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When do you show up for your tee time?

When do you show up for your tee time?  

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  1. 1. When do you show up for your tee time?

    • At least an hour ahead
    • Gimme 15-20 minutes
    • Trunk slammer! 5 min to throw my shoes on and I'm good
    • More than an hour

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I understand that this could be time dependent; i.e. if your tee time is at 5:30a you're probably not getting there at 4:30a, but, generally speaking, what is your standard practice?

Do you like at least an hour to hit the range, putt, chip, stretch, etc.

Just hit the putting green and a few chips

Practice?!? Who needs practice?

What say you???

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Usually 30 minutes is enough time to warm up a little bit with a stretch and get the car stiffness out. Military taught me on time is late so I’ll be at the tee box 5-10 before the tee time
not a range fan before the round unless it’s part of the round. If range is included gimme 45


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i am typically in the hour before timeframe; basically no stress.   

Hit chips and pitches and then putt for a bit.   Maybe hit a handful of iron shots.  

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I like an hour, but sometimes it's 30-45 minutes.  I stretch and make swings before I head to the range.  I've also done this at home in my hitting bay, but I like to see ball flight too.  I leave my clubs on the cart by the practice pitching green for my wife when she comes out of the clubhouse.  If the range is full, I'll hit pitch shots to the pitching green first.  I take a 7 or 8i and my driver and walk to the range.  I don't hit many balls, but start with my iron.  If that's not going well, then I will hit my driver.  That seems to give me better rhythm to hit my iron; probably no more than 20 balls total.  I return the remaining balls in the bucket to the pitching green so my wife can hit some; she never hits on the range.  I head to the putting green and putt and chip until our tee time.

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11 minutes ago, Lacassem said:

Usually 30 minutes is enough time to warm up a little bit with a stretch and get the car stiffness out. Military taught me on time is late so I’ll be at the tee box 5-10 before the tee time
not a range fan before the round unless it’s part of the round. If range is included gimme 45


Like what Mark said and maybe a little bit more, there was no choice for 30-45 minutes which is my slow to get ready time, time to stretch and get mentally off the road and into my golf zone.  It is all about not thinking you know, let the body do what it is fully capable of doing without all that brain stuff getting in the way.

First in - last out, the motto of the Combat Engineer though I think my parents started on me with that from birth.  Love to see everything as it develops, as people arrive, as conversations start and smack talk stirs from the smirks of good friends who can't wait to continue what had to be left unsaid/undone after the last round was complete.  Cannot do that if not present to see it all transpire.

It also makes opportunity possible when there is nobody left to help if help is needed.  It is also those things made possible that contributed to being invited to play on a team for the PGA HOPE Secretary's Cup 11 days from now...

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I typically am there and warming up 30 minutes before so it doesn’t feel rushed, so in the parking lot 40-45 minutes before. If im running late, which happens from time to time when your playing partner is a 6 year old 😂, I just try to go with the flow and take the first few holes as they are. 


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Best case - arrive about 45 mins before. Start with stretching, then warmup on range for about 20-30. Spend about about 20 on putting green, then head to first tee. 

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An hour if I have to drive a ways but usually only 30-40 mins is all I need. 

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If its my regular course, which has no range, I generally get there maybe ten minutes ahead of tee time.  Enough time to get my stuff ready and get a couple swings in to crack my back.

Anywhere else, if range balls are included I'll use them otherwise I generally don't bother.  I'd like to get there at least a half hour ahead of time if not more to roll some putts and generally just not feel rushed.

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I understand that this could be time dependent; i.e. if your tee time is at 5:30a you're probably not getting there at 4:30a, but, generally speaking, what is your standard practice?
Do you like at least an hour to hit the range, putt, chip, stretch, etc.
Just hit the putting green and a few chips
Practice?!? Who needs practice?
What say you???

This is an it depends situation for me! If I’m going out alone I tend to get the first tee time and I’m there maybe 20 min early to have some coffee and warm up my putter a bit!

If it’s with friends. They don’t tend to take it to seriously so I’ll show up about ten min before hand and have a beer and tee of first lol!

But generally I like to be there early and if I have time for the chip n putt I do that if not it’s take a wiz and get after it! Now that I’m trying to get my handicap I might get there 45 min early to warm up!

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Sunrise tee time gets a few minutes of putting to find my pace and then some stretching on the first tee box. Afternoon round might get 10-15 minutes of putting and maybe some chipping along with the stretching. 

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I try to plan to arrive an hour ahead at the course.  If it's the home course where I get free range balls I'll hit a medium bucket at the range after getting setup and checked in.  That usually doesn't leave time for any chip/putt practice.  If it's an away course I'll either hit a small bucket or use whatever short game practice area they have.  Any less time than that I can't find the flow so easily and tend to feel rushed the first few holes.

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It very much varies day to day. As there are several days I play and the range is not open until after I tee of so in that case I am a 10 minutes before or so. 

When the range is I like to get there about 30 minutes, hit 20-30 balls and loosen up. 

I don't typically do a lot of chipping or putting practice as the greens aren't the same speed. 

