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OnCore VERO X1 Golf Ball - 2023 Forum Review

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Welcome to the MGS Forum OnCore VERO X1 Golf Ball Member Test!


We are super excited to have these 5 testers put these golf balls through it's paces and allow the community to follow along their progress throughout the entire review!
@Prodigal Duffer

Please welcome and congratulate our testers!

⛳🛄 as of Nov 6, 2023 (Past WITB
Driver:  :callaway-small: Paradym TD w/ GD ADDI 6X Driver Shootout! 

Wood:    :cobra-small: F7 3 wood 14.5* w/ Motore F1 Shaft

Irons:   :titleist-small: T Series - T200 5 Iron
                                          T150 6-9 Iron
                                          T100 PW/GW

Wedge:  Toura Golf - A Spec 53,37,61 degree 

Putter:  Screenshot 2023-06-02 13.10.30.png Mezz Max!

Balls:     Vice Pro Plus Drip (Blue/Orange)


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Hi, I'm Greg  ( Hello Greg ), and I'm a MyGolfSpy test junkie and I appreciate and am really excited to be trusted with this opportunity. Thanks, OnCore and MyGolfSpy!

Born and raised in Tampa Florida, I was fortunate I got to move back after spending my 20-year Air Force career as a KC-135 pilot.


I have been playing golf as a recreational hobby for about 30 years, most of that spent enjoying a game that put me in the mid 90s, high 80s scoring range. My handicap has been as low as about 8 but currently floats between 13 and 14. Strengths in my game have fluctuated over the years, but right now it's a virtual tie between driving and putting. The biggest weakness for me is accuracy with my irons, and short game wedges. Spending years in the sun and the flying environment have taken their toll and I've had some minor skin cancer treatments done and have had to be more aware of sun protection. Thus, I've switched my golf headwear to wide brim styles. That has established me as 'Greg with the hat' to a friend who helps organize a local tournament series I enjoy participating in. I've also adopted that as a hashtag when posting pictures to social media. I still play recreationally, but I also participate in a competitive summer league. I find that is a great way to enjoy the social aspect of the game, while still feeding my inner competitor who's had to pare down his sports activities as time and age have done their thing.



I've been a forum member for going on six years now, and I've been fortunate enough to test a variety of products along the way, from shoes to launch monitors and everything in between. I've also tried my hand at course reviews, and I have posted a journal of my summer league competitions for the past couple of years. If you want to get a feel for my writing style, you can see those under; Florida League Course Reviews, League Play From the Middle of the Pack, or Life in the B-Flight. I enjoy the testing process, especially trying to find ways to challenge the products' advertising claim and trying to see if "it does what they say it does". I also like to at least try and apply some scientific method to my testing process.

With that in mind, how am I going to approach testing the OnCore VeroX1? I'm going to apply a mix of lab work and on-course assessment.  For lab work, my mindset will be similar to how we should teach beginners, I'll start at the hole and work backwards. So, expect first hacks to be putting, then short game, then full swing tests. I've got access to an indoor launch monitor bay through my local golf shop (1 Stop Golf Bloomingdale if anyone is looking), so we can put it through some paces there. I am also fortunate that the base where I work has a relatively low traffic golf course, so I'll be able to do some direct comparisons on course with other balls without disrupting pace of play for others.

I'm a self-admitted, middle-aged, B-flight hack but I'm trying to get more savvy on incorporating media and such into my posts. No video here, but I'll do my best to record some during testing. Just like with golf, life and everything the most important thing to remember is...


Looking forward to receiving the OnCore VeroX1s soon and getting started with the test. Hope everyone enjoys reading along. Please ask as many questions as you like along the way and we can all get a good feel for what OnCore has to offer in our game.




I realize it's difficult to make opening a package of golf ball boxes seem sexy but here it is....

IMG_1234(3).jpg.a7ade42fd4009d14fb87e1ba790abadd.jpg  IMG_1235.jpg.78c2130094b2d35bd7a4a1532e957582.jpg

Ta - Dah!!! ..    Seriously though. The packages arrived very quickly once we received notice that our orders were processed. Bonus points to OnCore, even though the "delay" in shipment was very brief, they included an additional dozen balls for each of us. So 3 dozen rather than two. Packaging was nice and secure and nothing was damaged in shipment.

As far as the looks go, very simple and classic for the packaging. Keeping in mind, the retail packaging concept is intended to do two things, catch the customer's eye, and be memorable and recognizable. I think OnCore's choices with the VeroX1 would do just that. Given OnCore is predominantly a direct-to-consumer seller, the packaging is a step above, and gives me a good feeling that I received a premium product. And I'll be honest, there is something about the black/white/silver/gold color scheme that says to me "This is premium, not just the average Joe's product". 


The look of the balls themselves is a good mix of classic and modern. The simple logo has an updated font and the gold X on the alignment mark is just enough of a 'non-traditional' touch to appeal to the young market while maintaining the classic look of the plain white golf ball. 


Now that they're here, I'm excited to get into the testing in earnest.


Final Review May 2023

OnCore VeroX1 Golf Ball– Official MGS Forum Review by GregB135


See the earlier post for the in-depth introduction. For the relatively fast and PG-13 version, I am a 53, and a decent 14 handicap. Typical round is 6-9 FIR, 4-6 GIR and around 30 putts. So short game ball performance can make a difference in my scoring. Driver speed is about 95mph. My 7-iron carry is right at 150 yards. Putting is usually a strength for my game, and even though I put in more practice than most at the chipping and pitching green, that’s where I give away a lot of strokes on the course.


First Impressions 10/10


Customer service goes a long way with a brand like OnCore that is primarily DTC and they didn’t disappoint.

Like with any OEM claim about ‘our product does this, and is thus better’, I was sceptical about the idea of perimeter weighting in a golf ball making a big difference. Then I though about the bicycle wheel analogy – a bigger, wider rim and tire on the wheel creates more weight at the perimeter. Once it’s spinning, the centrifugal force makes the wheel more stable, i.e. more resistant to deviating from its rotational axis. Once I had that thought, I had to think ‘maybe they’re onto something with that idea.’ In a golf ball that would translate to – once its flight / rolling path is determined by the spin axis, it will deviate less from that path due to outside influence (wind, bumpy grass, etc.)

Aesthetics 8/10

The VeroX1 for me doesn’t have any problem passing the eye test. The packaging has a very clean and classy look that makes the eye say ‘premium product’. The logo on the ball is simple, and a good mix of classic and modern with the font. The only down grade for me was the alignment mark. I don’t tend to use it when putting, but when I did, the change in the font broke up the line and was a little distracting.

The balls held up very well on the course. Never had to consider taking one out of play for club wear. Tree marks were cleanable and I could keep the ball in play. A significant cart path encounter though did scuff one ball enough to swap it out.

Sound and feel varied through the bag. Off the driver, the X1 occasionally felt (and according to one playing partner sounded) heavy. I really liked the more moderate feel off the irons though, I could definitely tell when I struck one well and got good compression. I also noticed a firmer/crisper feel off short wedges and the putter.

survivor.jpg.e3ccbaf857bc499022367b57338d6cc3.jpg ironscuff.jpg.eac754cde677cbe56d82697dc97d82ad.jpg

The Numbers  20/20

In Trackman testing the OnCore was better spin wise off both irons and wedges, but came off the driver with slightly more spin. The big difference was in the left/right deviation. Across all three clubs tested, the OnCore had the lowest average deviation. Against the more direct competitor ProV1, for me it was essentially a draw on all the numbers. The test helper with higher swing speed saw driver spin slightly higher with the OnCore.

trackman.jpg.c06ee746cba879d5fba11600bf8406ae.jpg  puttout.jpg.ab699fad58e210b919a1ab5f3e159b46.jpg

On The Course 17/20

Off the tee - Distance stayed consistent with my other gamers. FIR percentages didn’t change much but, when I missed the fairways, it wasn’t by quite as much unless I put a truly bad swing on it.

Approach shots - I did see a slight uptick in my GIR numbers, and when I missed, I was ever so slightly closer to the target. Balls landing on the green were sort of in between the competitors – a bit more land and stop than the Vice, a little less pull back than the ProV.

Around the green - VeroX1 was every bit the equal of its premium Tour ball competitors. If they didn’t have logos, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between it and the ProV1 at the short game green. It did provide more predictable carry and roll performance than the Vice.

Ball flight – Slightly lower off the driver, but that didn’t result in a distance penalty. Through the rest of the bag, ball flight was similar to other balls. I got to play on several breezy days and the VeroX1 just didn’t give away yardage like the others into the wind.

Putting - On straight line putts on both the training mat and the putting green, once the VeroX1 was rolling, it held its line and made it hard to miss. On the course though that meant having to take a little bit of break out of my reads. It also seemed to want to roll out a bit longer so I was seeing putts roll a bit further past the hole than usual. While the perimeter weighting did seem to make the ball want to hold its line, that meant it also didn’t want to give away its line when encountering things like…. the edge of the hole. My latest round with it saw enough ‘lip outs’ to make it noticeable and really frustrating.

Did it improve my scores? Subjectively, yes. Every round I played with the VeroX1 was a sub-90 round. It’s been a minute since I’ve done that so consistently.


