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The Good Morning Thread


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Lost our league ship by a tenth of a stroke and I'm pissed.

Partner is 11.8, "Fred" is a 11.9

For some reason that equates to Fred getting 3 strokes and partner getting 2 (we play 9 holes)
Don't ask me how, I still can't figure out the math on that one.

Down 2 with 2 to play and we win 8 and 9 to go to first playoff hole.
Partner gets a par
Fred gets a bogey, BUT Fred gets a stroke on the hole but partner doesn't.
Match should be over right here.

Fred artificially inflates his HC and everyone in the league and the clubhouse knows it. He does it intentionally and he plays with his 25 y/o son who plays fair and square.

Fred and his kid are who we beat in the ship last year and Fred was doing his damndest to make sure it didn't happen again.
He plays like a 9 hc and hits FW and greens with regularity.
I don't mind losing, not at all, but it has to be a fair match. If you have to cheat in order to win can you feel good about it?

we walked away with our heads held high but I'm considering leaving the league due to this chickensh*t. 

Driver-  Titleist  TSR3 10*
Cobra  LTD 3w 15*, 5W 19*
Irons- Titleist 718 AP2 (5i-50*)

Wedges- Callaway Jaws Raw (54/58)

Putter- Wilson Infinite Grant Park
Ball- Maxfli Tour X
Buggy- Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote Electric Caddy
Bag- Motocaddy Dry-Series

Proudly testing for 2024:


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5 hours ago, tdroma98 said:

Good Morning Spies! 

Beautiful Central Florida morning, 79 degrees & warm.  No golf today, Ranger duties today. On second cup of coffee and watching Women's Open! Some great golf by the ladies. 

Prayers to @Rickp as well. 
Have a Great Day Everyone!  Hit'em STraight! ⛳





Left Hand, 

Driver; PXG 0311XF Cypher 50 gr Senior  
5 wood; Ping 425, Senior Shaft 55 gr       
7 wood; Ping 425, Senior Shaft 55 gr      
5 hybrid; Cally Steelhead, Hazardous R2     
Irons; Mizuno JPX 923HM 7-GW Recoil 460 F2
Wedges; Titleist S9 54*, Mizuno SW 56*

Putter; Waaay too many to list

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On 8/10/2023 at 11:31 AM, DoubleBogeyDad said:

Made it to my golf weekend!


Where is the jealous emijo.  i will be up that direction again Neex week. Won't have time for any golf. 

Sub 70 949 D 9* HZRUDS 60G 6.5 smoke RDX shaft. 

Sub 70 949X 4 wood ALDILA ABV 65-S shaft

Sub 70 699 Pro 4-AW 

Sub 70 3 utility 19*

Callaway 56 and 58 wedge. 

OG White Hot #1 putter

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Good morning everyone! I hope this isn't my last post on the forum as I'm about to go wake the wife up at 6 in the morning. 

We have a project we have to get done and while I'm used to being up early, she is not. Not to mention, she grew up in a trailer park outside Chicago so the danger is real.

We have to go out to the property my mother-in-law used to own and clean up around it and board the door shut by the order of the Hamilton County government. To be honest, we've neglected the place since we don't own it. We have to get the will probated and with the difficulties of the past year, we haven't been on the ball about things.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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On 8/10/2023 at 7:48 PM, Rickp said:

Well I’m REALLY early!!

GM & Happy Friday!!  Playing a course I really like but a long cart ride so leaving early.  Breakfast will be coffee & a nice ripe peach.  Small group Friday due to many reasons.

The Bacon Boyz took a hit this week one of the guys (good friend) had heart surgery yesterday.  He’s doing OK.  One of my neighbors is moving to an assisted living facility (nice place), he has issues and his wife is having major problems.  He picked out a great place where he can keep his cart and close to many courses but a long way from us.  I’ll try to keep him in the loop so he can hook up with us occasionally.  Both good guys.

Everyone have a great Friday no matter what you 

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Good morning All, 

busy day, so no rounds today, but I may be able to sneak in a bucket & virtual round at the range. We shall see.

Have a great Saturday!


D: :ping-small: G430 Max 10k ping 2.0 65s

3w: :taylormade-small: Brnr mini driver 13.5 Kai Li White 70x

3h: :ping-small: G430 19° Tour 2/Stiff

7W: :callaway-small: 21° Rogue ST Max LinQ 7X

5i-7i:  :titleist-small: T200 recoil 110 s

7i-PW: :titleist-small: T150 recoil 110 s

52°, 56° & 60°: Kirkland V2 


Ball:  :bridgestone-small: Tour BX mindset

Bag:  Ghost MGS Anyday 14 way

"And so, we beat on, boats against the current, borne ceaselessly into the past." - Fitzgerald

” The woods are lovely, dark and deep,   

But I have promises to keep,   

And miles to go before I sleep,   

And miles to go before I sleep. - Frost

"That you are here—that life exists and identity,

That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse." - Whitman

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