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Question for Snell Players

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I go back and forth which probably says more about golf game than the ball. I do like the spin on the X, but whatever I gain with my Irons regarding stopping I lose with my drives so I usually stick the black.

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I haven't played the Black since two seasons ago, so my memory is foggy about the trajectory. I do remember playing the original MTB Red for a few rounds and found that to be spinny and balloon compar

I played the black in 2019 for a while before switching to the X which is the only ball I've played since the start of 2020. I did not notice any launch differences between the two FWIW. I did notice

LOL!! I guess to me the Black feels firmer than the X..  but is a damn good ball..  Moral of the story.. you can't go wrong with either one.. so stop playing the Top Flight Gamers.. 🤣

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