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Official Forum Member Review - SuperSpeed Golf






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SuperSpeed Golf Test  -   Stage 1

Kenny B

This is not a review by someone looking to increase swing speed to make it on the Long Drive circuit…  lol.  Heck, I’m not even the guy trying to reach 300 yards off the tee.  My days of knocking the ball a long way (mostly to the right) are long gone!  I am an overweight 71-year old golfer who loves golf, and I want to play as much as I can because at my age, I don’t know how many rounds I have left.  However, I want to play the best I can, and I will do whatever I can to improve.  If I can increase my distance off the tee, maybe I can increase my chances for another hole-in-one like this one last year.


This opportunity to test the SuperSpeed Golf concept of overspeed training to increase swing speed seems like a perfect program for a golfer like me to improve my game.  I would like to thank SuperSpeed Golf and MyGolfSpy for providing this opportunity, and I hope this review will be helpful to golfers with slower swing speeds like me.

My Game

A little more about me… I picked up golf late in life in 1992 after the aches and pains of competitive fast pitch softball and volleyball did not all go away before the next game the following week.  I needed a new sport at age 45.  I was never a great athlete; played decent at most sports while growing up.  I thought I could learn golf on my own, but I was wrong!  It took years to unlearn all my swing flaws (I’m still working on a few of them.).  Words for those just starting out in this silly game… take lessons early!  It took me 10 years to get from a 25 ‘cap to 14, and another 10 years to get from 14 to my current 9 index.  I firmly believe that if I had started with lessons at the beginning, I could have been lower than 9 in my first 10 years.

Now that I have wasted my “youthful” golf years, I have to play a different game.  I rely heavily on my driver and three (3) hybrids to get me into scoring position.  I score pretty well on holes that aren’t overly long.  Any approach over 200 yards is unreachable, because my playing partners frown on me putting a tee in the ground and using driver.  My 150y club is either a 6i or 5H depending on the lie.  From 100 yards I use my P2 club (It’s a JDM thing, I’ll explain later.)

I typically score in the low 80’s, but if my short game is working I can go mid-70’s.  My strengths are accurate driving and decent putting.  My short game has improved with a lot of practice.  My weakness is length; I need more.  My swing speed with the driver is around 84 mph; I have reached 88 mph but that swing is not one I would use on the course.  These speeds were measured recently on my Swing Caddie SC200 launch monitor.

 I am also in the middle of a major swing change this year.  In my younger days I hit the ball pretty far (at least that is how I remember it… lol), but I had a wicked slice.  I almost gave up the game, but then I took lessons, and I found the Single Plane Swing of Moe Norman taught by the Graves Golf Academy.  I have used the single plane swing for the last 10 years, and it turned my slice into a reasonably straight ball.  I was happy with that and played decent golf.  However, with each passing year I have noticed a drop in driver distance.  So, this spring I went back to a two-plane swing and gained a little distance, but I have lost some consistency.  I’m hoping that will improve with more reps.

At times I do have a tendency to screw up my swing tempo, and I would say that as my tempo goes, so does my score.  I can play a solid round where I have a few birdies and shoot in the 70’s.  When I shoot in the 70’s, I feel like I have found something and I can shoot in the 70’s every day, but the next day or maybe next week I wonder why I am even playing this game; I can shoot in the high 80’s. 

Most of my play is at my club, a local upscale muni, with my wife who is a 16 ‘cap.  She has been playing since 1963, and yes, she has beaten me on occasion.  We love to travel to play golf, and we usually play in the Pacific Northwest, but we will travel to warm places in the winter just to get away for a couple of weeks.  We usually go to Arizona, Palm Springs, Florida or Hawaii, but I’m willing to entertain any warm location.

My Equipment


My Wilson Staff Nexus carry bag currently contains a Wilson Staff Triton driver and 17º, 22º, and 25º D300 hybrids.  I will also swap out the 17º for a D300 5W.  I also occasionally replace the Triton driver for a Bridgestone JGR, which is lighter and has a different trajectory.

My current irons are the Bridgestone JGR Hybrid Forged irons from 6i to P2.  What??  Apparently, in Japan they love very strong lofts; so strong that the set has two “pitching wedges”… P1 and P2.  P1 is 38º and P2 is 44º.  It’s actually fun telling my playing partners what I hit into a green!!

