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Mandatory fitting for review contest winners?


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If the reviewer explains why, then that's fine. But if a reviewer spends most of their time explaining why the club doesn't fit them and seemingly complaining about the club without explaining who the club would better fit than that review is absolutely useless to the community.

Not only the community but anyone out there who is searching for a review of the club. Since a lot of people buy a cycle or 2 behind. Some guy may be looking for a G400 review in 2 years. Stumble across mgs and find the reviews. If they're all spent saying how the club didn't fit right that person will find zero value in it. I think it's the real person review these companies value from us which is why they keep participating.

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I don't think it's necessary. I want to know if the club(s) perform as the manufacturer states.

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I'll throw in my $0.02, for what it's worth...


If part of the assignment is to test the OEM's online fitting process, then all testers should go through that, and nothing else.


If a test is meant to be 100% off-the-rack with a best guess at the shaft, then all the testers should just give it their best guess.


With the Cobra challenge, it gets a bit dicey. I'll be honest - I wouldn't have applied if I were not allowed to get fit. A year is a huge commitment; one I'm more than happy to make since I was fitted. But if one of the other testers has bought their last set OTR and is going OTR with this one, that's just fine. It's an apples-to-apples comparison.


I could see it being an issue if you know you play irons that are 3* up and +1", and you're testing irons that are standard/standard. I wouldn't expect those irons to play all that well.


But at the end of the day, we're testing golf clubs, not a cure for cancer.

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I think in theory it's a good idea. However not all of us, me included, live near a fitting place. So it would be a challenge.


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Getting fitted is always a good idea. It can't hurt if you have someone who knows what they're doing.

Maybe my golf spy, after it picks the winners, could contact some fitting locations close to those people and ask for a free or discounted rate in exchange for some free press or publicity on the site? Many might still say no, but just throwing an idea out there.



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I would say I'm 50/50 on a fitting being mandatory. I agree with jlukes estimate that 85% of golfers out there don't get fit. I like to see the reviews that are both very objective and subjective in details. Ultimately these reviews are done to help all of us as consumers make the smartest decision when it comes to equipment as possible. I think its largely up to the consumers to make their own informed decisions based on what their research has found. In terms of what would be a proper fitting, I would say some numbers need to be attached to the fitting details. Swing speed, ball speed, launch angles, spin rates, smash factor, angle of attack. Who you went to or what program was used would be less of a concern to me than having some actual numbers to go off of

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No, no need to mandate it. For folks like me, we'd have to drive four hours to go through a fitting, and then there's the chance that the closes fitter doesn't carry for what you need to be fitted.

Nah. All is good!



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I think a lot of golfers out there just buy off the rack and head to the course. So not being "fitted" when reviewing helps point out how well (or *not* well) a club works for an average golfer. 

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Really interesting thread.


I think there's no right answer to this question because of the factors mentioned in responses here.


The upfront bios are critical. I've used some MGS reviews to purchase in the past. I always looked for a review from a player whose swing characteristics were most similar to mine.


It's not going to help for me to read that Undershooter thinks the newest Mixuno Blade iron is the cats meow. Our swings are as far apart as the east is from the west. I respect his opinion and if I had a younger friend with a plus handicap I'd suggest that he read that review.


But Kenny or Foz - I'm a little longer than both but have similar swing characteristics. I've played with them and know there games. I could figure out if the product will work for me based on their review of it.



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Really interesting thoughts here. You guys have planted me firmly on the fence on this one. Which, after reading all this, I think is the right place to be. GolfSpy Meyer and revkev - point well taken about the stage 1 bios. I do like the idea that members can pick and choose those reviews they feel may be most applicable to their own game - fitted clubs or not. I've also learned not to take for granted the fact that I have a number of trusted fitters within one hour of my home! Thanks for all the feedback!



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I love this post, I read every single response. I have had the amazing opportunity to review the Cleveland RTX-3s and I was fitted for them. I think wedges are something that reviewers SHOULD get fit for in some capacity. I was lucky to have a buddy who was certified to fit wedges including Cleveland. However, I play OTR irons that were designed with the majority of golfers in mind. They have been amazing. So IMO I think it depends on the type of club being reviewed. I find myself agreeing with the majority of responses here, not required but certainly encouraged!

