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Why did you join MGS?

ole gray

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I joined MGS becaused it's my kind of place....  Why is it my kind of place? Well just because I like it here.  There are quite a few awesome golf forums for everybody to enjoy.  The thing is why do you frequent these forums?  For me it's a simple answer and it starts with honesty. MyGolfSpy will never offer reviews for favors. I respect this type of honest and unbaised opinon. So if you are looking at joining this forum and you're looking for a kick arse review on your favorite toy, you just might be disappointed. Reason being we don't do it to make you feel good.  We do it to make you not regret....

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Callaway  Rogue ST Max Driver 10.5
Cleveland Launcher xl halo hy-wood 18 Degree
Cleveland Launcher XL Halo 7- wood
Cleveland Launcher XL Irons 5 - PW
Cleveland CBX 2 50 & 54 Degree Wedge
Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge 58 degree
  White Hot OG 7S Putter







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Like you Gray, I've been involved in a few. And just didn't fit in them. Got away from them for awhile and one day when I was doing nothing I received one of the newsletters and that triggered me to ease back into the forum world.

Since then, MGS has felt like a comfortable, fun place to chat and share my thoughts about things. I've been honored to have tested equipment and provide my input and feel it was valuable and appreciated by the group. This is a great thing about being here.

Plus the old guard all welcomed me without reservation.

That was very much appreciated.

I'm sure I'm missing other aspects but these are right off the top of my head lol






Grip n Rip it

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         Grip n Rip it

Chicks dig the LONG ball

In my :callaway-small: staff bag

:cobra-small: King F7+ Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White 60 - Graphite Tour X-Stiff

:755178188_TourEdge:  CBX 13.5 3 Wood

:1332069271_TommyArmour:  Atomic Irons 4-AW (reviewing)

:cleveland-small: CG16 Satin 52*

:cleveland-small: 588 RTX 2.0 56* and 60*

Sentio Sierra 101-M Putter


Proud tester of the Tommy Armour ATOMIC Irons 


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I (like many) joined for the opportunity to do a review.


I stayed because I love the reviews, and the relaxed, respectful way this forum runs. I feel like nearly everyone on here is here for the right reason.

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:Sub70:  849 Pro Evenflow Riptide 6.0
:cobra-small: F8 3 & 5 Woods Project X Evenflow Blue 6.0

:titelist-small: TS2 7 Wood Project X Evenflow Blue 6.0
:mizuno-small:  MP18 MMC - Project X LZ 5.5
:cleveland-small: Zipcore Wedges 50,54,58 - Project X LZ 5.5
MLA Tour Mallet 33"
:srixon-small:  Z Star
:ping-small: Pioneer bag
:Clicgear: buggy

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Why? No bullshit, flaming and big ego's. It's that simple, just people who enjoy the game, are respectful of each other and have a good time.

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In the bag:
Driver: :titelist-small: TSi2 Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 6.0
Fairway: :Sub70: 939X 15° Project X Even Flow Blue 6.0

Hybrid: :Sub70: 949X Pro 2 Hybrid Project X Even Flow Riptide 6.0
Hybrid: :Sub70: 939X 3 Hybrid Project X Even Flow Riptide 6.0
Irons: :wilson_staff_small: D7 Forged 4-GW Project X Catalyst 80 6.0
Wedge: :cleveland-small: Smartsole S
Putter :Sub70: Sycamore 005 Wide Blade
:Ogio: Alpha Convoy 514
Balls::Snell: MTB-X or Black

Cart: :CaddyTek: CaddyLite ONE Ver. 8

God Bless America🇺🇸, God save the Queen🇬🇧, God defend New Zealand🇳🇿 and thank Christ for Australia🇦🇺!

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Mr. Theoo made me.....

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Driver - Tour Edge Exotics XCG 7 Beta w/ Paderson shaft 44"

Fairway Metal - :nike-small: Vapor Fly 15* w/ Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 65F 43"

Irons - :taylormade-small: SLDR 4i-pw w/ KBS Tour C-Taper 90S

Wedges - :edel-golf-1: 54* and 58* Digger grind

Putter - :scotty-cameron-1: 2015 GoLo 3 33"

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I also figured out quickly that this was the only site without all of the huge egos. Feels like home here, and that's pretty rare on the internet anymore.



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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After seeing many of the Blog pieces on Twitter and other SM, I came over to read a bunch of the ones I had missed.  I was really impressed with the depth, detail and knowledge of the writers of each piece.   I then checked out the forum, and quickly saw it was a place where everyone was welcome, all input was appreciated and there are no class differences between mods and members, just plain good golf conversation by everyone, where everyone's input is valued. 


I've stayed because to quote Ole Roy (Williams) It's the "best dadgum" golf site around!!

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:titelist-small: TSi1 Aldila Ascent 40G shaft

:titelist-small: TSi2 18 FW with GD AD IZ 6 Shaft

:titelist-small: TSi1 20 and 23 degree hybrids Aldila Ascent Shafts R

:titelist-small: T300 5-P Tensei  R flex shaft 1/4 long 

:titelist-small: SM8 48F/54/58 D Grinds 

:ping-small: Tyne 4 

:titelist-small: ProV1X Play number 12



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Came for the reviews, as they're the only ones I really trust, stayed for the community in the forums.

