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Official Cobra Forged Tec Contest-WINNER ANNOUNCED!


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I chose the Forged Tec Irons because I like the look of a "players" iron, with a little help.  These look amazing! Consistency and performance in a beautiful package!  Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback on how they perform.

Jon, York, NE

9 handicap

currently play Honma T//World X irons


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Chose the below clubs because I love the look and could use more distance.

Ron/ St Louis, MO

Current Clubs are Titliest T-200

Handicap is 6.4

Would absolutely provide feedback and participate in forum discussions



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I chose this set up because I'm getting older i find it harder to move through the spectrum every iron requires. I wanted the the mid weighted recoil shaft because I am currently playing it in my speedzone driver and love the way it feels with the perfect kick point. In currently playing a set of Cobra F9 blacked out irons with AMT white R300 shafts with Cobra velvet arrcos grips. my current handicap is 12.3, and you can message me anytime and I'd be willing to discuss the attributes and any pimples there might be about the new Cobra clubs, just as long as you understand I have always played Cobra's except for a short experiment with Srixon's and a have a soft spot for Cobra's.



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Had to attach my shopping list
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2 hours ago, Sluggo42 said:

Well, I wasn’t sure, so I figured I’d take the chance…🤣

Can't blame a guy for trying 😂

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Driver - default_taylormade-small.jpg R9 Superdeep TP 10.5* - Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana 65g XStiff Shaft

3 Wood - 2020 1ef73718.png Tight Lies 16* - Aldila Synergy Red 50-S Shaft

2 Hybrid - 1ef73718.png Idea Pro - Aldila VS Proto+ 'By You' 80-S Shaft

3 Iron - default_taylormade-small.jpg R7TP DGTT SL S300 Shaft

4-9 Irons - default_taylormade-small.jpg R7TP DGTT X-100 Shafts (6i has mismatched Project X 6.0 shaft)

Sand Wedge - Adams GT XTreme 2 SW

Putter - default_ping-small.jpg Heppler Tomcat 14

Ball - default_titelist-small.jpg Tour Soft

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I chose the King Forged Tec Irons:


  • These have a forged feel and a players look, but with slightly stronger lofts than what I'm playing now. I'm hoping that the few degrees of lower loft help kick of a bit of spin, gain a few yards, retain that forged feeling and be a bit more forgiving with the tech.
  • Jeff, Kirkland, WA
  • Currently playing Mizuno Pro 221
  • Handicap: 16
  • Yes I can participate in discussions on forum of my experience with the irons.


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  • Cobra LTDx LS 9* & Ventus Black 6s
  • Sim 3 Wood 14.5* & Ventus Black 7s
  • Sim 5 Wood 19* & VA Nemesys 75s
  • 4-P Mizuno Pro 221 & Project X LS
  • 54* Titleist SM9 10S
  • 58* Titleist SM9 8M
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Currently play the previous version of the Forged Tec (5-GW) but am intrigued by these being a bit more of a players iron than the previous generation. 

I’d love to be able to compare and contrast the playability, forgiveness, accuracy, launch, spin to my current set.  Since I do have spare arccos sensors so also will be able to share that data (dispersion from each set).

I live in Yakima, WA and am 11.4 handicap.

I also have a SkyTrak at home, so am curious how much any differences detected there will translate to the course.

Of course I’d love the opportunity to share all the data and on course observations.7EC17A82-F6AE-4CCF-BFA9-D51E62377D5C.png.28b4c7d0e66c4f6fc1fa79b3345dd5d4.png

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12.8 handicap

100 rounds/year

Cobra King Speedzone Xtreme 10.5
Cobra King Speedzone/Radspeed Fw/Hy

Cobra KingForgedTec Irons

Cleveland CBX 56/60 Wedges

Nike Method MOD-00 Putter

Titleist Prov1x

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Bill Pierce

blue hill Maine 

current hc is 14 and I play mizuno but feel this one length set is where I need to be as I age and simplicity of ball position and swing matter more. 

happy to record my day in life and journey to a more single plane swing. 


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- I would hope that this model would make my irons more accurate.

- Dale, San Jose, CA

- Currently playing Callaway Mavericks

- Index of 11.5

-I agree to participate in discussions on the forum regarding experiences with the irons.1368218889_ScreenShot2022-07-29at4_29_26PM.png.bb672d0e309e31254f0e195c4908d9f7.png

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I chose the Forged TecX set because I currently game the Forged Tec variable length and am looking for a little more feel and swing speed.   Feeling like the X would be a little more traditional look and feel, and could enhance my ability to work the ball.

