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15 hours ago, russtopherb said:

50/49 for 99. My inability to get off the tee is absolutely maddening. I had a number of good rounds in a row where my driver was pretty decent and the last 2-3 my tee game has disappeared. So frustrating taking repeated penalties and losing balls.

On the good side I parred 3 holes in a row which got me really excited for a decent round. Boy did that end quickly.

ETA: Also I lost my phone on hole 15. Thankfully I was able to find it relatively quickly but it threw me completely off. So now that’s keys I’ve lost on the course and now my phone too.

Here's a sample of how things went yesterday, I'm still kicking myself over this so I wanted to post it to get it out of my system 😄

174 yard par 3. Pin's in the front of a green heavily sloping back to front. My 5i tee shot goes left into some trees, we didn't hear it deflect and land so that one's gone. OK, fine. Everyone else tees off, I hit an easy provisional well short so I can chip up, knowing if I have a big downhill putt I'm looking at a nasty score. So there's shot 3.

I chip up to the green for 4... and the ball rolls back off the green. Now I'm putting from the fringe for 5 and I'm not even on the green. 

As I finally go to putt for 6, one of the people we were paired up with goes "hey, who's ball is that over there?" Yup, you guessed it - my initial shot made it through the trees and was sitting down in a thick patch of rough. Could have theoretically chipped up from there for a CHANCE at par. But since it looked to all of us like the initial tee shot was gonzo, I didn't even think to look for it.

THAT was how the majority of the round went. 

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:ping-small: iWedge 58*
:cleveland-small: #10
Whatever ball I have 3 dozen of that my kids got me as a gift

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6 hours ago, jlukes said:

Had the pleasure of playing at the hole club of @Philly Golf Guy - Ledgerock Golf Club yesterday. Fantastic course and I played really well. Shot 79 with one double. The double came from a diabolical short grass area alongside 17 green. 

Also bogeyed a par 5 after being in a greenside bunker in two. Unfortunately heavy rain the prior day led to this particular bunker playing like wet cement

Was nearly automatic off the tee and my irons were as solid as ever. 






Great pics, looks like a beautiful track.

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Tested the Honma TR20 460 driver

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was chunking shots and my short game was severely out of whack...i was shooting mid 80s just 3 weeks ago but that was with 2-3 rounds a week...took a 2 week break because of a newborn lol

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Bahahahaha, played in 70-90 kph winds and crazy rain. Shot a 48 and was super happy about it. The winds were so strong I needed to aim almost 70 yards offline to hit my target area. This was the worst weather I have ever played in so only played 9 holes but had a super good time, drinking beers and shooting the s*** with buddies.

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12.9 Handicap

Comox Valley, B.C. 🇨🇦


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It is funny how your perspective changes! I hit 82 on Saturday in the competition, course changes caught me out. Greens changed up by about 2 on the stint, 36 putts and chipping was tough. Come off really disappointed. A year ago I would have been happy but I’m hitting the ball so well if I don’t break 80 I’m on a downer. Bounce game today and a 78 with 2 sloppy doubles.

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That time of year already? I've only played the south at Thunderbird, how do the two 18s compare?

Take Dead Aim

I much prefer north, which by the way is generally open year round. South is more wide open, same hilly terrain, a few more 'hidden' creeks to swallow your golf ball, and some shallow bunkers. As mentioned, north is a bit narrower, lots of trees and some pretty challenging greens. Last Wednesday we paid $24. with single rider cart. Less expensive than our special deal with Plum Brook.

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Left Hand orientation

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:ping-small: Glide 3.0  60* Wedge

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I much prefer north, which by the way is generally open year round. South is more wide open, same hilly terrain, a few more 'hidden' creeks to swallow your golf ball, and some shallow bunkers. As mentioned, north is a bit narrower, lots of trees and some pretty challenging greens. Last Wednesday we paid $24. with single rider cart. Less expensive than our special deal with Plum Brook.

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That's good to know, I'm looking for ways to keep the game going over winter. And that's a good price too. Looks to be much tighter in the satellite map. Bet it's a nice looking course once the trees change colors.

Take Dead Aim

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Take Dead Aim

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31 minutes ago, cksurfdude said:

Nah. Me, I get a little thrill inside trying to guess the direction of every tee shot... 😂😂😂

That's NOT a thrill...it's a little bit of 💩 coming out!

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1 hour ago, cksurfdude said:

Hah! ..so speaking of tee shots...

Played 18 yesterday, from the front tees with my wife, and (still!!) put myself into varying degrees of trouble on most of the Par 4s and 5s. Had a bad case of the lefts (RH'ed) .. which was kinda interesting .. as up to now my golfing experience has mostly been right misses off the tee. Yet somehow only had one ball go really waaaay left and OB.

So had a bunch of punch-outs for my second shots...

And then somehow... seemed to get the tee troubles under control the last three holes with solid tee shots, if just a little left of my intended line.

Irons - thanks to recent lessons - were mostly pretty good! A few chunks and thins but over the round was able to hit a bunch close to what I wanted .. yea! Short game was mostly pretty good, too - yeah a few, but very few, sloppy mistakes (including the one bunker I dropped myself into) / dropped shots.

Have to brag 😉 but on #18 Par 5 - good round, bad round I try to "finish in style" - I had a really solid tee shot .. launched straight and flew far .. hit a solid second into a good position .. and nailed the approach dropping the ball right where I was looking on the green!

Don't worry, tho, I quickly got my comeuppance - I converted (ha ha) that outside birdie chance 1-putt into a 3-putt bogey ... first putt was maybe 20 feet and I hit it just as intended, line and speed, only to watch it break uphill?!? by the hole ... where I then proceeded to miss the 2 footer...

So overall round actually went reasonably well, one of my better 18 hole rounds of 93 (36 putts) - and that was with 5 (count 'em: FIVE) doubles and one triple - so making progress and have plenty of room to improve 👍



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We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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After 2 rounds where I really struggled (both about 14 over) for very different reasons (6 x 3 putts, then couldn't hit the planet off the tee) I found a bit of form today, despite some extremely poor shots.

Drove it pretty well, a massive improvement from my last round. 10/14 fairways, with only one of my misses hurting. Distance was closer to normal. Fairways were very soft after lots of recent rain. Shot 9 over despite 2 very soft doubles and some awful swings. Bladed it through the back  twice from 110, and once from 120. A couple of birdies helped balance up the ledger. My short game is struggling to adjust to soft and slow greens post coring. Hoping that they firm up and roll better over the next few weeks.

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:mizuno-small:  MP18 MMC - Project X LZ 5.5
:cleveland-small: Zipcore Wedges 50,54,58 - Project X LZ 5.5
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