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Golfbreaks.com – Bespoke Golf Vacations to UK and Ireland - Intro

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Hello MyGolfSpy


My name is Guy, Director of Golfbreaks.com. We've just joined MyGolfSpy as a sponsor and I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and the company to you.


We're a specialist golf tour operator based out of Windsor, UK with offices in Charleston, SC and Copenhagen, Denmark. We have been providing golf vacations, to mainly European golfers, since 1998. Currently we sell over 2000 golf destinations worldwide and this year will send over 220,000 golfers on golf trips.


In 2013 my co-Director Daniel Grave set up our USA office to expand our American operations and bring our bespoke service (and great value vacations!) to golfers Stateside. 


Our aim is to enthuse about the wonders of UK and Irish golf and encourage as many of you as possible to take a trip this side of the pond and play some iconic courses. The golf truly is great, and it is not as expensive as you might think; there are hundreds of hidden gems amongst the better known signature courses!


You can find more details about our UK and Irish tours service on our USA website at:  http://usa.golfbreaks.com


If anyone needs any advice on golf or places to stay in Scotland, Ireland, England or Wales or is planning a golf trip to Europe then we would love to hear about it. 


In the meanwhile, play well!


Kingsbarns - 7th Hole (Copy).jpg

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Thanks Guy! And welcome to MGS.


My wife and I may be going on a trip to Ireland one of these days, and we will keep you in mind.

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Welcome Guy,


Glad to see the business doing well and you expanding.


Great members here and I hope some of the guys from over the pond get to try the variety of courses we have to offer in the UK.


Hope you get to show off some of the great links courses we have in the West Country or along the welsh coast line. ( Pennard for me at the weekend - what a gem.).

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Thanks for posting Guy!  One step closer to that "Bucket List" trip!  

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Thanks very much everybody for the warm welcome.


Yes @GrandmasterSpy you are spot on about the English west country links (and lucky to live nearby!) A particular favorite of mine is Trevose GC in Cornwall as I also love my watersports and it is right next to Constantine Bay, a great surfing break.


Enjoy Pennard this weekend - sounds like a good trip! My brother in law is off to play Saunton Sands (wonderful links course in Devon for those who may not know it).


Anyway, if we can help anyone with a UK or Irish trip, then feel free to let me know or visit our website. Thanks, Guy

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Yep sauntons a bit special. Weathers going to be rough, so links this weekend could be entertaining. Trevose and St enedoc must be one of the best double header links weekends outside of Scotland. And for MGS folk - I promise you golf in South western England is mind blowing and fuelled by cider.


It's pretty damn fine along the south welsh coast as well.

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Yes, I totally agree, Wales is blessed with some world class links golf, but is often overshadowed by its more famous cousins up north. The Royal Porthcawl, Pennard and Pyle & Kenfig are certainly worthy of any visit to the UK and well as Royal St Davids, Nefyn & District and Conwy in north Wales.


Now you mention it... we are currently running a sweepstakes to South Wales to win a 7 night vacation and play some of these wonderful courses. You can find it at: http://usa.golfbreaks.com/sweepstake


As Grandmaster Spy says, St Enedoc is definitely worth a visit... you might even meet David Cameron on his vacations if you go in August...!



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    • By flatlandsanta
      I'm a born and bred Canadian in my 40's, who fell back in love with the game after a 2016 trip to Scotland.  This second chapter to my golf career continues to pick up speed, and this site looks like a great forum to stay informed of trends, product and opportunities that admittedly I stopped paying attention to a long time ago.

      The first chapter is a long story, starting at age 5 when my parents took up the game – I started with them, cut down adult clubs and all.  I was more interested raking the sand greens at our first 9-hole course than I was trying to get the ball in the air.  Names like Indian Hill, Bridge Valley, Henderson Lake, Picture Butte and Land-O-Lakes were where I learned to play the game.

      By the time I was 11, I beat my father and shot in the 80's.  By 13, he never beat me again.  Not bad for a game that we only played 6 months of the year, but with all the other sports that I played competitively, this was just another outlet where so many of the same fundamentals applied.  Competition breeds results.  Even when we traveled, the clubs were in tow.  More sand greens in Ituna, the links of Melville and Yorkton, Fort Qu'Appelle, Milk River and Meadow Lake.  It was only after playing in Scotland that I realised just how much my wind swept summers on sun baked prairie golf courses so closely mirrored links golf.