The Good, the bad, the in-between  20/20

Unless you insist on walking into the big store or golf course pro shop and grabbing a box of balls off the shelf, there is little to nothing not to like about the OnCore VeroX1. Keeping in mind the primarily DTC business model is how they keep the price lower than the big brand tour performance balls it is designed to compete with. OnCore’s customer service is top notch and the ball performs every bit as well as the others in its category. To make it even better, for the military veterans in the audience, OnCore offers you even better pricing on all their products.

Play it or Trade it? 20/20

After a couple of weeks’ worth of testing, practice, and using them in a scramble, I had absolutely no reservations about playing the VeroX1 in a competitive event. This is a case where it looks like the product performs up to the manufacturer’s claims. I saw the VeroX1 equal all its competitors when it came to distance off the driver. I saw a slight up-tick in yardage off my irons. My misses were closer to my intended line through the bag, and it provided noticeably better performance when playing into the wind. If that all sounds good to you, consider it’s available at a price point below other premium tour balls. While my driver speed is a little slower than what they recommend for using this ball, it didn’t keep me from getting the performance benefits elsewhere in the bag. This is an excellent choice for the moderate to high swing speed golfer who is looking for a ball that offers that performance at a slightly better value.



OnCore says their VeroX1’s 4-piece construction with a proprietary metal infused mantle layer creates perimeter weighting that gives the ball better accuracy and reduces the effect of wind on ball flight. Throughout my testing, those claims seem to be valid. I got ball flight and distance performance equal to the competitors. This ball performed extremely well in the wind. I had a number of shots into the wind that lost essentially no yardage. Ball flight, sound, and feel are all equal to the higher priced big-brand balls, but I did actually realize an accuracy improvement using the VeroX1. Short game feel and predictability are there as well. The OnCore VeroX line is targeted toward the higher swing speed golfers. If that’s you and you want a ball that offers the premium performance at a better value price (especially for veterans) then I definitely recommend the OnCore VeroX1.

Final Score 95 /100


Driver:  :PXG: 311XF Gen5, Tensei CK Pro Orange, S flex

Fariway:  :PXG: 311XF Gen6 3-Wood, Tensei Blue 55g R flex

Hybrid:   :PXG: 211, 3H Project X Evenflow H, 80g, 5.5

              :titleist-small: TSR2 4H, Tensei Blue R (Forum Tester)

Irons:  :titleist-small: T200 2023, Tensei Blue R (Forum Tester), 5-GW

Wedges:   :cleveland-small: CBX2 Zipcore  52*, 56* Project X Catalyst Spinner Graphite Shaft

Putter: :EVNROLL: ER2 Murdered Out

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My Intro: 

I’m Tom, from Orlando, FL.  I would like to thank MyGolfSpy & OnCore Golf for the opportunity to be a tester for OnCore’s Vero X1 golf ball.  This is my first Testing opportunity for the Forum & I’m excited & a bit nervous, even writing this intro.  I’ve been playing golf for 50 yrs. Dang, this year is my 50th yr as a matter of fact!  Took up the game reading a Jack Nicklaus pocket sized instructional book, which I received from a liquor sales rep for Old Grand Dad Whiskey.  My parents owned a Package Store & Deli in Massachusetts, a salesman for Old Grand Dad gave me a copy of Nicklaus’s book during a promo sale and told me to read it. I did and went out & purchased 3 golf clubs: PW, 3 iron, putter & a dozen golf balls and learned the game of golf, the Jack Nicklaus way.

I’ve been more serious about the game since 1998, started taking lessons on a regular basis from a friend who became a PGA Teaching Pro.  In 1998 my handicap was at 18 when we started, by 2014 got my handicap down to a +2.  Sadly, as we get older injuries seem to creep up and bite you and injuries bit me, LOL. A right shoulder injury in 2015, after a fall carrying a full golf bag of clubs, followed by plantar fasciitis in 2016, slowed me down including impacting my handicap. But the injuries did not injure my passion for the game. Through exercise, therapy & tolerating a little pain, I was walking 18 again, 3 to 4 times even 5 days week starting in 2021. Golf is a great game! Challenging, frustrating, competitive, but most of all gratifying! Not to mention the camaraderie you build over time.

Why I chose the Vero X1 golf ball was due to OnCore’s promotion: “insures better performance for all shots”.  I’m a feel player and like the softer feeling golf balls, including their performance. This will be a great opportunity to test the Vero X1 against the Pro V1, TP5, Tour Response, Bridgestone BRX & BRXS golf balls. Being a range rat as well, I love chipping & putting and will put the OnCore to test.

Thank you again MyGolfSpy & OnCore Golf! What a fun opportunity!

Awaiting to add the Oncore Vero X1 to the Test!

IT's ARRIVED!! IT'S ARRIVED!!  Looking forward to opening & start the testing! 


Then add the OnCore Vero X1 golf balls to compare with other golf balls I currently play or have played.  
Weather has been rainy the past few days (finally) so course & practice areas will be a bit soft. Below is a sample of the Vero X1 competitors! My Ball of preference is the Pro V1 followed by TM TP5.  1st test will be chipping & putting! 




I must say the first impression of the dozen golf balls boxes is a 10! I love the color patter, a matted Black Box with Gold trim around the bottom box.  It looks classy! I've not seen the OnCore packaging before and I'm impressed with the color scheme of the dozen golf balls. Definitely eye catching.  




Sleeve boxes color is Black matted as well, with a Gold X, Looks clean and also cool! OnCore Golf did a good job, in my opinion, with their packaging design.  Openthebox.jpg.ca123cd5a2d0a329ecc75eeba694a93d.jpg

To my surprise the Vero 1X has a good feel to the touch, similar to TM Tour Response & Bridgestone BRX & Titleist AVX & Pro V1x. 
The look of the golf ball is clean as well.  Like the design of the "O" in On & the "C" in Core. 

The dimples are on par (No pun intended) with AVX, BRX, Tour Response.  AVX dimples appear to be a slightly larger than Vero X1
The dimple pattern is symetrical like wound around the ball.  
Did notice the Vero X1 appears to have a seam, the dimple pattern blends right in with the seam.  Doesn't appear to have staggered dimple pattern.  





First Impressions:  Packaging - 10 out of 10!  Love the color scheme and the matted black colored box. 
                                                      The Gold X gives Vero X1 an Identity 

                                 Golf balls look good - solid 9 out of 10!  Clean, not a lot of writing, not busy!  

Hit the putting & chipping green last night.  Brought two sleeves of Vero X1 balls and ProV1 &V1x, AVX, TaylorMade: TP5 & TP5x & Tour Response, Callaway Chrome Soft & Bridgestone BRX & BRXS.  Spent an hour chipping & pitching from different distances:  Chipping - 12yds, 15yds, 29yds, 38yds & pitching to 48yds. 

The 12, 15 & 29yds chips & 48yd pitch with 58 degree Vokey Lob / 29yds, 38yds chips & 48yd pitch with 54 SW (also Vokey).  

The feel of the ball coming off club did not have a hard feel.  Found the Vero X1 to be comparable to the TaylorMade TP golf balls.  the Pro V1 did feel a bit softer.  Interestingly I found the Vero X1 to have a better feel than the Pro V1x.  
The Taylormade Tour Response did feel harder off the face, than the X1
I found the Bridgestone BRX to sound hollower, if that's a good description, sounding off the club.  BRXS also had a different feel.  The feel of the Vero X1 ball is really good. 

Below is a photo first chipping was from 15yds, tight lie- first 4 balls were ProV & V1x, TM, BRXS, the 5th was the Vero X1.  The ball located at bottom under the pin, is the Vero X1 (apologies, I have to figure out how to draw a circle around).  BTW, 5th ball is off to the right about 4ft past LOL. Greens running about 9-10 on stemp and rolled good, a bit downhill of a chip. Ball reacted nicely off the club, had a little spin checking up.  I'd agree with the Performance claim by OnCore Golf for chipping.  



Next up was chipping with 54 deg wedge to 48ft full grass lie (not rough), left to right slope. Picture below, almost same pattern as 15ft, but it is 48ft and Vero X1 was 3rd chip.  Again, impressed with the performance of the ball, the feel off the club & how it checked on the green, then rolled out .  X1 is the ball at bottom of screen (6 O'Clock), moving counter clockwise at 9pm is TP5 & at top of screen is Pro V1.  Impressed with Vero X1 from long range chipping - definitely 9 out of 10! 



Putting: Using a Scottie Cameron Newport 2 - I found the Vero X1 to roll nice! The feel off the putter face was good as well.  Sound of the Vero X1 coming off the face is comparable to the TP5.  Pro V1 has a softer feel & quieter click (if that's understandable). The Pro V1x has a loud click, which harder golf balls also have off Cameron.  Personally, I don't like the Pro V1x sound off the putter.  The Vero X1 has a good sound off the putter (not distracting), again which is like the TP5.  
Ball rolled pretty true.  3 footers putted using Vero X1 logo with line and putted with OnCore logo. 

