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Short Game Scenario - Shot Choice

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Your ball is 10 yards short of the green in a tight fairway lie and came to rest in a slight depression from an aeration hole. The hole is 10 yards past front edge, so you have 20 yards to the hole on a slight upslope with no obstacles to carry or rough to roll through. 

How are you playing this shot? Putter/hybrid/FW putt? Chip with a 7 iron or other lower lofted iron? Using a wedge to hit a standard pitch? 

:ping-small: G425 MAX Driver & 5W

:cobra-small: Baffler Rail-H 3H-4H

:Sub70: 699 Pro Utility V2 - 4i

:callaway-small: APEX CF19 6-AW

INDI Wedges 52, 56, 60 

 :edel-golf-1: EAS 2.0

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I'd chip with my 54* wedge. Alternative option is a pitch with my 58*. Really, it depends what shot i am most comfortable with at the time. I don't like the idea of a 60ft putt, uphill, half of which is on fairway/fringe

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DI: Caley 01X 18* with KBS PGH Stiff plus 95g

4-AW: th.jpg.d6e2abdaeb04f007fd259c979f389de6.jpg  0211  with KBS Tour Stiff 2.5* up 3/4" long, Soft stepped, MOI matched

Wedges     :cleveland-small: Zipcore 

Putter: L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 69*/35" in blue 


Ball:  TBD

Shot Tracking: :ShotScope:

Bag: Vessel VLX 2.0

Grip: Lamkin Sonar +  Midsize 

My Reviews:

Caley 01X Driving Iron Review 2023

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 :1332069271_TommyArmour:TAIII #2  Review here: TAIII Impact #2 Putter )

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th.jpg.d6e2abdaeb04f007fd259c979f389de6.jpg  0211  2019 Unofficial Review




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Take a 9 and fly it just onto the green and let it run out to the hole or takes 6 or 7i and bump and run it to the hole.

depends on what the fairway looks like between my ball and the green

Driver: PXG 0811 X+ Proto w/UST Helium 5F4

Wood: TaylorMade M5 5W w/Accra TZ5 +1/2”, TaylorMade Sim 3W w/Aldila rogue white

Hybrid: PXG Gen2 22* w/AD hybrid

Irons: PXG Gen3 0311T w/Nippon modus 120

Wedges: TaylorMade MG2 50*, Tiger grind 56/60

Putter: Scotty Caemeron Super Rat1

Ball: Titleist Prov1

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3 hours ago, BMart519 said:

Your ball is 10 yards short of the green in a tight fairway lie and came to rest in a slight depression from an aeration hole. The hole is 10 yards past front edge, so you have 20 yards to the hole on a slight upslope with no obstacles to carry or rough to roll through. 

How are you playing this shot? Putter/hybrid/FW putt? Chip with a 7 iron or other lower lofted iron? Using a wedge to hit a standard pitch? 

Probably chip with a 9-iron or maybe a PW. If it was flat or slightly downhill to the hole, I would likely use my AW rather than the 9i or PW.

DR - Callaway Paradym AI Smoke TD, Newton Motion 4-Dot

4W - Callaway Paradym 3HL, Newton Motion Fairway shaft, 4-Dot

HYB - Paradym X 18*, HZRDUS Smoke Red 80S; Sub 70 949X 21*, same shaft

7W (if played) - Sub 70 849, ProForce Black 80-S

Irons - Callaway Paradym, HZRDUS Silver Gen 4, S-flex

Wedges - Edison 2.0, 53* and 57* (bent to 58*), KBS TGI 100

Putter - (currently in flux, but usually an Evnroll 8V

Ball - Maxfli Tour-X CG (2023)

Bags - Ghost Golf Maverick Black Ops

Cart - MotoCaddy M7 Remote (without the remote)


driver / off the tee is no longer a weakness for me!

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I'm probably in the pw camp for this. Something lower and running as it is sitting down a bit. 

The other option with be a firmer 58 that would pop and have a bit of spin on it. 

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                                          T100 PW/GW

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I’d probably use my 54, handle forward try to hit a low little spinner. Unfortunately I seem to get the spin when I expect it to release, and release when I expect it to spin so don’t listen to me. 

