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Golf For Most of Us?

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As for 18 hole courses, crammed onto 80 acres, being "the future of course layouts", I'm hoping not.  I like my golf courses big and sprawling.  I don't care for compressed layouts where fairways pass one another like interstates and greens and tees are so close you can see which brand balls the other group is playing.  

My home course here in Tallahassee has a very compressed, old school layout, because it was built in the 1970's I believe.  Started out as a private Country Club, and was bought by the city some years ago and is now the only 18-hole Muni in town.  But with an old school layout, you have a very tight track, where almost every hole parallels another, and not a round goes by where I don't hear an errant "FORE!!!" from some group somewhere as they sprayed a drive or shot onto an adjacent hole.  In fact, there are several holes where playing down the previous hole's fairway is actually advantageous.  Hole #4 for instance, is a short par 4 of only 300 yards, but it has a pond guarding the front of the green, so you are forced to hit like a 5 or 6 iron off of the tee to layup in front of the water for a wedge in.  But I've been known to crank driver to the right over the trees into the 3rd fairway, where you'll have a straight pitch into the green that avoids the pond altogether.


Same deal on #14, which parallels the 13th fairway.  If you miss right and hit it into the 13th fairway, you'll still have an easy wedge into the green and are not penalized at all.  In fact, some folks might even consider it a strategy on this course to do both of what I am describing above.  I guess it just depends on the golfer and what their game dictates.


Another one.  Hole #11 is a nasty dogleg left par 4, with mega trees guarding the left side so you can't just cut the corner.  However, if you pull a ball far enough left and aim at the 13th tee box, you can play to the left of all of the trees and still have a midiron into the 11th green and essentially cutting the corner.  Not a wise play, or something you should attempt regularly, as there is enough wood between 13 and 11 (12 is a short par 3 connecting the two holes fwiw) to give any golfer pause to even try that route, but I've been over there and played from there many times.


I would even go so far as to say that if you removed all the trees from this course that I'd be playing adjacent fairways all day long as a strategy.  One hole (#7) is so wickedly tight that I bought a club, just for this hole.  My Ping 4 crossover is used on this hole every time, as I need a 200 yard shot with a 45 degree draw to the left towards the end of the shot.  My 4 crossover is reliable enough to give me that shot most of the time.

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