Also putted from 9ft, 15ft, 24ft, 40ft. - I found the Vero X1 to be as good as Pro V1 & TP5 for putting. Feel was very good.  The roll was just like the Pro V & TP5. Sound of the ball was fine and found the X1 not to feel as hard as the Tour Response, off the face.

Took the Vero X1 to the course on Saturday & Sunday.  Wow! I'm quite impressed and honestly think I found a new golf ball.  At this point, I'm putting away the Bridgestone BRX & BRXS and Tour Response golf balls. No longer going to use.  Also no longer using the Titleist AVX & Pro V1x golf balls and replacing with the OnCore Vero X1 ball.  

I would have never thought about using the OnCore Golf Ball.  This testing has changed my mind.  The 85 compression ball appears to be the correct fit.  The feel of the Vero X1 off the driver, woods, irons & wedges is fantastic!  There isn't that hollowness sound of the BRX or BRXS. Don't get me wrong, I like the Tour Response golf ball, however what quickly went out of my mind playing the Vero X1, was the feel of the X1 around the greens, not concerned about the ball being too firm or hard and not being able to stop the ball with chipping.  Specifically, Hole #12, Par 3, 154 yds, hit an 8i, draw wind. Ball hit back of green, bounced & rolled off 12 yds from pin. I've already had 3 or 4 chips. This ball was in the rough, uphill with 3 yds of green to work with. I opened the face a bit so ball would go a bit higher, hit it into the hill and ball stopped inside 3ft. It grabbed and stopped. 

Off the driver, the Vero X1 felt solid, not like a rock.  Ball flight was nice. Hit driver 10 times on Saturday and hit 9 fairways.  One fairway I missed wasn't a good swing.  However, I couldn't ask for a better test of the golf ball, after missing the fairway.  Had to hit a punch shot, there was a window, but had to keep under 20ft because of trees & palm fronds hanging down. I was concerned about X1 ball ballooning. Nope! Ball did not balloon, came off the club nicely!  

Iron play, I noticed the ball did have a higher trajectory, however I was using new irons with Dynamic Gold R300 shafts.  Not used to R300 flex, first time using. Ball felt great coming off the irons.  Different sound than the Bridgestone BRX&S balls. Sound was comparable to TP5 golf ball.  

Putting, the Vero X1 performed very well, in my opinion.  The ball held up well the entire round (74 strokes). There was no concern of wear, one little scuff mark on a couple of dimples, probably from couple of wedge shots. See photo below.  I drew a black circle around the only worn area of the ball.  


Ball easily usable for another round and will do so.  I did use a new X1 ball (#4 lol) for Sunday's round and same experience. I love how X1 ball comes off the driver, including the trajectory. Distance wise, did not lose any distance, even gained some.  Into the wind, the Vero X1 performed well and Saturday it was really windy! I hit a beautiful 262 yd drive dead into the wind, with a baby draw. Me and my golf buddy were impressed! The ball sounds really good off the driver.  Solid off the 3wood.  Yesterday I hit a layup shot from rough on par 5. Had 272 in, hit a 6i, just solid, ball felt really good off the club, had 104 yds in. Hit a nice high SW and missed the 20ft putt LOL! Not the balls fault!   Another hole, I hit a 5 wood into the wind on a par 5.  Ball came off like a bullet, again with a nice trajectory and did not balloon. My goal was to get near 100yds, 294 out. Hit it to 102yds and middle of fairway.  Ball did not go sideways into the wind, it held nicely! Very impressed with the performance of the Vero X1!!  

Tomorrow morning I'l be back at the range chipping, putting & hitting sand shots.  Looking forward to the performance out of the sand! 



First, I’d like to thank both MyGolfSpy and OnCore Golf for the opportunity to test the OnCore Vero X1 golf ball. 


The OnCore Golf Ball products is new to me. First impression after unboxing was very positive.  Appearance of the dozen golf ball box packaging is class! The melding of colors for the box cover, with the black matted color, silver and gold writing & a Gold X next to a silver 1. You know which golf ball was going to be tested, the Vero X1. Bottom portion of the box is gold trimmed, classy! More important there would be no question which OnCore Golf Ball you would be purchasing from your retailer.  



First impression of the sleeves of golf balls, is positive with the same color Black, silver & gold color scheme. It's very positive. OnCore Golf Marketing did a great job creating an appealing golf ball box design.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS - 10 out of 10


Golf ball dimples appeared to be a tad larger in size than some competitor golf balls, yet all Vero X1 dimples are the same size. The format of the ball dimples were in a spiral perfectly circling the ball. No alternating dimple pattern which is noticeable when using the logo alignment located on the side of the ball.  Logo alignment included “Vero X1” ball name, with two short black lines on each side of Vero X1 name.  I noticed the perfect dimple pattern evenly circling around the ball.



The OnCore name & ball number could be a bit smaller, but it really doesn’t take away from the ball. The design of OnCore name, on the ball, does provide a new way to place an identifying mark. Color in the “O” on each side of the ball, so the ball doesn’t look busy with markings. The ball does looks cleaner.


The feel of the Vero X1 golf ball is solid. The ball weight was consistent with each ball, not feeling too light or hollow.

AESTHETICS - 9 out of 10


Pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Vero X1 golf ball, especially never having played any OnCore golf ball.  The advertisement of Perimeter weighting & MOI to reduce side spin, I believe to be accurate.  After playing a minimum of 7 rounds (plus a Saturday 32 hole marathon) using the Vero X1, I’ve come away amazed & awed by the performance of Vero X1 ball. Some of the 7 rounds were played hitting a competitors ball for a second drive & approach as well for comparison testing.

From the feel & sound of the ball off the driver, not a hard rock feel. To the ball flight off the tee, a beautiful arcing flight not ballooning & the ball flight was consistent, with each drive. The claim of reduced side spin is accurate, in my opinion, which made it easier to find fairways. Even my playing partners (unsolicited) commented about how many fairways I would hit during a round off the driver using the Vero X1 golf ball. 

One of the first concerns about the Vero X1 ball was the design having 318 dimples, fewer dimples than OnCore Golf Ball competitors. But my concerns were laid to rest especially with Approach shots, no matter the distances or wind conditions. The feel of the Vero X1 for iron shots was solid! I was particularly impressed with the Vero X1 ball performance into the wind.  Once again, the claim of MOI to reduce side spin was noticeable for both drives & approach shots into the wind.  The ball would hold the line.  As a natural drawer of the golf ball off the tee, there were no issues drawing the X1 golf ball into the wind.

Approach shots hitting the green for the most part held the green.  Back pin placements & firm greens, you must allow for ball to roll out.

Chipping around the green, no loss of confidence.  The Vero X1 performed well and exceeded my expectations.  There was a good feel of the ball coming off wedges when chipping.  Ball does spin off the wedge around the green out of the first cut, out of the bunker and the balls performance out of the rough area was nice.

As a feel player, the feel & sound of a golf ball off the putter is important. It’s not distracting by having a clank sound.  I liked the feel of the Vero X1 golf ball off the putter face, which was a noticeable difference in the feel & sound off the putter, as compared to some of their competitors with the same or less ball compression. The perimeter weight of the ball, I believe helps the Vero X1 to roll without wobbling. 



The Vero X1 golf ball exceeded my expectations. Never having played an OnCore Golf Ball, this was the perfect opportunity for testing.

The Good is, the ball gives you confidence.  Confidence with performance, feel & durability.  The advertisement claims are not just buzz words or marketing ploys, such as reducing side spin, perimeter weighting & performance.  I found the Vero X1 passed all of those claims. Solid off the driver, fairway woods & irons.

The Feel & Sound of the golf ball off the wedges & putter, all positive! The roll of the Vero X1 golf ball consistent on the greens.

The bad/inbetween might concern the number of ball dimples at 318 vs competitor’s golf balls having upwards to 388 dimples.  However, after studying the Vero X1, the dimple pattern design is symmetrical not alternating dimples.



I’m playing it! As a matter of fact, thanks to this testing, I'm sold on the Vero X1 ball. The 85 compression, 4 piece  Vero X1 ball, performed well and I find no reason to play other competitor’s golf balls, including those of lesser compression. 

When it comes down to paying $40 dozen for the Vero X1 ball or $52 dozen for a competitor’s ball, I’m very comfortable & confident paying for the Vero X1 ball! I’m playing the Vero X1 golf ball!

PLAY IT or TRADE IT? 19 out of 20



OnCore Golf has done a very good job designing the Vero X1 golf ball. The ball passed the “Performance” test well, from the sound of the ball to the feel coming off the club faces, very impressed.  The durability of the Vero X1 is very good.  Having played 32 holes in one afternoon, using the same Vero X1 ball, the ball held up nicely.

Perhaps the only critique of the ball has to do with the number of dimples – 318.  Most competitors golf balls of like & kind have 322 to 388 dimples.  More dimples might equate to more distance off the tee.  However, we have 14 clubs in the bag! LOL.

I did find the 4 piece ball construction & urethane cover to be a positive, which seemed to give the ball a solid feel, not extra firm, but solid.

OnCore’s advertisement of Perimeter Weight, MOI to reduce side spin & Ball Performance is accurate!

Thank you MyGolfSpy & OnCore Golf Ball!