Shawn/ San Francisco, CA

Currently play Cobra Forged Tec Variable Length

Handicap: 6

Definitely would love to participate in forums should I win.Screenshot_20220729-171027_Chrome.jpg.f2aeed06d816bd97ae816d82d3d3f24e.jpg

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SF Golf Guru


  • D- King LTD 
  • 3W: King Cobra S93
  • H: 17d: 
  • H: 21d: Taylor Made M3
  • King Forged Tec 5-G -variable length
  • 54d:  Ping Glide3
  • 60d:  Ping Glide3
  • P: EvnRoll ER2 heavy



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  • Explain why you chose the model you did and what you'd hope to get out of them performance wise

I hit the previous gen Forged Tec and really liked them.  I think the X version is a little too jacked for my needs in that I’d still like some control/versatility along with the forgiveness/distance  

  • List your first name/city state (US Only entries)

Edward / Portland, OR

  • What current irons you're playing

Taylormade P790 (2019) 6-GW DG 105 stiff

  • Handicap


  • Will you agree to patriciate in discussions on the forum about your experience with the irons after receiving them.



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Callaway Epic Max LS 10.5 - Ventus Blue 6s
Tour Edge EX9 Long 15 deg - Aldila Rogue Silver 70s
Tour Edge EX9 Tour 18 deg - Diamana Blue 70s
TaylorMade M1 19 deg - KuroKage Hy 80s
Titleist 818 25 deg - Diamana Blue Hy 82s
Taylormade P790 6-AW - TT Dynamic Gold 105 stiff
S-Yard Bold 52
Taylormade Hi-Toe 58 ATV
Bettinardi BB55 Counterbalance

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I picked these irons because I need a little forgiveness. But, would like the feel of the forged irons. 

Doug  Troy,Alabama

12 Handicap 

Ping G425 

I agree to participate in any discussions in the forum. 

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I would like to play the Forge Tec X for the forgiveness factor. Would love to experience the difference between these irons and my current set.Trying to cut a few points off the handicap.

Seattle, WA.

Taylormade RBladeZ



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I currently play the Cobra Radspeed One irons.  I'd like to go back to a forged iron and the Tec X should provide the feel of of a forged iron with a little forgiveness.  And I'm a little bit nuts for Cobra products anyway.n Radspped irons, Radspped hybrids and an Agera putter.


HC - 1.7image.png.258b126013c977feabfac43669cb224b.png

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Just traded in my Cobra f8 one length for Taylormade Sim2 offset iron’s .Looking forward to winning a set of cobra irons and compare the two sets

Edited by Barrio6

Lifetime bogey golfer

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Thanks for such a great opportunity. I have played Cobra S9's for years and recently looked at the RadSpeed's, but didn't pull the trigger. I would choose the Forged Tec X, for a little more playability for my handicap (currently 16.5). I would certainly look at the Forged Tec before finalizing, since head size and topline are important for me. I would hope to pick up some yardage and be able to work the ball a bit more than my current irons. I know the lofts have changed pretty significantly and timing is right for a new set!
Lives in: Dennis, MA
Current Irons: Cobra S9 - 4-GW
Current HCP: 16.5
Would absolutely agree to participate in any and all discussions about the irons.

Thank you!


Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 10.38.53 PM.png

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1.  I chose this model because they are the more forgiving ones yet they look like player irons.  Would love to game these.

2. Emilio/ Dania Beach, Fl.

3.  I am currently playing Taylor made r11 irons

4. My current handicap 19.5

5. I agree to participate in discussions on the forum about my experience with the irons after receiving them.


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1.  I chose the Forged Tec for two reasons.  First, I am currently getting lessons and my swing is improving and I feel this iron is a good mix between forgiveness and workability so it will grow well with me.  Second reason being the launch characteristics and ball flight.  I already hit the ball quite high and far so 27 degrees for a 7 iron would make the yardages difficult to contend with in the Tec X. I have in fact had a fitting with these irons before and loved them.  Averaged between 185-200 yard carry with great descent angles for stopping power on firm dry Arizona greens.

2. Josh in Scottsdale, AZ

3.  Currently playing Titleist AP1 718

4.  Handicap is 17

5.  I would be happy to share my experience and answer any questions.



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Amazing golf ball a whacked guy

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  • I feel they’re a step up in forgiveness from cavity back designs I’ve played my whole life - my handicap has gone up recently and still want something close to that players shape but with as much forgiveness as possible. 
  • Bradley / Statesville, NC
  • Srixon ZX7
  • 12
  • Yes


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Current WITB:

All Titleist Standard L/L/L

913D2 - 9.5, D1 setting- Aldila RIP 60s

913F - 13.5, A1 setting- Aldila RIP 80s

505H - 17 - Aldila NV 85s green

704CB 3-P - S300

Vokey - 52.08, SM7 60.12D

Newport 2 Special Select (30g weights)

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  • I chose these irons because it is more of a traditional blade and demands better ball striking. Having the workability of a forged player's iron is also a plus be cause I like to be able to shape any shot on the course. They don't always match my imagination or expectations but these irons will definitely help in workability.
  • Esteban, McAllen, TX
  • I am currently playing Titleist T-100
  • 3.2 Handicap
  • I will most definitely agree to participate in discussions about these irons should I win.
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  • Golfspy_CG2 changed the title to Official Cobra Forged Tec Contest-WINNER ANNOUNCED!

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