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SHOW OFF! - How Do You Mark Your Balls?

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I don't have a pic of mine at the moment but they usually look like chicken pox.. i put red dots all over evenly spread out so you can see the red dots no matter how it's sitting.  Easy to identify...

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Three crosses above and to the right of the brand logo. Color doesn’t really matter but I’ve always used that same mark. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

If it makes you feel better, this was like 4 different threads all merged.  Very good topic so it's good to have all the discussions together. Great history with lots of unique ideas. 

My daughter saw me marking balls (3 green dots below the number) - "ohhhh, coool! Can I draw on your golf ball dad?" Sure, why not. For those that know.... you know. For those that don't, it

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Two blue crosses, one on either side.

I can usually identify from a few feet away as one of the crosses is usually visible.

I also sort my balls into sets of 4, one of each number, and use them in sequence so i can easily identify provisionals too.

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Mine is usually marked with a cart path scrape.


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