FINAL SCORE - 94 out of 100


Edited by tdroma98

Titleist T200 Irons - 5i thru Gap Wedge - Stiff AMT Black

Callaway PARADYM X 9.0 with Hazrdous X Black 6.0 Stiff Shaft

Fairway Woods:  Callaway Maverick 3W & RazrX Black 5W - Stiff Flex

Rescue:  Apex 4 (22 degree )- Recoil 75H stiff flex 

Wedges: Titleist SM8 - 54 (D Grind) wedge flex; SM8 58(M grind) wedge flex

Putter: Scotty Cameron Phantom X5.5

Ball: Titleist ProV1

Handicap: 0

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A little about me and my home course

Hello, my name is Nic. I don’t travel much so all of my play is done from Oklahoma. We have wicked winds all the time. Ok, maybe not all the time but it’s more normal to play in 20-30 mph wind than it is to have 5-10 mph conditions. It’s also very dry all the time and hot in the summers. This means great conditions for long drives. Unfortunately, this also means that greens might play a bit hard. Specifically for my home course, the greens are slightly softer than concrete and play very fast. My home course has seen better days (so I've heard). The greens are looking great already compared to last year but the fairways need work. Despite the varying conditions, the course it a lot of fun to play and there is always a friendly face around when you go in the clubhouse.

#5 "fairway"#18 fairway (sunset in the NE, not sure how that works)#14 green (from the rough lol)

While I haven’t been playing golf for very long (1.5 years), I have definitely put in some time to learn and progress. I generally spend a few hours each day at the course working on my game and trying to squeeze in 18 for the MGS Forum Member Weekly Championship Tour. I’m also a very detail oriented person/golfer. Think DeChambeau but obviously just not as good. It’s all about the numbers sprinkled with a little bit of crazy and I psychotically send balls down the range, into a net, or across a practice green trying to get things just right.

My Caddies

I don't always have the luxury of a caddie but when I do, I make sure they earn their keep. 


The Plan

First up, I want to get the X1s on the simulator. Going back to the “all about the numbers” thing, I want to get these in a controlled environment to reduce as many variables as I can. I’ll be comparing these the the assortment of x-mas gifts and other new balls I have laying around: 

  • ProV1
  • TP5
  • Callaway Chrome Soft
  • Callaway ERC Soft
  • Maxfli Tour X


I’m aware of my “normal” numbers with these different balls and while I don’t have any major complaints about any of the competitors, no single ball has really stood out to me . . . yet. Well,  maybe the Chrome Softs.

After the baseline, I’m headed to the practice greens for some short game comparisons. While this will be more subjective, it is an area I feel is my strongest on course. I’m looking specifically at how well the ball can hold the green from chips to 60 yards out. For putting, I’m looking for distance consistency and how “hot” it feels off the putter. For me, I’m pretty good with longer putts and I attribute a lot of that to feeling like my putter is very soft when I’m really giving it a whack. However, short putts require a lot of precision and I feel the face is pretty hot. I’m hoping that ball selection can help even that out a bit but let’s be honest, it’s probably a mechanics/skill issue.

Lastly, I’m taking these on the course from some real world feedback. I’m hoping the claims of low spin on the drive but still having green side control are true. I’m also going to see just how well this ball stands up to the punishment I generally give my balls during a few rounds. I’ll make sure to note how well the cover handles cart paths, trees, sand, gravel, and whatever else I can find to throw at it. Let’s be honest, if the ball is out of commission after a single sand shot or a cart path bounce, it quickly becomes more expensive since the ball doesn't last very long. I’ve enjoyed the premium balls like the TP5 and the ProV1 but at the end of the day, I will go with the more cost effective option if I can get similar performance.

I’m excited to dive into these balls (wait, what?). I’ve found a few OnCore models in the trees and ponds when playing and they seemed fine but that was also back when I’d lose the ball on the next hole. So, while I’m not particularly familiar with the brand, I do recognize that they set themselves as a value option without sacrificing quality and performance. 

At the end of the day, I’m looking for a ball that doesn't break the bank but still provides performance I can count on. I’m hoping that the advertising is backed up by performance. I expect my driver spin to stay relatively low. I don’t expect to stop this ball on the green every time but that’s more of a course condition and swing issue; however, I do expect it to perform similar to the premium options I’ve used in the past. In the end, I expect the X1 to perform similarly if not better than the Maxfli Tour X. They are priced similarly and are trying to compete with premium balls that cost a bit more. On paper, OnCore looks promising and I’m excited to see how this turns out.


First Impressions (9 out of 10)

First off, the packaging and presentation is great. Designs are simple and color schemes are subtle. My only feedback on packaging is the layout of info/stats on the box. I prefer to get the info quickly and be able to compare it to other lines or products easily. I’m a big fan of the table format that shows the spin, launch, feel, etc. compared to other members of the product family. This lets me see what you are advertising easily and directs me to other brand products that may be a better fit. Additionally, I think it would be nice to have this info on the side of each sleeve. I didn’t notice this until I saw the display in the pro shop where they only had sleeves. Having info on ball characteristics on each sleeve helps consumers identify which model will fit their needs when trying to quickly grab a sleeve or two in the pro shop.


Other than the very minor room for improvement in the packaging department, I do like the looks of the X1s. Zooming in, I think the dimple pattern most closely resembles the Taylormade TP5 and is somewhat similar to the Maxfli Tour X CG. I’m curious how closely they will compare when it comes to performance. 


Speaking of performance, I did get a chance to run out and play a couple rounds with the Vero X1 before officially starting my testing in the simulator. Off the tee, it’s been pretty straight and I haven’t noticed anything to suspect high spin (OnCore advertises low driver spin). To be fair, it hasn’t been very windy lately and we just got a lot of rain - all shots have lost a noticeable amount of rollout. Once I get some numbers, I’d like to go out for a little match play with what is currently my favorite gamer ball and whichever ball seems to most closely resemble the OnCore. I am sure it will be a close match but it sounds fun. I might even get a few of my playing partners in to see how they like it. My playing partners range from 30 hcp to scratch+. 

Anyways, back to the testing stuff. First impressions are good. I like the ball and I like the initial on-course performance. I get the feel of a premium ball at a bit of a discount. They handle the abuse I give them and appear to be holding up after 2 rounds. Putting felt fine; however, I wasn’t really paying attention to the ball during my round, I was more concerned with my read and putt. I’ll get some dedicated putting time in with these later. At this point, I have high expectation for the Vero X1 and I’m excited to see how it holds up in the long run.


Aesthetics (9 out of 10) 

The X1 comes in a classy black and gold themed packaging. It looks premium when you look at the box. As you make your way to the ball itself, the theme continues and you end up with a seeming normal ball that blends in with the standard design of its competitors. 

Of course, aesthetics don’t mean much when it comes to golf. Most things in this sport take a lot of abuse over time and balls are no exception. I generally found that I could get a handful of “gentle” rounds out of the X1 before it went to the shag bag. Gentle rounds generally stayed in the fairway and maybe had a couple bunker shots but never resulted in anything but very minor cosmetic damage. Unfortunately, my longest living ball that had gone through a few “difficult” rounds was lost in the uncut fairways of my home course before I took any pictures. Nevertheless, I did play one final round on the last day of testing where I played the X1 and my gamer, the TP5. They both held up quite well and I’ll give the X1 credit for holding its own during a round that saw a few bunker shots, rain, cart path, and even a tree trunk: it wasn’t a particularly great round.


Overall, the X1 looks and feels similar to the TP5 to me - even down to the dimple pattern. I feel like I have control over the ball but also still a good amount of feel for the short game and putting. While the X1 opts for a simple alignment line, I just never really like this concept. I understand it works for many but I was always drawn more towards the “Triple Track” or Taylormade’s Pix alignment aid pattern. This is about the end of my intangible analysis. I had a hard time really defining a noticeable difference in sound and feel compared to other balls. This of course varies from one person to the next but for me, I was never able to really focus on either of these characteristics and determine a noticeable difference. With all of this in mind, I removed 1 point for the alignment aid; otherwise, this is a great looking ball that can handle a bit of abuse.

The Numbers (17 out of 20)

How did this compare to my gamer ball? Very similarly. There were minor differences but generally, Putter was basically the same as the TP5, wedges/irons were generally a little faster, more spinny and longer compared to the TP5. Interestingly, the top end of my bag (hybrid to driver) was the opposite experience: Slower ball speed, variable spin, and shorter distances.

Something always seemed a little off during my rounds. I usually would mark it up to lousy play but as I started going through my bag testing the X1 on various clubs, I noticed some similarities in my number compared to what I was seeing on course. Sure I don’t hit every shot perfectly but in this case there was a noticeable difference compared to golf balls in the same category. For the final rating in the Number category, I deducted 3 points for just not quite being up to my expectations when hitting my hybrid-Driver. A tee shot that is 10+ yards shorter just makes the next shot that much more difficult.


On The Course (16 out of 20)

I may have tipped my hat in The Numbers section. The X1 was good but just didn’t feel great to me. I always felt like i was fighting to get the right distance and this often led me to relying on my short game (can someone say weak point?) to score. I can putt and I can get pretty accurate 90-150 yds but if I have to make a chip, I’m probably still 2-putting at best. On the bright side, I got a lot of chipping practice in and feel like I’ve made a lot of progress personally during this test.