My scoring clubs are SCOR 50º and 58º wedges which I use for everything around the green except for bunkers.  This year I added a Callaway Sure-Out sand wedge, and it is just that… a sure way out of greenside bunkers.

Putter?  I am not one to collect putters.  I have only ever used five (5) putters in 26 years of playing golf, and one of those was the Nike Converge that I tested for the forum three years ago (it’s now in my wife’s bag).  My gamer is a counter-balanced Ping Sigma G Doon that was custom fit at Ping last year.  I love this putter, and it fits my stroke beautifully.  It will leave my bag, when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

My current Ball?  I am currently playing the original Kirkland Signature 4-piece ball until my supply runs out, in maybe a year or so (I don’t lose very many).  I will play Snell or Srixon Z-Stars.  While I like Titleist ProV1x, I won’t pay that much for a ball.  For my game the ProV1x doesn’t provide added value.

My Practice and Playing Schedule

Most days I am at the golf course either playing or practicing; one of the benefits of being retired.  On Monday and Wednesday I walk the course with 2-3 other old guys who I met at the club when I joined 3 years ago.  I’m the youngest at 71.  The others are 74, 75, and 78.  We are all about the same skill level, and I hope I play as well as they do when I get to be their age.

On Tuesday I am at the course mid-morning for 2 hours mostly working on my short game.  I have to have a good short game to score because of my lack of length off the tee.  I will spend maybe 15 minutes on the range, but I do not like to hit balls.  I probably should do it longer, particularly with the mid-irons and hybrids.  It’s just boring.

During the summer on Thursday and Friday, I will head to the club late afternoon for a little practice before my wife gets off work, then we will play a 9-hole practice round.  It is almost too dark to finish nine holes now, so I will go back to morning practice on those days.  On the weekends my wife and I will either play with a few couples, or we will get paired up with strangers.  We have met some interesting characters!

My Fitness (or lack thereof)

Over the years I have been fit and unfit.  Throughout my life I have struggled with my weight.  Never a great athlete; average in about anything I tried.  In my 30’s I lost a bunch of weight; started running, and ran a bunch of 10K and longer runs, including Bloomsday in Spokane with 40K people.  In 1993 I ran our Tri-Cities marathon in just under 4 hours; dang near killed me!  When I finished, I quit running; I had enough.  Three years ago I had my left knee replaced, and again I struggle with my weight.

Physical activity today strictly consists of golf; walking 18 holes with a pushcart twice a week, and riding in a cart on the weekends.  I do not spend much time on the range hitting balls except when working on my swing.  I rarely hit balls before I play, but I do stretch and swing a Skilz Gold Flex.  I can touch my toes… does that count?

I know I should be doing more, but this old body just doesn’t want to cooperate.  With each passing year, I am more sore in more places when I get up in the morning.

My vision for SuperSpeed Golf training

Since my swing speed has been declining steadily over the past 10 years and it will likely continue, I thought that I should do something to see if I could at least maintain the speed I have.  When I read about SuperSpeed Golf (SSG), I thought this training might be just what I need.  The MyGolfSpy opportunities to test equipment are a wonderful benefit to being a member.  I really did not think I would be chosen for this test, but I thought that if I was selected, it would be probably be the one piece of equipment that has the potential to positively affect my golf game.  As I mentioned earlier, if I could get more distance off the tee, I could lower my scores since my short game is usually pretty solid.

First Impressions of SuperSpeed Golf

SuperSpeed Golf is located in Chicago.  Testers located in the central US received their training clubs days before testers in the east and west coasts.  Understandable, but I was anxious!!  When mine arrived, the box had the Green, Blue and Red colors on the outside, which are the colors for the Men’s set.  I opened the box to find the clubs that were Yellow, Green, and Blue, which indicates the Senior/Women/Junior set.  Apparently, all sets are shipped in the same box, regardless of swing speed.  The Green and Blue clubs are the same in both sets.