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It depends on a lot of factors for me. But the basic considerations are:

Playing 9 or 18: 9 I get there early and warm up since I have less holes to warm up, I also don't mind the extra time because I won't be gone for 5+ hours. 18 I squeeze it into my busy schedule with multiple kids and a lot of work and kids activities.

Early morning round I'm more likely to get there early and warm up also, I need more of a warm up early in the day and don't feel bad being out golfing while everyone's sleeping at home.

I don't like doing too much on the range if I only have a small amount of time I prioritize stretching, chipping and putting them range time.

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If we have some range time I’ll go about 25 minutes only because you need about 5 minutes to walk to the first tee from the practice area. Hit a few irons and the light orange whip and some putts to get the speed. Plus you have to stock up on the free tees and divot tools😂😂

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Depends where I play... if I'm on vacation and paying a little bit more for green fee, I'll get there earlier, maybe have some breakfast at the clubhouse, warm up, the whole program.

If it's my home course, it's swap my shoes out of the trunk and race to the 1st tee lol

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Generally I try to get there about 20 minutes early. If the course has a range I'll bump that up to 30-40 minutes. I do my stretching at home, then a little bit of the orange whip before teeing off.

There was a while, before kids, that I had standing 6AM tee times on Sat & Sun morning. In those cases, I was getting there at 5:55 and going straight to the tee. I had a membership and it was always the same guy in the clubhouse, so we got to know each other.

The tee time is the time you are standing on the 1st tee, not the time you are pulling into the lot or checking in at the clubhouse!

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30 min tops. Time to limber up, work bag backwards with a small bucket, hit 12 putts from different areas, and go.

Chasing my ball around the cow field, trying to avoid the “ruff.”


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I like to get there and get in the atmosphere of the place, and lots of times you can get out earlier than your tee -time .Problem is my partner doesn't show up until the last minute. I always make the tee-times so I started telling him that they were 10-15 minutes earlier than what they were.

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Dont need a full hour. Being a member, my clubs are ready when I arrive. And I have a specific routine: stretching - putting green - half wedges (3 balls) - full wedges (3 balls) - 7 Iron (3 balls) - 3W (3 balls) - Driver (3 balls) Then I hit 2 balls visualizing the first hole I will play (usually Driver - 7I ) Then putting green again. So, in total not more than 17-20 balls. Half an hour is good. When I have time, before living home, I go into the jacuzzi to warn up those cold muscles (living in Canada)!

Playing one length clubs in Canada 

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Irons - :cobra-small:Speedzone One length 5-GW, 
Wedges - :cobra-small:King One 56° & 60°, 
Putter -   :mizuno-small:Mcraft II
Ball -   :vice:pro

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Like 30 minutes hit a small bucket of balls ready to go.

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If there is a range available, I arrive one hour or a bit more before my tee time and warm up completely (small bag or bucket of balls, plus chipping and putting).  If no range is available, I'm still there at least 30-35 minutes prior to my tee time to hit some putts and be ready to play when it is time to hit the first tee.

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7W (if played) - Sub 70 849, ProForce Black 80-S

Irons - Callaway Paradym, HZRDUS Silver Gen 4, S-flex

Wedges - Edison 2.0, 53* and 57* (bent to 58*), KBS TGI 100

Putter - (currently in flux, but usually an Evnroll 8V

Ball - Maxfli Tour-X CG (2023)

Bags - Ghost Golf Maverick Black Ops

Cart - MotoCaddy M7 Remote (without the remote)


driver / off the tee is no longer a weakness for me!

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1 hour.  I hate rushing.

What's In the Bag

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I like to generally show up about an hour ahead.  I go through some chipping and putting routines, then hit some wedges and irons on range.  Just enough to get feel and tempo.  Spend few minutes before going to tee think about the round, wind, etc.  


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If there is a driving range 45min-1hr prior to tee time. 

If not, 25min-30min prior to tee time. 

Either way, I need a little time to loosen up and hit some putts.


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3w: :taylormade-small: Brnr mini driver 13.5 S

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7W: :callaway-small: 21° Rogue ST Max LinQ 7X

5i-7i:  :titleist-small: T200  Recoil 110 f4

8i-PW: :titleist-small: T150 Recoil 110 f4

50°, 54° & 58°:   :ping-small: Glide Forged Pro

P:   :odyssey-small: White Hot Versa DW

Ball:  :bridgestone-small: Tour BX mindset

Bag:  Ghost MGS Anyday 14 way

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” The woods are lovely, dark and deep,   

But I have promises to keep,   

And miles to go before I sleep,   

And miles to go before I sleep. - Frost

"That you are here—that life exists and identity,

That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse." - Whitman

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I play with the same guys at the same time on the same 2 courses almost every weekend so usually show up about 30 minutes prior, hit maybe 5 or 6 range balls and a couple putts and we go.   If I am playing a new course or a bucket list place, then definitely there at least an hour prior for a full bucket, putting and chipping, review scorecard and tees,  etc... 

Taylor Made M5 9 loft

Callaway X-Hot 3 Wood 14.5 loft

Callaway Super Hybrid (3) 18 loft

Callaway Apex 21 4 hybrid 21 loft

Callaway Super Hybrid (5) 24 loft

Mizuno MP25  5-PW

Vokey SM6 52, 58

Scotty Cameron California Coronado

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