Callaway Epic Max LS 9.5 degree

Callaway Epic Max 3 wood

Cobra F9 3H

TaylorMade P770 4-P

Taylormade MG3 50,54,58

Taylormade Spider X 

Taylormade TP5(usually) 


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Based on the description of the lie, I would lean towards my Gap wedge (48°) to keep it low-ish. If it was a flat lie I would go with a 56° but I’m not sure I trust that shot in a divot. 

Driver: ping.png.e3ed5628ca52a8b2c125dee1b870da4f.png g410 (Mitsubishi Tensei Orange 65g) | 3 Wood: 70-707561_cobra-logo-png-transparent-cobra-golf-logo-vector.png-removebg-preview.png.b72d599215d4665a747b0adcf37e74ae.png LTDx (Project X HZRDUS Smoke IM10) | Utility Iron: srixon-removebg-preview.png.12b8a132cea8523f77746a94937ae416.pngZX Utility (23* UST Mamiya Recoil 95g) | pxg.png.1f27c0c70c160b03f2f988ce62043156.png XCOR2 0211 6-GW (True Temper Elevate 95) | Wedges (52, 56, 60): mizuno2.png.a20033d8eca70bb4ac47d0bc51dfd514.png T22 Blue Ion (True Temper Dynamic Gold 132) | Putter: Myproject-12.png.a10a6f62037a1d622840ac8f721d759f.png Versa Double Wide Blade (Stroke Lab shaft) | Ball: mizuno2.png.a20033d8eca70bb4ac47d0bc51dfd514.png RB Tour X

Baseball player turned golf addict. 


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Great question! Most likely a pitch with a 58° wedge, that I would try to land a yard or so onto the green and let it release toward the hole. Though the answer lies in how those shots are going for me during that round, i could also see chipping it with a PW or even putting it, if the path to the hole is free of obstacles that might inadvertently redirect it.


D: TBD ??? 🤔

3w: :callaway-small: Paradym ♦️♦️♦️15° Hzrdus 6.0

3h: :ping-small: G430 19° Tour 2/Stiff

4u:   :titleist-small:  T200 Utility Build 24° Hzrdus 6.0

5i:  :titleist-small: T200 25° Recoil 110 f4

6i-PW: :srixon-small: Z 765 28°-46° N.S Pro 1050 gh S

50°, 54° & 58°:   :ping-small: Glide Forged Pro

P:   :odyssey-small: Toulon Designs Atlanta

Ball:  :callaway-small: Chrome Tour X

Bag:  Jones Trouper R stand bag 

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I am definitely planning on landing a little on the green and releasing in that situation. Probably a 50 degree wedge but could be different depending on other factors. 


Driver: Titleist TSR3 :titleist-small: with TPT Nitro 15Hi 

5 wood: Calloway Paradym Triple Diamond :callaway-small: with TPT Power 15Lo

Driving Iron: Tour Edge Exotics EXS Ti-Utility :tour-edge:

Hybrid: PXG 0317X Gen2 hybrid :PXG: with TPT Power 15Lo

Irons: Takomo 101T :Takomo: with Nippon Modus 120 shafts :Nippon:

Wedges: Celveland RTX4 50 Degree, Calloway Jaws Raw 58 degree Z grind and 54 degree S grind

Putter: Edel EAS 4.0 :edel-golf-1:

Ball: Srixon Z Star Diamond / Z Star XV :srixon-small:

Official 2024 TPT Shaft Test


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Thanks for the feedback. I used my GW (48 degree) to chip out landing close to edge of green. With the ball sitting down, I caught it a bit thin and it came out lower than expected. Even with the gentle uphill between the ball and hole it rolled out about 12 ft past the hole. Thinking about it after the round, using lower loft like a PW or 9 would have been my preference. Need to spend some time putting with a fairway wood and hybrid to see if it works for me as I feel that would be the highest margin for error on a lie like this or off hard pan in the early season. 

:ping-small: G425 MAX Driver & 5W

:cobra-small: Baffler Rail-H 3H-4H

:Sub70: 699 Pro Utility V2 - 4i

:callaway-small: APEX CF19 6-AW

INDI Wedges 52, 56, 60 

 :edel-golf-1: EAS 2.0

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Either 45 degree PW or 49 degree GW and I would use it with the heel up to play it like a chip rather than pitch due to the depression

:titleist-small: 917D2 driver

:callaway-small: 3 wood

:titleist-small: TS2 19 degree and 21 degree hybrids

:PXG:0211 5-GW irons

:ping-small: Glide 56 and 60 degree wedges

:odyssey-small: EXO7 putter :garsen: MAX grip

:titleist-small: Pro V1




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Everybody’s situation is going to be different and we all play the shot that we are most comfortable with.  I know that shot with my 60º will work at my home course.  I also know that my 60º is the wrong club at every course I played in central Oregon last week; I would use my 48º PW or 9i.  The turfs are different, the greens have different grass, and the green speeds are much slower than my home course… and don’t get me started on Bermuda grass!!  So, it all depends.