Love this discussion, good post NCST!



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Very interesting topic here!  I feel like you don't have to be professional fit to do a review.  When someone is doing a review I do think it's important to get it as close as possible to their current specs.  The main question people are going to ask is did the product perform better than what you have?  Why or why not?  


Think about feel of an iron.  The softer the shaft, the softer the feel.  My shafts are the X100's.  People have told me that my irons feel hard yet they are the Srixon Z545's that are forged.  Yet you give them the same iron in an S300 and they say wow this feels much better.


Plus people want to see data during these reviews.  I would imagine that if you have 2 completely different specs then people will say the performance is due to being properly fit rather than the product. 


I would imagine that one of the main reasons we have to state our current clubs when we sign up for a review is so that you won't have drastic difference in products.  I would also venture to guess that most of us within the forum take our game seriously enough that we've been fitted for our current clubs, or know enough to fit ourselves to what we need.

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If I may throw my 2 cents in here. I also agree that about 80% of people buy their clubs at a big box chain (Dicks, et al) So a proper fitting wouldn't be reasonable. My first three sets of irons weren't fitted and I hit those well enough.


It wasn't until I couldn't hit a softball anymore that I decided to not be just a weekend hack anyways.


So yeah, I think it's not necessary to be fitted



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I do believe it is a good thing to be fitted.  I used to do some fitting myself and I know what works and doesn't work for me for the most part.  Yes I will try some different things at times but usually just go back to what works.  However, I do not believe that it should be mandatory for reviewers to be fitted unless that's something they choose.  

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I have always just played off the shelf. The cobra bio cell driver that i have, i have only made the initial adjustments to get the right fit for me. All of that was prior to me finding this site.


I don't think that it should be mandatory for anyone to get fit. But if it was me i would do everything i can now to make sure it is the best i can make it. Especially if it is going to be my gamer. Even if that is just for the testing period.

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How about 2 cents more for the piggy bank? 


So, I've put my name into the hat for the last few testing opportunities thinking this question in my mind. When I worked for Dick's Sporting Goods, I always told my customers that they should consider being fit, whether with us and our decent tech, the Golf Galaxy next door with their Foresight monitors, or at Turning Stone Resort and Casino with their Flightscope and Doppler systems. I can count on maybe three hands the amount of people who agreed and took me up with my suggestions and that was in nearly 4 years. Bottom line is this, the common golfer isn't the type to taking fitting seriously, and that's important to consider.


However, it's clear to see that the people who are on the MGS forum are not likely this  'common golfer' archetype. We're ahead of the curve on new products and new tech, we're asking questions about shaft flex, lead weighting, face groove tech, shaft flexes, etc. Because of that, I personally feel a duty to do my damnest to give you guys what you want, which is the best possible job with the best possible fit for me. I know that may not be everyone's feeling on that front, but you guys expect a certain level of effort on these reviews and testing opportunities, and I should be willing to give it to you. That's why, even though the best fitting center for me is an hour away, I'll run out there and get fit for me if/when I get the call the test things.


It's out of courtesy to you guys and the opportunities we're given as members here and as Stud said in his earlier post, this is not a short term thing, this could very well be the club that could be in your bag the next 3, 5, maybe even 10 years. You owe it to yourself to make sure it works for you!

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So here's a question for those that support mandatory fitting. Do you think that a putter fitting should be mandatory for a putter test and what does that include? Should you be eliminated fro the test if there is t a model that fits you properly?


Lots of people think putter fitting is all about feel. What if I thought iron and driver fitting is all about feel? Is my going to a local store and hitting a club into a net and thinking it

Feels good enough of a fitting?



Sorry, turning sarcastic mode off

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Another (slightly tongue-in-cheek) angle on this.


For me in particular, I'm 5'10", roughly 170lbs. I'm a 15 handicap. My swing speed fits neatly into the expectations for my age (late 30s).


And so I am the average American male golfer. As far as I'm concerned, the off-the-rack clubs are literally already built for someone exactly like me.


All of you guys who are big or small or who are really good or are very much not good or who swing really fast or really slow: I don't feel your pain.



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