  • Off the Tee: Ok but not great. Always felt short no matter how well I was swinging. This was the one club I could actually feel a difference in the strike. The TP5 I can tell when I pure it and it feels like I literally squish the ball on the driver. The X1 never gave me this feeling. 
  • Approach: Generally not bad. The X1 was giving me some spin and I was able to hold “normal” greens. My home course is hard and fast. Sometimes you just have to play it short and let it run up.
  • Ball Flight: I felt like ball flight was controllable. If I needed to send it low and let it run, it wasn’t hard. If I need to take it to the sky and let it come down pretty square, I just need to set up for that shot. I never felt like it was ballooning or not flying high enough. The biggest thing for me was controlling it in the wind. Maybe it’s the perimeter weighting OnCore is advertising. Regardless, the X1 did better than expected in the crazy winds that I find myself playing in.
  • Around the Green: The X1 is not just a ball, it’s a training aide. I’m joking of course but I feel like I found myself needing to chip a lot with the X1. I definitely improved over the last couple weeks but when comparing the X1 to my gamer, the TP5 just feels so much better around the green. The X1 is fine but just feels like it’s missing something that the TP5 has. 
  • Putting: Again, wedge down to putter was great. I felt confident when putting and I didn’t notice a big difference between the X1 and other balls. It was consistent and did what it needed to do. As I mentioned earlier, I would prefer a different alignment aid but the mark the X1 uses gets the job done.


The Good, the bad, the inbetween (19 out of 20)

In general, this is a fantastic ball and competes with some big names. I would suggest getting a sleeve or ordering a dozen if your pro shop doesn’t carry them. You get premium performance on a budget and I don’t feel like you lose much if anything. Customer service is great, the balls work well for someone like me, and if I’m smart, I consider a budget ball since I get similar performance for less money. My only holdout here is availability. Interestingly, my pro shop started carrying OnCore balls about the time we started testing. However, for many, OnCores are only available online. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but I feel like many may be reluctant to try a new ball that requires them to order a dozen off a website they may never find.


Play it or Trade it? (12 out of 20)

I’m going to have to say “Trade it”. At the end of the day, they just aren’t the best ball for me. For the money, I think I would still pay an extra $10/dz for the TP5. I realize that OnCore basically has perpetual sales like buy 2 get 1 free which is an awesome deal but if I am competing and there is anything on the line, I’m not reaching for X1 as my first choice (maybe my 2nd though). I think the X1 is a great ball and suits me/players like me well (low to mid handicap with a medium-fast swing speed). I just feel more at home with the TP5.



So there you have it! Go try these out if you are looking for a new ball. You might save some money and you probably won’t notice a major difference depending on your current ball.


It’s been an interesting journey these last few weeks. I was excited to get the delivery and the packaging/presentation was great. Moving into playing some rounds, I found the balls to be different but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the difference was. I spent a lot of time on the launch monitor comparing these to similar balls as well as my current gamer (TP5). Generally the numbers were consistent but I did see some differences that explained what I was seeing on course. Short drives and “long” clubs, a little extra distance on the short end of the bag. Around the green was a good experience and the practice definitely paid off. Putting was basically the same as the TP5 and I felt comfortable with any putt I had. 

At the end of the day, the OnCore X1 is a pretty decent ball. I don’t have any major complaints but I also was not able to justify a permanent switch. If I lost more balls than I do, I might consider the savings more but at this point, I find the $10/dz discount to be less value than the performance trade offs I get.

Final Score (82 out of 100)


  • Callaway Rouge ST Max LS 9* Driver w/ Mitsubishi Tensei Shaft 
  • Callaway Rouge ST Max 3W w/ Mitsubishi Tensei Shaft 
  • Callaway Mavrik 4Hy
  • Mizuno JPX 923 Forged 5-AW
  • TaylorMade Hi-Toe RAW 54-10 & 58-10 
  • L.A.B. MEZZ. 1 w/ ACCRA x L.A.B. Shaft (RIP: TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast Bandon 3)
  • Titleist Pro V1x

Apps/Systems I use:



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OnCore VERO X1 - Official MGS Forum Review by Prodigal Duffer

Hi, I'm Prodigal Duffer, and I look forward to our upcoming round together.


We had been driving quietly for several minutes. Then, Robert says softly from the back, “Dad, I wish I had someone to play with.”

“What do you mean? You were just at your friend’s house.”

“No, I mean I want someone to play golf with.”

“Isn’t that what you’re going to do when we get to First Tee?”

“Well yeah, but I mean I want someone to play real golf with.”

“Oh. Do you have anyone in mind?”


“Well, that will be tough, bud. I stopped playing years ago and sold my clubs.” Anticipating he’d ask why, I continued, “I was getting too angry with how I played. I knew it was unreasonable given that I didn’t play very often, and almost never practiced. But I still expected to be better. Plus, we had just moved to Texas, I didn’t know anyone who played and I didn’t want to play by myself. Plus, with you being just a few years old and your sister a baby, I couldn’t justify spending hours on the course while Mom was home with you two.”

After a moment, Robert said, “well, you could start playing again.”

“Maybe. I think I would now have the right attitude but would still have to get a bunch of equipment.”

“Please. I really want to play with you.”


My son and I had this conversation in January 2022. I hadn’t played golf in almost ten years. And, until Robert started First Tee, I did not miss it at all. But, watching him learn the game the right way, I had already begun to toy with the idea of playing again. Given that I had sold all my gear, though, I had resolved not to jump back in unless Robert’s interest was more than passing. Basically, my condition for playing again was that golf would be something he and I did together.

Obviously, I am playing again. I have a separate thread on the forum, The Prodigals, where I am documenting the experience of returning to golf with my son. My daughter (now 7) will be doing First Tee this summer, and she has already shown interest in playing with me. 


Since coming back to golf, I’ve played somewhat regularly (probably 10-15 rounds last year, and 5 so far this year). Before my sojourn, I was a bogey golfer. I am not that anymore but have a goal to break 90 this year. I think that is attainable. Even if it isn’t, I find the game far more enjoyable than it ever was when I was better at it. 

I am a practicing lawyer with two young kids, so my testing is going to be pretty low-key. A lot of testing will be on short game facilities while Robert is at First Tee. Of course, I will also get out on the course. I will compare the X1 against the Vice Pro (preferred ball) and Kirkland V2. I like a mid-launch ball that can stop on a dime on approach. Because I am not particularly good, cost is a factor. I try to find balls that perform relatively close to Pro V1s but not at the Pro V1 price. 

As I was dipping my toe back into the game, I stumbled upon My Golf Spy, which has been a great help to me. It is an honor to be testing the OnCore VERO X1 for the community. Thank you to MGS and OnCore for the opportunity, and to this forum for the continued support and conversation.

Checking in with the starter (Initial Impression: 9/10)

373866FC-6FB1-441E-9A41-1F25220609D4.jpeg.7ff4e6a73b6ec4646fe3380dcb7ca4e3.jpeg“Next up on the tee is the Prodigal Duffer group.”

After an unexpected delay (more on that below), the VERO X1s finally arrived. As you can see in the picture, the box is plain brown. My primary comparison ball is the Vice Pro (another direct-to-consumer) brand. Those balls came in a white box with the Vice script logo and some artwork on it. That is a “wow” first impression. This box is standard, certainly not something for which I would dock the score—but is a small missed opportunity to make an impression before even opening the box.

For the unboxing and a brief overview of OnCore’s claims about the VERO X1, please enjoy this video:

This box is 10/10. The contrast between the black field, the white “lunar” ball, and the gold highlights really pop.


The OnCore logo is on only one side, giving it extra emphasis in a subtle way. I like that the box is matte finished rather than glossy. The sleeves look slightly larger than most, but they are not.

The sleeve itself does not have the same wow factor as the box, but still looks good:


The ball itself is not unusual - the OnCore logo is on both sides at the equator with the standard number below. On one meridian side is a sight line with VERO X1 in its center. The outer layer is slightly matte rather than more typical glossy.


So why 9 out of 10?

Honestly, I don’t like the OnCore logo very much (both on the box and on the ball). In fact, when I looked up OnCore before this test, the logo had me question if I wanted to sign up for the test (yes, I know that is ridiculous, now get off my lawn). But the box is A+.

Finally, we were supposed to receive these balls almost a week ago. We didn’t hear from OnCore and did not receive the balls. Given that I am receiving these balls for free, I wasn’t about to complain, but for a DTC brand, that is a bit of a red flag. But OnCore handled it like a boss - it sent each of us an extra free dozen. That is truly top notch customer service, especially for a non-paying customer! 

I am looking forward to stepping up to the first tee with this ball - first round coming up in a little over 36 hours.

Stepping up to the tee - “Come on, everyone, make some noise.” - Happy Gilmore

Aesthetics - 9 out of 10

My thoughts about the look of the ball are above - I don’t like the logo, but it’s not a make or break issue. That is the one area that led to a (single) point deduction.