      My parents were supportive, so I competed in numerous tournaments, and played countless games as a teenage member against much older, and better players.  More than once I played for (and occasionally lost) money that I did not have.  By 16 I was a scratch golfer, but it was not until I was 19 and now playing university golf that I had my first golf lesson.  Flaws in my swing managed to get me that far, but they did not lead by any means to a memorable resume by the time I got my degree, but my game was more than capable enough of qualifying for the CPGA.

      Public golf courses are not the ideal place to improve one's game, not when the priorities are selling green fees and teaching lessons to make a living.  Golf and I were at a crossroads at this time, though only in hindsight did I fully appreciate that.  60 hour work weeks during the summer months meant that golf that was played when there was time, not as a priority.  That life wasn't for me, and by 30 I was out of the golf business.

      My new career became (and remains to this day) a busy one.  I had many years where 15-20 rounds of golf was all I would play.  I played more casual golf and corporate golf in scrambles with people who picked up clubs once or twice a year, and who marvelled at shots I would hit without any clue that they were a groove low, or a tad off the heel.  My 30's might qualify at the second chapter, but it was more like finding rock bottom in my golf game, with, an occasional round in the 60's.

      A really good home life, and the knowledge that I still enjoy golf, led me to start practicing again.  I used to hit a lot of balls (1-2,000 a week) but now I was averaging 150 a month.  As 40 loomed, I joined a private club and started practicing more, but more importantly, started re-introducing myself to a competitive environment where I had to shake the rust off, invest in newer clubs, and simply play less with golfers who were not pushing me to improve myself.

      Chapter 2 had begun.  Now it was 25-30 games a year, and a little more practice.  But life also now allowed me to start planning and taking golf trips.  My interest was picking up.  The Okanagan and Vancouver Island golf trips inspired me to finally plan and go to Scotland.

      From the moment I arrived in St. Andrews with friends in late August 2016, spent 5 days there and 2 more at Carnoustie, I was in love with golf again.  Perspective is a powerful tool, if you are paying attention.  Since then, a road trip to Chambers Bay and Bandon Dunes, and a getaway trip to Scottsdale and West Phoenix have only fueled my desire to start playing good golf again.

      For the first time, in a long time, I am frustrated at the slow pace that I am achieving results.  I now need to be smarter about how I play and realize that my body is not what it once was (but that is just a decision to not accept it and work to get it back).  Most importantly, I understand far better what I am doing (and why), and have the knowledge of how to make needed adjustments.  If ever there was a time to be patient and stay engaged, it is now.

      I write this on a Sunday, having hit balls quite well while practicing during the week, but still not quite able to translate those swings to the golf course.  Knowing how to miss, and a decent short game still led to a 73 this morning, but there were a lot of strokes left on the golf course today.  The journey continues.

      This Forum looks like a logical progression for my second chapter.  I was introduced to it back in 2012, but clearly wasn't ready to be involved.  Now I am.  I will engage when I can and look forward to hearing comments from others.  One goal is to be a competitive scratch player again.  So at some point, tournament golf must follow.


    • By pooley7
      What is in my bag Pooley7
      Driver: Ping G Series 10.5* with Alta S-Flex
      3 wood: Ping G Series Stretch 13* with Alta S-Flex
      5 wood: Ping G Series 17.5* with Alta S-Flex
      Hybrid: Ping G10 18* with 65g DBS Tour Hybrid Prototype S-Flex
      Hybrid 2: Ping G10 24* with 65g DBS Tour Hybrid Prototype S-Flex
      5 - PW Irons: Ping S57 with Ping AWT S-Flex
      Wedges: Ping Tour-W 54* & 58* with Ping AWT S-Flex
      Putter: Odyssey O Works 1W with Superstroke 2.0 XL grip
      Cart Bag: Bennington Organizer QO-9
      All irons and wedges gripped with Lamkin Oversize grips. Woods and hybrids gripped with Ping ID-8 360 Midsize (gold) grips.
      Typing this makes me think what a Ping fan you must think I am. I suppose it's true, but I have had other clubs in my bag, it just seems a Ping-fest at the moment 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • By Donn lost in San Diego
      Anybody got any info to share about Scottish club maker George Nicoll of Fife, Leven, Scotland.  I just bought a set of his Monogram series irons.  Beauties from the 1930s or 1940s.   Very rare.  A few putters on Ebay, very very few irons.
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