain bikes competitively, and wouldn’t think of showing up anyplace without my bike completely clean and lubed. Just maintaining the a bike’s drivetrain alone was way more work than cleaning my clubs. Because of this background I think nothing of scrubbing my clubheads with a brush and some Simple Green before I put the clubs away. I probably clean the grips once every month or two using a bit of dish soap on a brush.  

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After every round or practice at the range- I also clean the grips and let them air dry. There is nothing worse then grips that slip due to grime or looking down at a club cakes with dirt. I use dawn and it works great!! Try it.

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1 hour ago, fixyurdivot said:

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Those are some nice looking iron covers.  Now that you 56 is off double secret probation, maybe it can earn one too!

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I'm big on cleaning my grips. A few drops of dishwashing soap, rub down by hand in warm water, and rinse so they squeak. 

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I’m impressed by the poll results here, probably another indication this audience is not representative of the whole of players. There’s no way it matches up with the 20-60 guys I play with regularly, most who don’t even clear their grooves as they play much less seriously clean their clubs with any regularity…

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13 hours ago, fixyurdivot said:

And Youre Just Jealous GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY




  • Haha 2

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I dip my clubs in a bucket of water and hit them with a soft brush after nearly every round.  I also clean the faces after every shot to keep my grooves clean....I have enough problems with  my game that I don't need to be further penalizing myself by having dirty grooves.  It really doesn't take more than a 30 seconds between shots and maybe 7 min after my round when I get home.  Something about looking at the dirty soles of my irons just bothers me.

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