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What's In The Bag

Driver :titelist-small:

Titleist 913 D2 10.5* (set to 9.75* / Neutral) 46" Paderson KINETIXX Kevlar Green - R

Fairway Wood

Tom Wishon 949 MC 16.5* Fujikura Speeder 569-A

Hybrid  :cleveland-small: Hibore 22* Aldila VS Proto Blue

Irons  :ping-small: G series 5-P

Wedges :ping-small:Glide 54* SS / 60* TS - SCOR 53*

Putter     :nike-small: Nike Method 001 / P2 Reflex grip 35"


Master Grip Tour C4


Datrek DG Lite  

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I saw a reference to an MGS club review that I was interested in getting.  Enjoyed the read, and stuck around.  There are so many nice folks here, and it seems like we have similar tastes.  I wish may of you lived closer, and we could get together for a round of golf and a round afterwards.

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We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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I just joined because I thought it might be fun. That's really it.

Certainly wasn't for free stuff. I didn't even know MGS gave things away back when I joined.

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My Sun Mountain bag currently includes:   TWGTLogo2.png.06c802075f4d211691d88895b3f34b75.png 771CSI 5i - PW and TWGTLogo2.png.06c802075f4d211691d88895b3f34b75.png PFC Micro Tour-c 52°, 56°, 60 wedges

                                                                               :755178188_TourEdge: EXS 10.5*, TWGTLogo2.png.06c802075f4d211691d88895b3f34b75.png 929-HS FW4 16.5* 

                                                                                :edel-golf-1: Willimette w/GolfPride Contour


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Saw the article on Ksig vs Prov1, thought it was interesting.  Then stumbled into the Mission:Ping article and was hooked.  Love what MGS stands for and produces.   After some time, I stumbled into the forum.  Having never joined a forum and having just picked up playing golf, figured I would take the leap.  No looking back now!

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2020 MGS Hard Rock Challenge


SkyCaddie SX400
OGIO Silencer:  Followed by Arccos
:ping-small: G410+, Tensei Orange
:callaway-small:  Mavrik 3w, Evenflow Riptide
:nike-small: Covert 2.0 3H, Kuro Kage Black
Wilson D7 Irons 4-GW,  Dynamic Gold AMT
:ping-small: Glide  52, 56 ES
:titelist-small: -ProV1x (left dash)

Romans 10:9

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Free stuff

I musta missed the free stuff. But then I haven't been on this forum very long.



Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy

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Left Hand orientation

:ping-small: G410 SFT driver 

Cobra King F-9  5 wood
:ping-small:  410  Hybrids 22*, 26*

Cobra Speed Zone 6-GP/Recoil ESX 460 F3 Shafts 

:titelist-small: SM7 54* Wedge

:ping-small: Glide 3.0  60* Wedge

:odyssey-small: O Works putter

:CaddyTek: - 4 Wheel 
:footjoy-small: - too many shoes to list and so many to buy

:1590477705_SunMountain: And  BAG Boy

Golf Balls: Snell MTB-X 

2020 Official Tester :SuperSpeed: Beginning Driver Speed  - 78

2019 Official Tester :ping-small:  410 Driver

2018 Official Tester :wilson-small: C300

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I had been reading the yearly club reviews for a bit and decided to jump in on one of the member reviews I stumbled onto by accident. Once I signed up though I spent an hour reading through different topics before I actually remembered I was going to sign up for a review. So while my intentions at first started as selfish in one way my unknown desire to be a part of a community that speaks of nothing but golf took over. Needless to say the great community kept me here once the signup was complete! Long live MGS!



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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I have officially been on the forum for over 5 years but really haven't become active until recently.  I have used quite a few golf forums over the years some are still here while others are no longer in existence.  I became more active on MGS when I noticed the email blasts were coming from Yorktown VA which is down the street from where I live.  Since then,  I really like the forum since most of the posts are golf related and not hundreds of posts related to what I consider off the wall topics.  

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Driver:  :ping-small: G400 Max 9* w/ KBS Tour Driven
Fairway: :titelist-small: TS3 15* set  to 16.5* w/Project X Hzardous Smoke
Hybrids:  :titelist-small: 816H1 19* set at 18* w/KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid Prototype
                :titelist-small: 915H  21*  w/KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid Prototype        
Irons:      :honma:TR20V 5-11 w/Vizard TR20-85 Graphite
Wedge:  :callaway-small: 54-10S   :cleveland-small: 588  58-12
Putter:  logo-horizontal-black.svg Directed Force 2.1

Backups:  :bobby-grace-1: 6330, :taylormade-small:TM-180, :odyssey-small: Milled Collection RSX 2, Bellum Winmore 787, :seemore-small: mFGP2


Member:  MGS Hitsquad since 2017697979773_DSCN2368(Custom).JPG.a1a25f5e430d9eebae93c5d652cbd4b9.JPG


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