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Interested to see if any other hard hitters tried these. I tried the grenade 3wood from a friend and it ended up reshafted and in my bag. It sparked me to buy the driver, and unfortunately it was right before the G2 came out. The 9 degree with an X was terrible. The ball would launch like a rocket, and by that I mean straight up with a slight curve do to gravitational pull. About 260 out, the ball just died. Even swapped in a TX 661 Speeder with no help. I like their philosophy and goals. Just think that their products aren't meant for 10-15% of golfers. My friend is using their irons which are great for the price for beginner and average joe golfer. Anyone else experience anything good or bad whit them?

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I have the driver (9*) and was happy with it at first, but lately I can't seem to hit it straight. When I do hit it, it does launch high. The carry seems to Max out at about that 260 ish range but I usually get some good roll out of it. My longest was 291, but I'm newish so don't have much to compare it to. My last driver was a ping karsten from 10 plus years ago that thing would only give 250 and no roll at all.


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I've been playing the 9* original for the past two years. I love mine, TBH. I'm not particularly long, but when I hit it on the button it goes 275 - 280ish (although I think that has more to do with proper swing sequencing than the club). Anyway, it's solid, long enough, and--most importantly--pretty straight. I cannot hook this thing and most shots have a very gentle fade at the end.


One adjustment I have made that has helped teeing it lower than what might be considered typical. Also, I did have the upgraded Matrix White Tie shaft put in.


I also bought the three wood last year, solely on the strength of the driver. IMO, neither club can be beat in the "performance for the price" category.


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