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Afraid to play new balls

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You read that right. I just won at dozen Pro V1 balls. I love them, but I normally play them when I've found them used. Then I don't feel bad when a $4 ball disappears into the woods/water.

What it comes down to, my game has gone to crap over the last 18 months. I haven't played as much as I'd like, and my swing isn't what I'd like it to be.

So I've got a dozen new balls sitting on my desk and I'm considering just saving them for later (I WILL get better)


Anyone else ever run into this? In the past I've just played them, lost them, and forgot about them.

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Sounds like you need to re-train your brain. Try this:

I hit two good balls yesterday... I stepped on a rake.

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.�- Yoda

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I often save my best balls for when I am playing best or when I need to play my best.  If as I did the past weekend, spray the ball all over the course, I use balls that I have found or have already played a round or two with.  I will also admit that I use found second rate balls on the holes where water is definitely in play.  Most of these you are either on the green or in the water so the fact I am giving up short game spin for that hole is insignificant.

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Understand completely. Been there myself. I'm actually there now. Pro V1 in the drawer, Wilson Deep Red (!!!!) in the bag. 


We have to distance ourselves from the equipment. We have too much respect for the golf balls. I'm not kidding. It's personal. You actually feel bad when you lose them. It's just a golf ball. There are more where it came from.

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I used to buy cheap balls to switch to if I started losing to many during a round. Now I buy used balls from lost golfballs so when I switch I still have the performance but less cost if and when I lose one.

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If I lose a ball, it's going to be on the first tee. I have become so paranoid about it that I use a used ball on #1. Happens most when I am playing an unfamiliar course, and if it is an especially nice course! There is a brand new Z-Star in the woods on #1 at Gold Mountain Cascade course in Bremerton, WA, a dogleg right; and another one in a canyon on #1 at Quail Ridge in Clarkston, WA. The miss is a pull left, and it's the only time during a round that I do that; normally a straight hitter. So, I save the new ball for the second hole!

We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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I have some custom number 25 Tour Preferred X that I bring out for matches, tourney's ect...  Other than that I'll keep playing the same ball until I lose it.  I'll absolutely play balls I find on the course if they are a ball I like and in good condition.


As for switching to a "crappy" ball for specific shots or holes, nope.  IMO doing that tells yourself it's OK if you lose this ball or don't hit a good shot.  I used to do that when I started out golfing.  I got some great advice from a much better golfer who told me to stop doing that.  Continue to use your good ball and you will concentrate that much more on the shot.  The penalty is the same to your score either way, but if you lose a good ball a couple times you will feel the pain more and work to get better.

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I have a friend back in TN that I play with when we have a trip together. I remember once playing in Florida on a hole that has water in front of the tee, he took a ball out of his bag and tossed it into the water. Then he hit his tee shot. Said it saves him a stroke, because he always hit in the water even if the water really isn't in play with a decent shot. It seems to work for him.

We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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I've had good luck buying used ProV1x balls on eBay. I can't justify buying them brand new because I still lose too many, although I have started making it through more rounds with only one or two. I don't use junk balls on harder tee shots or over water because its not a thought I want to put in my head at all. I feel like if I use a junk ball for a harder shot then I'm not in control of the mental aspect of my game. Doesn't always work but not paying $4 a ball makes it easier to cope with.

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I play either Bridgestone E-5 or B330-RXS, depending on a whim when I buy them. I use the same ball until I lose it, which will happen in golf. So be it.


I am thinking about getting a couple of boxes of MG Tour C4's to see what they're like. If I like them, they may be my normal ball.

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They are only golfballs......I select from my plethora of balls, based upon the weather, course and type of competition.  If I am playing like crap on the front 9, then I will switch to a cheaper ball.

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Yep used to be like that, would use an older ball (same type though) on 1, 2 and 3 then switch once I felt my game was properly warmed up! Daft really and something I no longer do - mind you ive lost some nice balls on their first whack - the hole had little to do with that.


I won't use pro v1's unless conditions encourage it though - when it gets wet and cold I head to srixon or velocity or e6's. Balls are already plugging in greens here - 4 dollar balls make no difference.


Have recently tried the ad333 tour and been quite impressed.

Rest in peace long sticks - I'll remember you


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balls are part of the lasting cycle of golf

they come into your bag and then leave either worn or lost


play the damn balls

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"I'd play a ladies set of clubs if it allowed me to break par."

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I think the bad thing for me right now is I'm mentally in a place where I'm affected by the idea of playing a new ball - I gotta get myself a coach! lol

The last sentence was the most sensible thing written by any of us in months.


Other than that think of the balls as beers. You'll gladly loose a bottle of beer that cost you 4 bucks while watching a ball game or after a round. You would never think of not drinking the beer because it's going to be lost. the beer is meant to be consumed and the balls are meant to be hit.


Hit the balls!

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I play a course with a lot of water, and on my casual rounds, I only use found balls or old tournament balls.  I still find a fair number of pro vs in the marshes on my course, and there are about 5 holes where I never even use a used prov.  I will switch to a different ball like a bridgestone or a nike.  I understand that this is bad for my mental game because I am more worried about losing the ball than my score, but I just can't justify losing a bunch of nice "used" balls when I can hit a ball that I would not be as worried about losing.  The other day, I played with two other people that only play found balls, and they said that they have not bought a single ball the whole year, and they only play proVs.  At my course, there are a lot of people that really don't care to look for their balls, and if you know where to look, you can find a lot of proVs or other nice balls.  In a stream running down the right side of hole 14, I have found a pool of ProVs.

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