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5 minutes ago, _jngolf_ said:

I agree with Topline on this. I work as a club professional, but I am only teaching and not doing club fitting myself. I recently had a client who is about 5 inches shorter than average and has quite long arms in relation to his body size. He was somehow fitted for standard length clubs 2 degrees upright, which doesn't make any sense. He couldn't get into a comfortable setup. I guess he got fitted for these due to him swinging somewhat over the top and delivering the shaft steep. 

I am myself also shorter than average and I have never really felt that I have the correct length and lie on my clubs. I have competed on national level with some success and have obviously been fitted for new clubs at several occasions by various club fitters, but not once have my height or my wrist to floor distance been measured to determine the true length/lie combination. For me, this seems like the obvious starting point.  


Why would you take a static measurement when you don't get back to the same position at impact? I measure +1.5" if doing wrist to floor, I play +.5" In no way do I need that extra 1" and in fact it is a detriment. 

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On 5/4/2018 at 9:43 AM, Topline said:

For most players, I believe being fit for clubs is overrated, and may even be counterproductive. The following is my reasoning.

When a fitting client strikes balls the fitter is typically watching the ball flight and then making equipment adjustments to

correct and, or, improve ball flight trajectory, accuracy etc....After the fitting, the player is provided with recommended  club specifications which promote his swing faults.

I understand the majority of players do not have the time or inclination to learn fundamentally sound swing technique, but an equipment fitting using swing faults is ingraining same and likely harming the players chances for ever improving his swing technique.

So, the above is about dynamic fitting, which I question.

However, I do believe there is merit to static fitting, which provides club specifications based on a persons height, wrist-to-floor measurements. 

In summary, I think static fitting may promote fundamentally sound address position and swing while dynamic fitting

may promote swing faults.

Please reply to this thread with your thoughts, thanks.

Prior to my joining MGS a couple years ago, I shared your sediments about club fitting.  I think part of this was due to my frugalness and my thought that newer technology clubs wouldn't offer any appreciable advantage over my PE2's; which I'd been playing for 30+ years.  While I still fall squarely into the "it's the archer not the arrows" camp, I now have first hand experience that new technology clubs, and using state of art fitting equipment/methods, are of value - for all player levels. 

I kind of get your point about fittings just fitting clubs to less than perfect swing mechanics.  So let's qualify the discussion by leaving out people with little or no experience and who arguably should be on a range and not the golf course (I know, I know, that sounds terrible).  But, if you think about it, we see all kinds of various swing mechanics amongst the pro tours.  I suspect the clubs that fit Jim Furyk's swing wouldn't be all that great for Adam Scott.  There are far more less than perfect swings in the golfing community than there are perfect ones.  Some of this is physical limitations, some by design.  Further, most all of us that are wanting scoring improvement are constantly making minor adjustments - and that does not require different clubs.

It is my belief that fitting clubs to fit the player, dynamically, makes perfect sense, and I will go further in saying one does a disservice to him/herself by not choosing to make that investment.

Edit:  I just noticed this thread predates my joining MGS.  What's the forum penalty for digging up graves? 🤣

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