We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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Being that close to the green, and ball in a slight depression, my 58* lob would be my go to shot, hitting from my back foot to keep it moderately low. Try to hit just about a foot or so on the green, let it run to the hole. I don't try to put a lot of spin on these shots, it just kind of happens with my CBX2 wedges. 

Driver-Ping g410 SFT, 3W-Callaway Diablo Octane, Hybrids-Snake Eyes Viper 18*+ 21*, Irons-GigaGolf Reva Hybrid Irons 24*- 46*, Wedges-Cleveland CBX2's 50*54*58*, Putter-Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11c

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On 5/25/2023 at 12:24 AM, BMart519 said:

Your ball is 10 yards short of the green in a tight fairway lie and came to rest in a slight depression from an aeration hole. The hole is 10 yards past front edge, so you have 20 yards to the hole on a slight upslope with no obstacles to carry or rough to roll through. 

How are you playing this shot? Putter/hybrid/FW putt? Chip with a 7 iron or other lower lofted iron? Using a wedge to hit a standard pitch? 

if in a depression and still on the fairway, likely 8/9 iron for a bump and run up the hill.  Would be concerned with a higher lofted wedge that I would skull it if in a slight depression.  If flat, I would use the PW or UW with a putter like stroke to keep it from carrying.  the lie of the golf ball would dictate what club I use in that case, more than the distance. I would adjust swing tempo/length to adjust for distance. 

image.png.b89fa684b54b186f20c376e6af43ac1d.png 425's- 5i to PW, UW

image.png.4462ac5ffcc9491d68e78951b3a1a587.png  G400 Driver, G425 3W, G425 7W, G425 3H

image.png.cf53a065a6e348c87221c4bf13510375.png 56 degree Hi-Toe wedge

image.png.4462ac5ffcc9491d68e78951b3a1a587.png  Glide 60 degree 

image.png.d4990c8d6330ecc392d9a5124b26165a.png Evnroll ER3

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Playing my Ping ChipR...less air, more ground time.  This past weekend, my second shot was from the right rough with a tree and low hanging branches between me and the green.  The green was also protected by a bunker from my approach and I was too close to the tree to go over it, so I decided to just punch it out with a 7-iron to the front of the green.  I ended up about 10 yards in front of the green with the pin on a top shelf.  I took my Ping ChipR which I swing with my putter grip and ended up less than a foot from the hole...saved par!  It was the only shot with my ChipR all day, but it was worth carrying.

Driver: Callaway Rogue ST Max 10.5, set to 10.5°, R Flex

Fairway: Callaway Rogue ST Max 5W, 18°, R Flex

Hybrid: Callaway Apex 21 Pro, 3H, 20°, R Flex; Apex 21, 5H, set to 24°, R Flex

Irons 6-9, PW, GW:  0311P, Gen3, Graphite, R Flex

Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM8, 54° & 58°

Chipper: Ping ChipR, Black dot

Putter: Ping Heppler Fetch, set to 34"

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I use my 54 around the green 90 percent of the time if I'm two or more paces off the fringe. If I have a good lie on or just off the fringe I will sometimes putt it. But in this scenario, given the lie, I would most likely bump and run with a 9 iron with the ball back in my stance.

Ping G400 Driver, Ping G410 3W & 5W, Cobra King F9 4h, Cobra King F9 irons (5 - GW), Cleveland CBX Wedges (54* and 60*), Odyssey Toe Up 1 Putter