I found that over my several rounds with these balls, the ball surface held up well, even after hitting tree limbs, cart paths, etc.


Strangely, the one time I noticed scuff marks was in my last round, after the ninth hole. 

The sound the ball makes both off the face of the putter

 and off the driver

is non-descript, but that is a good thing. It sounds crisp and not jarring, and is no different than what we hear on TV when we watch the pros play.

The Numbers - 18 out of 20

The perimeter weighting of the VERO X1 supposedly helps the ball fly straighter and farther. I have pretty good length with almost all of my clubs, but found that the X1 did not outperform my normal gamer ball by any meaningful distance. 

In my latest round, I had a great tee shot with the X1 and the Vice Pro. Both flew identical distance off the tee, but the X1 was better because I put it about 20 yards to the left (the hole dog-legs to the left).


With irons, the ball also flew fairly true to my typical distance, but I simply did not feel as confident with it. I had several instances where the ball fell short of my typical distance, even when hitting it flush. For that reason, I deducted two points.

On the Course - 18 out of 20

The ball performed very well on the course. Off the tee, it feels a bit harder than the Vice Pro (my gamer), but still responsive. It flies a comparable distance to the Vice Pro and has good launch:


It is a tad bit more responsive, but only marginally so. It is average as far as visibility in the fairway:


I also found that the perimeter weighting did not have a big impact on wind resistance, which I found a tad bit disappointing.

As noted above, the distance with irons is not as predictable for me. I found that the Vice Pro’s launch outperformed the X1. The X1 holds the green a bit better, but this again is a marginal difference. Where the X1 excels is around the green - the ball is super responsive, both on bump-n-runs  


This was from about 60 feet away. On hop and holds:


The ball comes off the putter face nicely and I have great confidence in the roll..

I deducted two points because of the inconsistent distance with my irons. Otherwise, this ball is superior.

The good, bad, and in-between - 20 out of 20

The X1 is a direct-to-consumer ball, as is my normal gamer ball, the Vice Pro. There was a bit of an early hiccup, as we testers did not receive notification of shipment or the balls by the date we were told to expect. As a DTC company, that is a pretty big negative. But, OnCore handled it beautifully by including an extra dozen balls. Totally unnecessary and greatly appreciated. Once shipped, the time it took to receive the balls was very reasonable. That level of service merits full marks.

One other note - I weighed all of the X1s and the Vice Pros. Both had some variation in weight (not much, typically 1 gram), but on the whole, the X1 was more consistent, which I believe will lead to more predictable ball flight.

Play it or Trade it? 18 out of 20

The X1 is a very nice ball. While it outperforms my gamer ball around the green, it does so only marginally. As such, I would not replace the Vice with the X1 right away. If I were to run out of both balls and have to order more, I would have a bit of a dilemma. Vice has more visual options (drip and color) and is more aesthetically pleasing to me. I’d think hard about the green side performance of the X1. That said, I would probably see if either company had a deal running and go with the less expensive option, as I still lose too many balls. 

The 19th Hole

I played five rounds with the X1 and did several tests at the practice facility. Over that time, I found the ball to fly my regular distance, and respond significantly around and on the green. The customer service is top-notch. This is a quality DTC option that anyone looking for performance for a mid-value price.

Final Score: 92 out of 100

Edited by Prodigal Duffer
Resizing photos

2023 MGS tester: OnCore VERO X1 ball

Driver: Callaway Epic Max 9*

3W: Ping G425 max

Irons: Srixon JX5-MKII (5-PW)

48* Titleist Vokey SM9

52* Cleveland RTX Zipcore

56* Titleist Vokey SM8

Putter: Odyssey stroke lab r-ball mallet

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Hi everyone, first thank you to MGS and OnCore for choosing me as a tester, this is my first time being a MGS tester and I am looking forward to it.  I am a recreational golfer in Northern Virginia that typically gets out twice a week either by myself or with friends, currently playing to about a 9 handicap.  I have played golf off and on most of my life and really getting back into it the past 4 years or so.  The strengths of my game are driving through irons, short game is my downfall.  

I chose the Vero X1 because it seems to most closely align with what I currently play.  I am very curious to test their claim about decreasing driver side spin by 60% and if that actually means anything.

Currently I am playing the Maxfli Tour after playing the Snell MTB for a few years.  I am mostly planning on comparing the OnCore ball to those and I’ll throw in the ProV.  I plan on playing one of my standard gamers next to the OnCore on the course using Arccos.  

For OnCore (or any ball) to become my regular gamer it will either need to offer better performance than my current Maxfli or the same performance at a better price.  I generally follow the philosophy of starting at the green and working back to the tee when gauging a golf ball.  I will be looking for how it feels off the putter, feel and controllable spin in the short game, consistency and control in the mid and long irons, consistency and distance while keeping an eye on how much it moves side to side with the driver.  I will also take note of it’s durability.

I am looking forward to receiving the balls, getting started and keeping everyone updated on how it goes!  



They are here!!  With an extra dozen Vero X1’s  included so that’s a nice surprise.  My first impression from opening the box is that this is a premium ball with the packaging being on par with most tour level balls.  The logo and alignment mark are pleasing to my eye.  They are understated, but unique without being too big like some DTC brands (original Snell).


This may just be a weird quirk of mine, but when I hold two Vero X1’s in my hand like baoding balls they feel very similar to a ProV1.  I don’t have any way to quantify this, but some balls just feel better than others🤭 and this is a good one.


I’ve got 54 holes on the books this weekend and I’m excited to get these bad boys on the course.  Hopefully I don’t go through all 3 dozen! 



I was able to get 3 rounds in this weekend playing the Vero X1 and I am very impressed.  The weather was a mix of sun, wind and light rain so I was able to see it perform in a variety of conditions.

Initially I took the X1’s to the practice green to see how they roll and immediately liked them.  They feel solid, not too mushy and not too clicky.  The feel gave me confidence that the ball will roll true and the results showed that to be the case, not wobbling off line and provided repeatable distance control on putts.  I never felt that a ball would come off of the putter face too hot or too soft.



Once on the course I immediately enjoyed using the X1.  Off the tee with the driver, the ball has a boring trajectory that holds it’s line (within reason) through the wind and has excellent run out in the fairway.  Comparing it to the Maxfli Tour; the distance is about the same (which is excellent) and it rolls out about 5 yards longer.  


There isn’t much that feels better than a well struck 7 iron and the X1 feels very solid off of the irons.  The ball jumps off the face with a very pleasing boring trajectory and never ballooning in the wind while landing softly.  The ball seems to stay on line in the wind.  I noticed that when I was intentionally playing a curved shot that the ball seemed to move slightly less than the Maxfli Tour or ProV1 and was slightly less affected by wind, regularly moving less than I planned for on the shot.  

So far I have found the short game performance of the X1 to be excellent.  It has a consistently crisp feel and produces consistent results.  After a few holes I became very confident with the ball to be very consistent in distance and to launch with whatever trajectory I am looking for with that shot.  On normal shots it lands, one or two hops and stops, which is exactly what I am looking for.

The durability of the X1’s seems to be very good.  The only significant cover damage I found was a particularly wild shot that hit the cart path, bounced off a tree, then landed in a bunker and I don’t think any ball would be coming out of that unharmed.  Unfortunately I proceeded to hit the next shot in the drink before I thought to take a photo and I can confirm that the X1’s do not float. 


I am using Tony’s Lab on damaged balls to hypothesise that the scuff is why it went for a swim instead of me trying a hero shot, chunking it and coming up 30 yards short. 

I used these 2 balls for 18 holes and they seem very close to brand new, so they feel like they will hold up like other tour balls.


At this point in testing I am very happy with the OnCore Vero X1.  I am looking forward to continuing the testing, but so far I would have no problem making it my regular gamer.


unnamed (1).jpg


  • Driver-  Ping G410 Plus 9*
  • Fairway- Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 3 Wood 16.5*
  • Hybrid- Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 19* & 22* 
  • Irons-PXG 0211 DC, 5-GW
  • Wedges-  Taylormade Hi Toe 54* & 58*
  • Putter- Ping Sigma G Tyne (Superstroke grip)
  • Ball- Snell MTB-X Maxfli Tour
  • Grips- Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Midsize
  • Bag- Ping Hoofer USA Edition 
  • Arccos 
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Congratulations all for being chosen to test and review the OnCore Vero 1X! Along with the other OnCore test, it should be interesting to see the differences between the two of them. Have fun with it and I'm looking forward to the reviews. 

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Congrats testers!

Driver: :titleist-small: TSR2, :Fuji:Ventus Blue 6 S, 65g Stiff

FW: :titleist-small: TSR2 3w, 15,  :Fuji:Ventus Blue 7 S, 70g Stiff

Hybrids:  :callaway-small: Apex Pro 3H, :Fuji:Ventus Blue 8 S, 80g Stiff

            :taylormade-small: Stealth DHY 4H, :Fuji:Ventus Blue 8 S, 80g Stiff

Irons: :edel-golf-1: SMS 5-6, SMS Pro 7-PW, Aerotech Steelfiber i95 Stiff

Wedges: :vokey-small:SM9 48 F Grind, 52 F Grind, 56 M Grind, Aerotech Steelfiber i95 Stiff

Putter: :odyssey-small: Sri-Hot 5K Triple Wide, Stroke Lab shaft

Ball: :titelist-small: Pro V1

Click here for my HONMA TR20 Official Review!  :honma:

Click here for my Arccos Caddie Bundle Official Review!   :Arccos:

Click here for my Edel SMS & SMS Pro Irons Official Review:edel-golf-1:

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Congrats testers!