I was expecting the Senior set because of my pathetic swing speed, but I was concerned when I weighed each club.  SuperSpeed Golf states that the lightest club is 20% lighter than the driver, the middle club is 10% lighter, and the heavy club is 5% heavier.  They base these numbers off the average driver with the head being 200 grams, grip 50 grams, and shaft weight.  We were all asked the weight of our driver shaft.  Mine is 65 grams.  It seems that the Men’s set is relatively close to those specs.  However, most senior drivers and some women’s drivers likely do not meet that 20/10/5% spec.   I have two drivers that I will play, both regular flex shaft, and they weigh 317 grams and 328 grams.  My wife’s TaylorMade RBZ with the stock Ladies Flex shaft weighs 306 grams.  The clubs in the SuperSpeed Golf Senior set weigh according to my kitchen scale:  Yellow 231 grams, Green 264 grams, and Blue 301 grams.  This senior set consists of SuperSpeed clubs that are Yellow 30% lighter, Green 20% lighter, and Blue 8% lighter.  I will not be swinging a training club that is heavier than my driver.




While SuperSpeed Golf asks for driver shaft weight, they consider the weight of the driver but look at individual swing speed below 90 mph as the determining factor when selecting the proper SuperSpeed set.  I expect to gain speed following their protocols, but I don’t think there is any way to determine if the change would be more, less, or the same if the set contained a club heavier than my driver.  Maybe I need a lighter driver!?

All of the SuperSpeed training clubs are the same length, which is just short of my driver length of 45 3/4 inches.


SuperSpeed Golf provided a Swing Speed Radar unit for testers to measured swing speed during this MyGolfSpy test.  The unit is marketed by Sports Sensors, Inc in Cincinnati, OH and sells separately on the SuperSpeed Golf website for $120.  This review will not evaluate the radar unit, but I will provide feedback as it relates to this test.

SuperSpeed  Golf  uses  the  concept  of  overspeed  training  to  increase  club  speed,  and  consequently  distance. Overspeed  training  works  to  increase  the  neuromuscular  reaction  speed  of  a  known  motor  program  by reducing  the  load  during  a  movement,  allowing  the  body  to  move  faster  than  normal.  There are 5 levels of protocol training sessions.  To complete all 5 levels requires 72 weeks.

An overview of the SuperSpeed Golf system protocols is provided here:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/8mxwr5vfa1ksvmf/Protocol Outline Packet.pdf?dl=0

I am committed to complete the program, but the MyGolfSpy testing will produce a Stage 2 report before the end of Protocol 2.  Each Protocol is to be conducted 3 times per week with a day of rest between sessions.  According to SuperSpeed Golf, a session should NOT to be conducted after playing golf, and if golf is to be played on a training day, the Protocol session should be performed 3-4 hours before playing.  Since I play golf on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, that means I will have to conduct a training session on one of those days.  I am planning to perform the Protocol on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday; however, circumstances always seem to change well-planned intentions.

SuperSpeed Golf has asked us to measure our driver swing speed with the radar unit prior to beginning Protocol 1 and then again at the end.  The 83 mph swing speed is representative of the average of 5 swings taken early in the morning.  I will be conducting the protocols in the morning most of the time.


Prior to beginning each Protocol session, SuperSpeed Golf states that their Dynamic Warmup exercise program must be completed.  The warmup routines are provided here:


Although I currently do a few of these warmups prior to playing a round of golf, I will evaluate this set of exercises in the context of the SuperSpeed Golf training protocols.

I am evaluating the SuperSpeed Golf training program as a slow swing golfer.  Hopefully, I will be able to answer any questions that golfers out there with swing speeds less than 90 mph might have regarding issues, benefits, and results.  Lets’ start a conversation!!!




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Stage One – Tester Introduction 09/30/2018

Review by Kegger



After reading my previous review, I realized I didn’t put any focus in the Intro section about myself outside of golf, so this time, you get to learn a little more about me. I am 30 years old and am living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Growing up in the tech hub of Silicon Valley and being so near the famed courses of Pebble Beach, this area gave birth to both my passions in life: technology and golf. The former being my career, in which I develop diagnostic software for automotive scan tools, and the latter being my greatest love and hobby. Since I apparently don’t value my nights or my free time, I am also a part-time student at San Jose State University, where I am slowly chipping away at a Bachelors Degree in Business Management Information Systems.