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Had 3 of these yesterday during a match-play on the 2nd 9.   I managed to shoot even-par for the 2nd 9 and won 2 and 1.   My choice for this shot is usually a 9i.  My caveat (which I have mentioned in some other forums) is that I carry a Cleveland Launcher HB 9i, which I use for a whole bunch of specialty shots.  one of which is as a "chipper" although I usually just think "putt" and putt it from collars or fringes where I have maybe less than 10 ft of "stuff" to carry.   On typical summer greens (stimp 9 -11), the 9i is a 1:2 or 1:3 club (carry:rollout).    My experience is that landing in the fringe (or tightly mowed apron) reduces the rollout by about 10%.   I usually add one club of loft (say, 9i instead of PW) and then hit the same shot to the same spot.  All seems to work.    So the shot you describe is a 9i... hit it 1/3 of the way to the hole.  With the lower loft,  the collar has minimal effect and the shot just releases.    If I have to roll it uphill once it is on the green, I add another club (or hit it about 10% farther).    I also use the Cleveland HB 9 iron from 70 or 80 yards out-- hit it about 5- 10 yards short of the green and let it release on.   Its maybe half a swing and pretty safe when I NEED to get on a green.   Certainly a safer choice than a full 56 or 60.    It is also great out of deep rough, and out of cross bunkers that are within 100 yards of the green.   Because it is constructed like a hybrid, the ground interaction with the wide, rounded sole is really clean and simple.   You pretty much can't stick it in the ground.   And for chip and pitch shots, it doesn't have the really hot face like a hybrid, so there is less adjustment.   It feels like I am hitting my regular 9i (Mizuno JPX 921 HM), but it handles tight collars, fairways (bare lies, deep rough, firm sand) really well.    Its like having a "chipper" without having a chipper (and all the giggles and whispers that might come with that).   In fact, its like a super-chipper because it does all these other things so well.      I would urge you to try it.  You can find one used for about $75 - $85 used (I just checked).    



PIng G410, 10.5 set at 9.5/  Cleveland 3+ Hy-wood (18*) / Titleist 915 7w / Callaway XR 4h / Tour Edge HL-4 5h / Mizuno JPX-921 Hot Metal 7i - GW / Tommy Armour 845 CB wedges (52, 56*).   Ping Sigma 2 Fetch Putter.   SkyTrak in the Garage.  

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Bump and run, most likely with an 8i, after taking into account how much of a slope up there was and if there were landing spots I'd like to avoid because of bumps, bad ground, etc.

Callaway Epic Flash Driver (9 degree), Callaway Mavrik 3W, Titlelist 910H 3h, Taylormade Speed Blade irons (4i-PW), Kirkland v1 wedges (52-56-60), Odyssey Versa 7 putter. All clubs R-flex

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Tight lies around the green are frequent on the courses I play.  I hit an 8 iron bump on these shots as I watch my buddies scull many a chip shot over the green.  Occasionally, with froggy grass, I'll drop down to a low hybrid for more power.

Dave Mueller

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60 or 70 year old Don Martin Up-n-In chipper.  No grooves, bronze or copper, 7 iron loft on a putter length shaft.  Too bad only 1 other player here so far says 'chipper", and that is a $200 new Ping.  An old Don Martin runs $20 on ebay.  Killer accuracy.  I can de-loft or add loft just like any other club, narrow sole lets me get direct contact on a bad, or bumpy lie.  Distance control is way easier than it is with a high loft wedge.

Drv: PXG 0211, Evnflo Riptide CB Senior, Callaway 454 TI (2004) 10 and an 11, regular flex.

3W: Callaway Steelhead Xr  Tensei Blue CK 55 gram senior. TM Burner Superfast 3.0 M flex.

5W : Titleist TSi 1 on Aldila Ascent 40 regular flex.

Driving Iron: Mizuno MP 18 MMC 3 18 degree, on Mamiya Recoil reg flex.

4 iron:  forged Mizuno Fly-Hi, 24 degree hollow body.

6 - PW: Ping I 500, on Recoil reg flex.

Gap: 52/9 GFF Mizuno S5, Lob: 60/6 GFF Mizuno T7.

Sand: Ancien Regime 56/12 Hogan Sure Out, Apex shaft. Heavy sole.

Chipper:  Ancien Regime Don Martin "Up n In" bronze or copper. 🙂

Putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab "R" Ball, face balanced, 2 piece, multi material shaft.🙃

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With out hesitation, because this describes the types of conditions we play on at the muni I play three days a week.  Our comes my faithful Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2.  I could use my 48 degree wedge but it is a tight light it would work better with a bit more grass to work with.  As a golfer I much admire, get it on the ground as quickly as possible and was pretty darn good at it.  The ole Texas wedge always the safest and in some cases gets it the closest.  Lee Trevino said it best.  Live by those words.  BUT, whatever works best for you.  It is all in the hands of the indian.  Hakuna matata.  Happy golfing.  