Driver: :titleist-small: TSi3 9* Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 6X

Fairways: :cobra-small: Aerojet Max 3W & 7W MCA Kai'Li White 60 Stiff

Hybrid: :cobra-small: King TEC 3H MCA MMT 85g Stiff

Irons: :cobra-small: Aerojet 6-GW KBS $-taper Lite Stiff

Wedges: :cobra-small: Snakebite Black 52/56/60 Hi-Rev 2.0 Black Stiff

Putter: :scotty-cameron-1: Super Select Newport 2.0

Ball: :maxfli: Tour X :titleist-small: ProV1x


Cobra 50th Anniversary Member Special Challenge (link here)

Unofficial FootJoy Hyperflex BOA 2023 Review

Unofficial Flightscope Mevo Review

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Excited to test and to hopefully give some good info back to the MGS community.

2023 MGS tester: OnCore VERO X1 ball

Driver: Callaway Epic Max 9*

3W: Ping G425 max

Irons: Srixon JX5-MKII (5-PW)

48* Titleist Vokey SM9

52* Cleveland RTX Zipcore

56* Titleist Vokey SM8

Putter: Odyssey stroke lab r-ball mallet

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Congrats testers!!

:callaway-small: Epic Max LS 10.5 - Motore X F3 6X | :cobra-small: Speedzone 5-wood - Ventus Blue 8S | :titelist-small: TSi3 20* Hybrid - KBS Proto 85S

:edel-golf-1: SMS Pro 4-PW - Steelfiber i110S | :taylormade-small: MG3 Raw Black 50.09, 54.11, 58.11 - DG TI S200

:EVNROLL: ER2B | :titelist-small: Pro V1x | :918457628_PrecisionPro: NX9 Slope | Jones Trouper R | :CaddyTek: CaddyLite EZ v8


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to the testers of the OnCore VERO X1 golf ball @GregB135, @tdroma98, @snicerz, @Prodigal Duffer, and @PBH3!

Looking forward to reading your posts as you progress through the test.

Derek 🖌️ Verified Hack, ~21 handicap 🙂  Golf for exercise and peace of mind.  ⛳

|> Big Dogs: First Strike Rattlesnake (10)TeelessTM (13), Tommy Armour TA1 3h :1332069271_TommyArmour: (19)Ginty Trouble Club 1582792763_GintyLogo(4)35h.jpg.fc3c835085ee4b6630b4ac7543b068c3.jpg (29)

|> Blades: First StrikeTM DeliveranceTM 4(23) 5(26) 6(29) 7(33) 8(37) 9(41) P(45)  

|> Wedges: Worx 429668682_worx30.png.ecb184a97c8fb80112252b57c05f40c2.png (55)  Lovett 1857218720_LovetSandWedge2(2)30v.jpg.e22c477791c7dd1d962d07e9624df8cf.jpg (59) 

|> Flatstick: L.A.B. Golf DF2.1  ⛳ 2104071333_DrizzleStickLogo25.jpg.4a85e684857a33281ff6a12753532913.jpg  1935535164_ZeroFrictionLogo25.jpg.4af6ce349cb7b5117d2a8bb409c4b51f.jpg :OnCore: :footjoy-small:

⛳  :1590477705_SunMountain:C130 Supercharged 🌲  :Clicgear:3.5+  🌳  1197970276_COBALTicon15tall.jpg.92ebd5a63e6ab7d194096885e37eeb52.jpgQ6 Slope   🏌️‍♂️ SwingU2023logowhite30.jpg.238c607458394f36c7b0cd29738166fc.jpgPremium  

💻 1529843961_EPLogosm.jpg.3a2a74e3a5b6c64d4cdd1489a5d253b0.jpgMGS Logo  🌐 646255544_dghLogo30.jpg.9383a65e038b6a10ea92d0ada58bbc58.jpgBall mark   ⛳   IGBRC  International Golf Ball Rescue Commission / Founder

295785881_PGAHOPE_H_4Ch30.png.6317ecb613080e94b9fe996cd81462c1.png Graduate/Mentor     1698190715_StickHackLogo2021(3)20pixelstall.png.f28e1067b8bbf26fbd9d4c6c277f1a5d.png "The World's Greatest Golf Club Without The Course" Member #334 

2020 Official Tester - PuttUp mat logo_full_331d238c-3cab-4f84-ac72-d09e86f448c5_300x-12.png.8c8aee17ee565b3b96970802313957f9.png ⛳  2021 Official Tester - Inesis Waterproof Grip Golf Shoes :Inesis:

2022 Official Tester - L.A.B.Putters 1382751340_L.A.B.Golflogo30.jpg.c054d635e47d481685d732a542e111af.jpg  ⛳ 2023 Official Tester - Red Rooster Sussex Golf Glove  :redrooster:

2023 Official Tester - Lean Lock Putter LeanLockLogo.jpg.79bf29d6bf78b2208e2a58de63e92193.jpg

It's all lies I tell you, everywhere the golf ball comes to rest! ⛳


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Hit these well testers. I think you will be pleasantly surprised 

Follow my journey to enjoying golf and going low

Driver: :callaway-small:   Epic Max LS :Fuji:Ventus Black 6x 44.5" 

3wHL: :callaway-small: Rogue ST LS 75x  Tensei AV Blue w/ xlink

7w: :callaway-small:Apex UW 21* MMT 80S

DI: Caley 01X 18* with KBS PGH Stiff plus 95g

4-AW: th.jpg.d6e2abdaeb04f007fd259c979f389de6.jpg  0211  with KBS Tour Stiff 2.5* up 3/4" long, Soft stepped, MOI matched

Wedges     :cleveland-small: Zipcore 

Putter: L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 69*/35" in blue 


Ball:  TBD

Shot Tracking: :ShotScope:

Bag: Vessel VLX 2.0

Grip: Lamkin Sonar +  Midsize 

My Reviews:

Caley 01X Driving Iron Review 2023

Max Swing Speed Training and Speed Progress: Current Speed 120 in the MGS Speed Challenge (updated 3/15/23)

 :1332069271_TommyArmour:TAIII #2  Review here: TAIII Impact #2 Putter )

 :cleveland-small: Zipcore Tour Rack 54/full and 58/mid (review here)

th.jpg.d6e2abdaeb04f007fd259c979f389de6.jpg  0211  2019 Unofficial Review




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Congratulations testers!

What's In This Lefty's Bag?

Driver: :cobra-small: F8 9.5° Project X Even Flow Blue 65g shaft 

Fairway Woods: :cobra-small: F8 3W Project X Even Flow Blue 75g shaft

Fairway Woods: :cobra-small: F8 5W Project X Even Flow Blue 75g shaft

Hybrid: :titelist-small: 816H2 19°

Irons: :titelist-small: 2021 T200's 4-GW AMT RED shafts Regular Flex

Wedge: :cleveland-small: Tour Satin RTX 4 Wedges in 52° and 56° 2 Dot

Putter: :nevercompromise-small: Gray Matter TDP 2.2 32.75"

Bag: :1590477705_SunMountain: Three 5

Ball:  :titelist-small:  PRO V1 / :srixon-small: Z*Stars

RangeFinder:918457628_PrecisionPro: NX7 Pro

Social Media:

Facebook:   md golfhacker
Twitter:        @mdgolfhacker
Instagram:   mdgolfhacker


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Congrats everyone hit them straight

:callaway-small: Epic Max LS 9° :Fuji: Ventus Blue 6X  (2021 Official Review) | :callaway-small:Epic Speed 18° Evenflow Riptide 70g 6.0
:titelist-small: 816 H1 21° Mitsubishi Motors Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Chemical industry Mitsubishi  Rayon Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, mitsubishi, blue, company png |  PNGEgg Diamana S+ Blue 70 S | 
image.png.08bbf5bb553da418019f0db13c6f4f9a.png SMS 4-5/SMS Pro 6-PW  image.png.267751aa721ee9cf3944fa2ff070b98c.png  Steelfiber i95 S (2023 Official Review)
:ping-small: Glide 4.0 50°.12°S/54°.14°W/58°.6°T PING Z-Z115 Wedge Flex | :cleveland-small:  SOFT 11S Super Stroke Mid-Slim 2.0
:ping-small: Hoofer Bag | :titelist-small: Pro V1 | Right Handed | Tracked by :ShotScope: V3

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16 minutes ago, ejgaudette said:

Congrats everyone hit them straight

We better hit them straight EJ, or it will be a quick testing! 🤣🤣 Thanks!

