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What's in the Bag? - Juspoole 2021

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Welcome, you might notice from one pic to another that I've already tweaked the bag somewhat already this winter and likely could add one more clubhead before the year gets started.  I'll try to add a little detail as to why I have the clubs in my bag.

Driver - Mavrik Sub Zero 9* set to 11* - Ventus Velocore Blue 6X -  By far the happiest I've ever been with a driver.  The shaft and head combo has greatly improved my overall driving in 2020.  My fairway stats probably only increased slightly, but from play, I can tell you my dispersion overall both left/right and front to back has greatly improved.  I think this helped me drop from a 6.6 at start of 2020 to a 4.1 near end of year.  I do not hit up on the ball with driver as well as I'd like so I am working on getting my launch up a bit more and spin down.

3 wood - Ventus Velocore Red 7X Shaft - Currently have a fantastic shaft, but did not get along with the Cobra f9 3 wood that it came with.  I found this for $130 on eBay for authentic velocore so it was a steal.  Not sure the head, I'd be looking for, but I honestly do not use a 3 wood that often so it would be a 15th club that I alternate.

2 Hybrid - Titliest 818 19* set to 18* - Tensei Blue 80X - This is a great club for me.  This club is the primary reason I do not carry a 3 wood.  Usually I can hit this 235 - 255 dependent on conditions and control it well.  

3 Hybrid - Titleist 818 21* set to 22* - Fujikura Atmos Blue TS 9X - New purchase based on a bit of a gap in yardage.  Don't really have a 215 - 235 club currently.  Have tried this shaft before so I know I will like it.  Should be a good club based on my liking of the 2 hybrid.

Utility Iron - Srixon ZX Utility 23* - UST Recoil 95 F5 X - New Purchase, replacing the Mizuno HMB 4 iron that I had trouble with consistency and found I continually would draw the ball for some reason.  Hit this at demo and gave exactly what I would expect and more forgiveness than the Mizuno. 

Irons - Mizuno MP 18 SC 5 - PW - DG AMT X100 - Have had these for 3 full seasons.  Terrific irons with a bit of forgiveness.  Love the feel and no issues.  May try something new next year, but honestly no need to do that, just like to upgrade.  Would be eying a Srixon ZX5/ZX7 set.

Wedges - Vokey SM6 49* and SM8 54* - Been a vokey guy for a while, have tried others now and then, but these feel best to me and give me the spin and shots I'm looking for.

Lob - Callaway Jaws MD5 - Gave this a shot after hearing good reviews.  It's fair, but I prefer the Vokeys and will probably replace.  May even try a Mizuno T20, but really need to go through a fitting.

Putter - Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 with Stability Shaft - Moved from a Scotty Pro Platinum to this mallet last year and I find alignment much easier.  Feel is a tad softer than the pro platinum, but similar enough to where it didn't take long to adjust to speed.  Have not made a large stride in putting since the change but am more confident with the mallet and alignment.  Really like the stability shaft for the stroke and makes me feel like it's much more repeatable.

Bags - Sun Mountain Four Five bag with 14 club dividers.   Peter Millar 2.5 Lite Carry Bag

Ball - Bridgestone Tour B XS - Switched to this last year after some trial and seeing the ball in a nice window (a bit higher).  Like the feel, don't love it.  Open to going back to TP5X or ProV1x which I still rotate now and then.

Not Pictured - Push Cart - Clicgear 4.0 Black - Picked this up early on in COVID and found a nice deal on it.  I want to keep walking more and had no choice early on in the year.  Figured this would last me a very long time.  Seems very well built and very easy to fold up.  









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Driver:  image.png.3c6db1120d888f669e07d4a8f890b3f1.pngMavrik Sub Zero 9* (Set to 10) Ventus Blue 6X

2 Hybrid: :titelist-small: 818 H2 Hybrid Tensei Blue 80 X

3 Hybrid: :titelist-small: 818H2 Fujikura Atmos TS Blue 8X

4 Iron - Srixon ZX 23* Recoil F5

Irons 5-PW: :mizuno-small: MP 18 SC Dynamic Gold AMT X

Gap/Sand Wedge:  :titelist-small: Vokey SM6 49*  SM8 54* 

Lob Wedge:  image.png.3c6db1120d888f669e07d4a8f890b3f1.pngJaws 5 Wedge 58* DG Tour Issue Stiff

Putter:  image.png.cca2328f4144a299c795aa9b8f3bf677.png Inovai 6.0              :scotty-small: Pro Platinum Newport 2 35"  

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