The Personal Questions

I am going to keep this section short as I covered it in my  KBS $-Taper review. I will focus on going over what has changed (deteriorated) since that review. You will notice that the little handicap number below my avatar no longer shows the “12” I so proudly offered up a year ago. And before you think it, no, the KBS shafts were not to blame in any way shape or form! My official handicap has sadly fallen from 12.4 from a year ago to a 16.9 as of my latest revision. I blame much of this on my fitness, or lack thereof. My fitness has been in a downward spiral in the recent years and my golf game has gone with it! You’ll see all the juicy details below!

Fitness Questions

Since SuperSpeed Golf is as much a fitness device/routine as a training aid, it is necessary to embarrass myself and bare all when it comes to my current fitness levels, both overall and for golf. Spoiler alert, they aren’t very good!

No need to sugarcoat it, I am overweight and have struggled with it since graduating high school. I played football in high school and was in excellent shape up until the season ended my Senior year. From this point, my daily workouts ended, but my voracious appetite didn’t. I went from a 230 lbs fullback to, 12 years later, weighing in at an all-time high of 295 lbs. Even at this weight, I still have a hint of athletic ability but it’s nowhere near what it was and where I need it to be. I recently started seeing a personal trainer (my first workout session was the weekend prior to being selected for this review) and plan to continue with personal training alongside the SuperSpeed program. I am seeing the personal trainer once per week and am attempting to get at least one additional workout in per week.

My golf fitness is a similar story to that of my overall fitness, although unlike my weight, my distances have decreased over time. Interestingly enough, my driver has suffered much more than my irons have. In my previous review, I listed my driver swing speed at 98 and my iron swing speed at 83. These were both numbers that I had pulled off of a Foresight GC2 at the local PGA store. Earlier this year, I went through both a driver and an iron fitting with Cool Clubs using Trackman. On Trackman, my iron speeds were still at the same 83 mph, but my driver fell to the low 90s. While you might cite the different monitors being the reason for different driver numbers, these numbers mirrored what I was seeing on the course. I have lost huge amounts of distance with my driver while my iron distances have remained largely unchanged. But what do these numbers actually translate to? Where else could we start than which clubs I use for everyone’s favorite yardages…


  • 100 yards: Gap Wedge (50*)
  • 150 yards: 7-iron (30.5*)
  • 200 yards: 3 or 5 Wood!!
  • GIR = 19% (average of 5 rounds)

And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the golf number most often inflated by ego driven golf forum keyboard warriors and office gossipers alike, and one of the main bases for this review…. Prior to setting up the supplied Swing Speed Radar on the range, I believed my swing speed to be in the 90-95 range based on Trackman and Foresight numbers I've seen within the past year or so. But previous numbers don’t really matter, at least not for this review! So with that being said…. Here are the current driver numbers, and the baseline that will be used to measure any improvements... Drum roll please!


  • Driver Swing Speed: 90.5 mph average with a max of 96 mph and a minimum of 88 mph
  • Driver Distance: Maxing out ~225 yards (total) with a realistic average being closer to 215 (yardages are my best guesstimates of my recent performance and not based on actual data)
  • FIR = 60% (average of 5 rounds)

First Impressions

Before the product review opportunity came about, I was interested in the concept of SuperSpeed Golf. As a golfer who has struggled with driver distance, the thought of a product which promises more speed and distance is a siren’s call. We’re always told that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and this was my initial reaction when I first heard of the SuperSpeed training. Can SuperSpeed live up to the hype? Is “Overspeed Training” the way of the future, or is it simply a trigger word for a marketing ploy? Speaking of Overspeed Training, what the heck does that even mean? Here’s what SuperSpeed has to say about that:


“Overspeed Training works by getting the body to move at a faster than normal speed during a known motor pattern.Essentially the brain has a set range of speed for the neuro-muscular response when a golfer makes a golf swing. We first need to increase the response speed from the body by reducing the “load” or in this case the weight of the club. We then need to gradually increase this load to teach the brain that the body is capable of running the motor pattern faster” (superspeedgolf.com).

So there it is, Overspeed Training is the golfer’s unicorn to obtaining faster swing speeds. But is this based on science, or is it more of a pseudoscience? I can’t answer this just yet, but what I can answer are my initial impressions of the training set right out of the box.