Titleist T200 Irons - 5i thru Gap Wedge - Stiff AMT Black

Callaway PARADYM X 9.0 with Hazrdous X Black 6.0 Stiff Shaft

Fairway Woods:  Callaway Maverick 3W & RazrX Black 5W - Stiff Flex

Rescue:  Apex 4 (22 degree )- Recoil 75H stiff flex 

Wedges: Titleist SM8 - 54 (D Grind) wedge flex; SM8 58(M grind) wedge flex

Putter: Scotty Cameron Phantom X5.5

Ball: Titleist ProV1

Handicap: 0

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2 minutes ago, tdroma98 said:

We better hit them straight EJ, or it will be a quick testing! 🤣🤣 Thanks!

That would be my biggest fear with ball testing

:callaway-small: Epic Max LS 9° :Fuji: Ventus Blue 6X  (2021 Official Review) | :callaway-small:Epic Speed 18° Evenflow Riptide 70g 6.0
:titelist-small: 816 H1 21° Mitsubishi Motors Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Chemical industry Mitsubishi  Rayon Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, mitsubishi, blue, company png |  PNGEgg Diamana S+ Blue 70 S | 
image.png.08bbf5bb553da418019f0db13c6f4f9a.png SMS 4-5/SMS Pro 6-PW  image.png.267751aa721ee9cf3944fa2ff070b98c.png  Steelfiber i95 S (2023 Official Review)
:ping-small: Glide 4.0 50°.12°S/54°.14°W/58°.6°T PING Z-Z115 Wedge Flex | :cleveland-small:  SOFT 11S Super Stroke Mid-Slim 2.0
:ping-small: Hoofer Bag | :titelist-small: Pro V1 | Right Handed | Tracked by :ShotScope: V3

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Having used this ball for my last few rounds and it almost made the bag going forward as the ball of choice, I'm very intrigued to see what everyone things of these Buffalo based balls. Hit em well boys!

In a :ping-small: Hoofer Lite bag

 :titleist-small: TSR2, 10 degrees, A1 setting, Fujikara Speeder NX Blue 50-S

:taylormade-small: Stealth, 15 degrees, VA Composites Nemesys 70-S 

:755178188_TourEdge: E722, 19 degrees, Oban Devotion 80-S

:mizuno-small: JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro 4-P, Nippon 950GH Stiff Flex

 :cleveland-small: CBX Zipcore 50* (bent to *49) and RTX Zipcore Tour Rack 54* (bent to *55), DG 115 Spinner, Tour Issue

:wilson-small: Staff Model TG 60*, Dynamic Gold 120 S300

 SIK Golf Flo-C

:bridgestone-small: Tour B-XS (2022 Model)

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Congrats to all of the testers selected.

My Reviews:

2023 Official review - Rapsodo MLM2Pro!

2022 Official Review - Edel SMS Wedges

2021 Official Review - Tommy Armour Impact 3 Putter

2020 Official Member Review - BagBoy Chiller Cart Bag

Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme - Unofficial Review by xOldBenKenobiX

Honma TR21 4 Wood - Unofficial Review by xOldBenKenobiX


Driver - :cobra-small: Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme 10.5, UST helium 5  Wood - :honma:TR21 4 Wood, Vizard 20-60  and TW GS 5 Wood Vixard FD 55  768205649_Screenshot2023-06-0213_28_25.png.53900da2fbc8d481e66d2a00ab6ac775.png 301 Combo 301CB and 301MB    231036130_Edel_Golf_Logo_v2_grandecopy.png.13cc76b963f8dd59f06d04b1e8df2827.png.6bd9ee8247ca1cc0415f39bf5fdfe313.png. SMS 48*, 56*, 60*   Putter: Lucky golf putter. Ball:  ::titelist-small:  ProV1, ::Arccos:: Smart Sensors. Shoes: a couple ::footjoy-small:: A couple of :nike-small: A couple of Adidas ,   Yeah I have a shoe addiction.::SuperSpeed:: Started at 79mph, finished 1st stage at 91mph


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Congrats testers!




What is in my Sun Mountain C-130 bag or Jones MyGolfSpy bag

Driver:    :cobra-small: Dark speed LS 8* set to -1.5* with an Attas Daaas 4x shaft @ 45”

Fairway: :srixon-small: F85 3 wood with a XPhplexx Agera X @ 42.5”

 :srixon-small: F85 5 wood with a UST Elements Chrome 7F5 @ 41.5"

Driving Iron: :ping-small: Rapture 2-Iron 

Irons: :edel-golf-1: SMS Pros 4-PW with Steelfiber I95s 

Wedges: :edel-golf-1: SMS 50* T grind with Steelfiber i110s

               :ping-small: Glide 4.0 46* zz wedge shaft

               :ping-small: Glide 4.0 E grind 54* zz wedge shaft

Putters: :L.A.B.: Mezz.1 34” 69* lie

              :EVNROLL: EV5.1 black 33.5” 69* lie

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11 hours ago, tdroma98 said:

We better hit them straight EJ, or it will be a quick testing! 🤣🤣 Thanks!

I make no promises. I often hit them straight, but tend to get into mechanical funks. Then, all bets are off.

2023 MGS tester: OnCore VERO X1 ball

Driver: Callaway Epic Max 9*

3W: Ping G425 max

Irons: Srixon JX5-MKII (5-PW)

48* Titleist Vokey SM9

52* Cleveland RTX Zipcore

56* Titleist Vokey SM8

Putter: Odyssey stroke lab r-ball mallet

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Thanks for the encouraging words everyone, Intro is posted on the test thread. Annnnd Away We Go!

Driver:  :PXG: 311XF Gen5, Tensei CK Pro Orange, S flex

Fariway:  :PXG: 311XF Gen6 3-Wood, Tensei Blue 55g R flex

Hybrid:   :PXG: 211, 3H Project X Evenflow H, 80g, 5.5

              :titleist-small: TSR2 4H, Tensei Blue R (Forum Tester)

Irons:  :titleist-small: T200 2023, Tensei Blue R (Forum Tester), 5-GW

Wedges:   :cleveland-small: CBX2 Zipcore  52*, 56* Project X Catalyst Spinner Graphite Shaft

Putter: :EVNROLL: ER2 Murdered Out

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On 4/12/2023 at 12:46 AM, snicerz said:

We have wicked winds all the time. Ok, maybe not all the time but it’s more normal to play in 20-30 mph wind than it is to have 5-10 mph conditions. It’s also very dry all the time and hot in the summers.

After the baseline, I’m headed to the practice greens for some short game comparisons. While this will be more subjective, it is an area I feel is my strongest on course. I’m looking specifically at how well the ball can hold the green from chips to 60 yards out. For putting, I’m looking for distance consistency and how “hot” it feels off the putter.

Very similar conditions for me — I’m just a few hours south of you. Putting is also the strongest area of my game. I look forward to seeing your testing results as compared to mine.

2023 MGS tester: OnCore VERO X1 ball

Driver: Callaway Epic Max 9*

3W: Ping G425 max

Irons: Srixon JX5-MKII (5-PW)

48* Titleist Vokey SM9

52* Cleveland RTX Zipcore

56* Titleist Vokey SM8

Putter: Odyssey stroke lab r-ball mallet

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  • GolfSpy_APH changed the title to 2023 MGS Forum Member Test: OnCore VERO X1 Golf Ball

For those following the test, is there anything you’d like to see us testers do? I’m open to ideas.

2023 MGS tester: OnCore VERO X1 ball

Driver: Callaway Epic Max 9*

3W: Ping G425 max

Irons: Srixon JX5-MKII (5-PW)

48* Titleist Vokey SM9

52* Cleveland RTX Zipcore

56* Titleist Vokey SM8

Putter: Odyssey stroke lab r-ball mallet

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So excited for these to show up so I can start testing. I saw the pro shop was selling X1s the other day and almost bought a sleeve so I could get an early start.

  • Callaway Rouge ST Max LS 9* Driver w/ Mitsubishi Tensei Shaft 
  • Callaway Rouge ST Max 3W w/ Mitsubishi Tensei Shaft 
  • Callaway Mavrik 4Hy
  • Mizuno JPX 923 Forged 5-AW
  • TaylorMade Hi-Toe RAW 54-10 & 58-10 
  • L.A.B. MEZZ. 1 w/ ACCRA x L.A.B. Shaft (RIP: TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast Bandon 3)
  • Titleist Pro V1x

Apps/Systems I use:



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This was my porch tonight:


Still anxiously awaiting the arrival of the X1s. Hopefully soon, Spies.

2023 MGS tester: OnCore VERO X1 ball

Driver: Callaway Epic Max 9*

3W: Ping G425 max

Irons: Srixon JX5-MKII (5-PW)

48* Titleist Vokey SM9

52* Cleveland RTX Zipcore

56* Titleist Vokey SM8

Putter: Odyssey stroke lab r-ball mallet

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I’ve been doing some research to prep for this test and found a good interview with John Calabria, the senior technical advisor for OnCore. He gives a brief history of how the X1 came to be, its characteristics and its claimed performance. Definitely worth a listen.



2023 MGS tester: OnCore VERO X1 ball

Driver: Callaway Epic Max 9*

3W: Ping G425 max

Irons: Srixon JX5-MKII (5-PW)

48* Titleist Vokey SM9

52* Cleveland RTX Zipcore

56* Titleist Vokey SM8

Putter: Odyssey stroke lab r-ball mallet

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