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JerryB's "Gettin' Better" thread

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We all have opinions and that won’t really get you much 😂.   I try to avoid providing people swing tips or pointing them to YouTube videos as I am not an instructor.  But I personally believe this video is pretty good for practicing some of the golf swing basics.  I’ve been doing the drills and based on my launch monitor numbers; while I have been doing most wanted testing at HQ, and my on course performance they seem to be helping 


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The problem many amateurs face that go it alone and I was definitely one of them is certain moves feel powerful but they really aren’t and aren’t optimal. Another problem many amatuers going it alone face is incorrect self diagnosis. Most address symptoms and what is generally considered by most swing flaws like early extension or flipping. These aren’t swing flaws they are swing compensations and symptoms. The go it alone crowd chases quick fixes for these compensations and don’t look at or understand the actual causes of their issues and that fixing 1-2 things mostly in the grip and setup will eliminate many of the compensations.

Another major issue with most whether it’s the go it alone crowd or those taking lessons is improper practice along with trying to make changes at full speed. The brain and body can’t learn new movement patterns at full speed. They need to be trained at slow speeds and for an extended period of time. Anyone familiar with personal training will know about closed-loop motor control and that it takes 8-12 weeks for a new motor pattern to be learned starting with slow movements and improving efficiency and increasing speed as efficiency increases.

The video above is a good one for those going it alone as are several other videos from AMG that teach the swing. AMG actually has an online academy that has several pricing options from free to several hundred dollars that will give videos and drills to work on the swing starting with the fundamentals all the way thru the entire swing. There are some others on YouTube that do a good job of this too like Chris Ryan who has a beginner series that in reality works for all levels and one would just need to pick a starting point based on where they feel they are, although starting at the beginning and checking fundamentals never hurts.

Other options for going it alone and learning the swing are paid options from Monte’s various video series, GG, Eric Cogorno, Milo Lines and a few others who have a membership with courses that teach every aspect of the swing.


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Been an interesting couple of weeks.  Now that the holiday season has passed and I don't have to be as social, my mental health gets a boost.  However, mild winter blues are settling in and I just feel tired all the time.  Difficult to work up the energy to do much of anything sometimes.

On a bright note, lifting continues to progress.  Set rep PRs on three of the four main lifts this week.  Added in some conditioning and core work, and I feel the results from both!

Settling in to the garage hitting area nicely.  Can't quite hit full driver/woods shots, but I've decided to narrow focus and concentrate almost exclusively on my 8 iron.  Work out the kinks there and I can spread out to other clubs in the bag.  Or so I tell myself, anyway.

Trying to settle in with Hogan's Five Lessons.  Every time I get started, something or someone needs attention, though.  Always something, amirite??

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