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The Good Morning Thread


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28 minutes ago, DoubleBogeyDad said:

Morning Spies! Lazy Sunday morning here in Minnesota. Last day with the girls solo so we're just taking it easy.

Trip to mini golf yesterday was a success. The girls had fun and both made a couple putts. Definitely more interested in the random waterfalls, rocks, etc strewn about, but a seed planted at least.



Hit em straight!

My younger, semi-flat bellied brothers enjoy casting disparaging comments about how, at my advanced ancient age; I am hard pressed to get on the green in regulation on a miniature golf course.😏🥴…. Glad to see the little ones having fun. 

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Good morning everyone! I am finally back from vacation and traveling and ready to get on the course this afternoon! I was able to go to Top Golf in Santa Clara during my trip but other than that I will be rusty. I need to get a good score in the MGS Week 17 so fingers crossed I still have it in me lol. 

We move to our new place tomorrow and Tuesday so this will be my last shot to play for a few days but the new house is on the course so it'll be very much so worth it!

Driver: ping.png.e3ed5628ca52a8b2c125dee1b870da4f.png g410 (Mitsubishi Tensei Orange 65g) | 3 Wood: 70-707561_cobra-logo-png-transparent-cobra-golf-logo-vector.png-removebg-preview.png.b72d599215d4665a747b0adcf37e74ae.png LTDx (Project X HZRDUS Smoke IM10) | Utility Iron: srixon-removebg-preview.png.12b8a132cea8523f77746a94937ae416.pngZX Utility (23* UST Mamiya Recoil 95g) | pxg.png.1f27c0c70c160b03f2f988ce62043156.png XCOR2 0211 6-GW (True Temper Elevate 95) | Wedges (52, 56, 60): mizuno2.png.a20033d8eca70bb4ac47d0bc51dfd514.png T22 Blue Ion (True Temper Dynamic Gold 132) | Putter: Myproject-12.png.a10a6f62037a1d622840ac8f721d759f.png Versa Double Wide Blade (Stroke Lab shaft) | Ball: mizuno2.png.a20033d8eca70bb4ac47d0bc51dfd514.png RB Tour X

Baseball player turned golf addict. 


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On 7/29/2023 at 8:24 AM, tony@CIC said:

Just helping out @David Leighton Reid this morning


Thanks Tony.....I always need good help!

Ping G425 Max 9° w/UST MP5 L-Flex

PXG Gen 5 0311XF 8° w/Grafalloy ProLaunch 45 A-Flex

Ping G410 3 wood 14.5° w/Ventus Velocore Blue-6R tipped 1"

Cleveland Halo Launcher 5 wood 18° with Project X Cypher R

Callaway Rogue 19° hybrid regular

PXG Gen 3 0311XF 5 - G steel regular

Corey Paul wedges bent to 53° and 58°

Taylormade Spider X putter

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