Driver - TSi3 10.75* - Fujikura Speeder 661 TR

Fairway - TSi2 14.25* - Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 6.1 

Fairway - TSR1 17.0* - Fujikura Vista Pro 65S

Hybrid - TSR1 19.0* - Fujikura Atmos Red Tour 75  

Hybrid - TSR1 23.0* - Fujikura Atmos Red Tour 75

Irons - T350 (2023) - 5-48W - True Temper AMT Red 95g-107g

Wedges - Vokey SM9 - 52.08F, 56.10S - True Temper AMT Red 94 

**  GolfPride MCC +4 Midsize Grips  (all woods/irons/wedges)

Putter - 2023 Scotty Cameron Super Select Squareback 2 35" 

**  Superstroke 1.0 Pistol Grip  

Golf Ball - TITLEIST - Prov1 (2023)                                                         

Golf Bags - TITLEIST  - Cart 14 (black), Mid Size Tour (black/white)

Golf Glove - FootJoy (StaSof), Shoes, Apparel and Outerwear        

Rangefinder - Bushnell Pro XE


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I'd go with a 52° low runner shot... that's my "bread and butter" arround the greens. Now, if the lie had been juicy, I might have favoured the 58°.  For me, from these distances, the putter is too inaccurate (direction-wise AND distance wise as there's a large part on the "not-green"), and I'm really bad at proper "chip and run" with anything less lofted than a PW. Not a good example, I know 🤣

Aim small... pray to miss small

My bag: Ping hoofer lite. My driver: Nike Vapor Pro. 4w: Inesis 500. Hybrid: Nike Vapor Flex. Irons (4-PW): Takomo 301 combo on KBS tour X. Wedges: Vokey SM7 52° and 58°. Putter: Cleveland Classic HB1. Balls: Inesis Tour900 yellow.

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I’d like to try to use my gap wedge with it placed in the back of my stance to hit a lower trajectory shot to let it run out.

:taylormade-small: Stealth 2 Plus 9deg Kai' li Red

:taylormade-small:Stealth 2 13deg Aldilla Rogue Silver

:taylormade-small:Stealth 2 15deg Aldilla Rogue Silver

:mizuno-small: JPX 921 Hot Metal 4-PW Nippon Modus 120s

:vokey-small: SM8 54 and 58deg Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex

:titleist-small: Scotty Cameron Newport 2

Titleist ProV1

:ping-small: Hoofer Stand Bag

Stewart Q Follow Electric Caddie

:callaway-small: 300 PRO Rangefinder

Official Nippon Regio B+ Driver Shaft Review

Official Stewart Q Follow Review



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Aeration holes are common in spring but are not considered ground under repair, so free relief is generally not allowed. But relief may be permitted if a Model Local Rule is in effect – check with your golf course before your round to know for sure.

Everyone understands that golfers don’t necessarily want to play on greens and fairways that have just been aerated, but it’s important to keep in mind that the short-term disruption is significantly outweighed by the long-term benefits. For more on that, watch this video from the USGA Green Section.

Since I would only play a course where the Model Local Rule for aeration holes would be in effect, I would take it out of the plug hole as ground under repair and chip with my 58. C'mon man!

Driver: Callaway Epic 9 degree, stiff (set at 10 degrees with the movable weight in the center}

FW: Callaway Epic 3,5, heaven wood w/ regular shaft (driver shaft in 3 wood, 3 wood shaft in 5 wood, 5 wood shaft in heaven wood, all three set at neutral plus 1 degree)

Hybrids: Callaway BB19 4,6,7 (4 set at neutral plus 1 degree and 6 and 7 set at neutral minus 1 degree for gapping purposes)

Irons: Callaway Rogue ST Max 8, 9, PW 

Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM6 50,54,58

Ball: Titleist Pro V1, 1X, Vice Pro Plus or anything I find that day and try out for the fun of it (I haven't bought balls with my own money in at least 10 years)

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I would without a doubt use my 52* wedge and use a putting stroke to hit it low and get it running. 60 feet is too iffy for me to use a putter on.

D- Ping G 400 SFT

16*- Adams Tight Lie

19*- Adams Tight Lie

4H- Ping G 400

5-U- Ping G 400

SW- Nike

56*- Ping Glide 2

P- Sub70 004 Mallet

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