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Does compression matter?

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11 minutes ago, Tsecor said:

I just read an article on TGW stating compression doesn't matter.

Was curious what the MGS community thought of this. 





I skimmed that article and my takeaway was that TGW believes the "compression rating" doesn't matter (i.e. 60 vs 70). Instead they have some categories, low, medium, high, and they believe that categorization still matters.

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The MGS ball test showed that you are losing a few yards of distance with a softer ball because it costs you some ball speed.  I'll admit that I prefer a softer ball, even though I know it probably costs me some distance and I probably should be playing a firmer ball.

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Posted (edited)

This is from the MySpy 2019 testing. To me the biggest issue I generally have with a ball is durability. Interestingly if you read the guff on the Pro V1 it you can find mention on Pro V1 still has a compression around 90 and the 1x of around 100. But in reality based on the info below it is 10% higher.

Q: What is compression and what does it mean for me?

A:  Compression is a measure of firmness and is most commonly associated with feel. The higher the compression value, the harder the ball will likely feel. There’s little evidence in our data to suggest that there’s a right compression for your speed. What’s important is finding a ball that provides the right balance of performance for your game. At most, feel should be a secondary concern when choosing a ball.

Compression Testing

It’s important to note that like many things in the golf equipment industry, there’s no standard set of equipment to measure and report compression. We should also note that some manufacturers talk about total compression, while others focus the discussion on core compression.

Our compression measurements reflect total compression. When numbers differ from those of the manufacturer, it doesn’t mean anyone is lying. The tools are different, the operators are different. Don’t sweat the absolutes; focus on the data (below) for comparative purposes.

During consultations with experts from the ball industry, we were told that compression differences within the same box of balls can be significant (as high as 30 points). While we didn’t test the volume of samples that manufacturers typically do, we did find some cause for concern.

As you’ll see below, there’s a strong correlation between compression and ball speed. If compression is wildly inconsistent, your distances will be too.


2019 Most Wanted Ball Test Features

  Ball Model Price Construction Compression Cover Material


BridgestoneTour B RX

44.99 3 Piece 99.6 Injection Molded Urethane

Snell MTB-X

32.99 3 Piece 114.3 Cast Urethane


Mizuno RB Tour X 42.99 4 Piece 111.6 Injection Molded Urethane
  Srixon Z Star Xv 39.99 4 Piece 111.4 Cast-Injected Urethane

Titleist Pro V1x

47.99 4 Piece 111.0 Cast Urethane (Thermoset)
  Bridgestone Tour B X 44.99 3 Piece 110.8 Injection Molded Urethane
  Volvik S4 49.99 4 Piece 109.8 Cast Urethane
  Maxfli Tour X CG 34.99 4 Piece 109.1 Cast Urethane
  Kirkland Signature 3-Piece 11.99 3 Piece 106.7 Injection Molded Urethane
  Mizuno RB Tour 42.99 4 Piece 106.3 Injection Molded Urethane
  Cut Blue 19.95 4 Piece 106.2 Injection Molded Urethane
  Vice Pro 34.95 3 Piece 106.2 Cast Urethane
  Snell MTB Black 32.99 3 PIece 105.3 Cast Urethane
  TaylorMade TP5x 44.99 5 Piece 104.4 Cast Urethane
  Titleist Pro V1 47.99 3 Piece 104.2 Cast Urethane (Thermoset)
  Maxfli Tour CG 34.99 3 PIece 103.9 Cast Urethane
  Cut Grey 19.95 3 Piece 103.6 Injection Molded Urethane
  Bridgestone Tour B XS 44.99 3 Piece 102.9 Injection Molded Urethane
  Vice Pro Plus 34.95 4 Piece 102.6 Cast Urethane
  Srixon Z Star 39.99 3 Piece 100.8 Cast-Injected Urethane
  Srixon Z Star Yellow 39.99 3 Piece 100.7 Cast-Injected Urethane
  TaylorMade TP5 44.99 5 Piece 100.1 Cast Urethane
  Callaway Chrome Soft X 44.99 4 Piece 100.0 Injection Molded Urethane
  MG Tour C4 19.99 3 Piece 99.2 Injection Molded Urethane
  Inesis Tour 900 29.99 3 Piece 98.7 Injection Molded Urethane
  Volvik S3 49.99 3 Piece 96.5 Cast Urethane
  Titleist AVX 47.99 3 Piece 95.6 Cast Urethane (Thermoset)
  OnCore Elixr 34.99 3 Piece 95.5 Cast Urethane
  Vice Pro Soft 34.95 3 Piece 94.2 Cast Urethane
  Volvik Vivid Soft 49.99 3 Piece 90.0 Cast Urethane
  Wilson Duo Professional 34.99 3 Piece 87.8 Cast Urethane
  Callaway Chrome Soft 44.99 4 Piece 86.4 Injection Molded Urethane
  Bridgestone Tour B RXS 44.99 3 Piece 86.3 Injection Molded Urethane
  Srixon Q Star Tour 29.99 3 Piece 86.2 Cast-Injected Urethane
  Titleist Tour Soft 39.99 2 Piece 84.7 Ionomer Blend
  Callaway ERC Soft 39.99 3 Piece 73.4 Ionomer
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Preferred ball - Anything that is free, if not Titlist Pro V1x 

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