Packaging: Good

I didn't have any issues with my shipment, but I have to say that I'm surprised that the clubs shipped in just a product box with no additional protection. Granted, the box is made in such a way that the clubs are held in place and don't  move, but I expected some foam or something to help give the box extra rigidity and provide additional protection to the shafts.

SSG Packaging.jpg

Build Quality: Excellent

If nothing else, the SuperSpeed Golf set is pretty! From the finely machined weights with the inlaid color coded logos, to the glossy black shafts wrapped with a color coded design, to the color coded grips, these clubs have got the look! The grips feel solid and don’t appear (or feel) cheap like some other training clubs out there. I will be interested in keeping track of how the grips are wearing overtime and if I feel the need to change them out.

SSG Weights.jpg

SSG Shafts+Grips.jpg

The Feels: Good

When I first grabbed the clubs and whipped them around (not an actual swing) the shafts seemed a lot stiffer than I was expecting. I guess this makes sense since these shafts are supposed to be used by a wide range of swing speeds, but it still took me off guard. Full swings feel fairly normal, although it does feel different swinging a shaft with all of the weight in one spot on the end versus spread out like on a standard driver head.

Driver Comparison:

Well, since the whole point of this training program is to increase swing speed and is modeled after a driver, how does it compare to mine?


Specs (As measured at time of review):

Specs Chart.JPG

All of my measured weights came in between 5 and 7 grams heavier than listed on the website, which lists them at 255g/290g/335g respectively. The clubs are still within 2.5% of their stated weights, which seems like a decent margin of error, but I thought it worth noting nonetheless. I also want to point out that the weight percentage of each club to my driver doesn’t fall perfectly in line with SuperSpeed’s application of 20% Lighter, 10% Lighter, and 5% heavier. How much this will matter in the end is hard to say, but again, it’s worth noting. 


So what exactly am I looking to get out of SuperSpeed? Well for one, I’d like just that: Super speed! But I will settle for a modest, and consistent, swing speed improvement. I have struggled with distance off the tee, so extra speed would hopefully translate to more distance, less club into greens, and, in turn, lower scores. The obvious aside, I am also hoping that the SuperSpeed training will be an extra boost towards my weight loss goals and increase my flexibility, which I have very little of.

In terms of defining product performance, I am going to keep the standards rather simple. To call SuperSpeed Golf a success, I expect to see the following:

  • At the end of the review I must see a measurable increase in Swing Speed
  • This swing speed increase must translate to usable on-course performance (A boost in swing speed does me no good if I go from driving the ball 215 in the fairway to 250 into the woods)

With well over 100 professional golfers using the product (as determined by looking through SuperSpeed Golf’s Testimonial page), I feel there HAS to be something positive to gain from Overspeed Training, and I fully expect to see a swing speed gain by the end of this review.

Stay tuned for weekly updates in this thread as I chart my journey through the SuperSpeed training protocols and track how it affects both my golf game and overall fitness! How fast can I go?!



Weekly Updates:

For ease of navigation, I will be using this section to link to my weekly updates. Enjoy!

Week 1; Week 2;



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I appreciate MyGolfSpy and SuperSpeed Golf for the opportunity to review the SuperSpeed Golf training system.  Intriguing to say the least! 

Golfing Life

I've been playing this lovely game of ours for over 40+ years.  My father started me very early at 4 years old, letting me swing plastic clubs first, then he cut down one of his old sets for me when he knew I understood to hold on to it.  HA!  I was the only one of 3 boys that stuck with it.  The older brothers played the "normal" sports like baseball & football, all while making fun of me playing that "dumb a** sport."  Now look who's playing the game after 2 knee surgeries and can't play baseball or football anymore .... my older brother.  "Who's making fun of the game now, huh?"  


I played in high school & college as well but with work and the family life it's pretty hard to get out and play as much as I would like. (Isn't that everyone's problem?)  

Back in the good 'ol days, my handicap got very close to scratch.  I lived & breathed golf for a number of my teenage years.  Between working on a golf course in both the Pro Shop and on the maintenance crew, to the retail side of things .... I was involved with golf in some sort of fashion.  But these days my handicap hovers around 8 and 10 ... much higher than I would like.

My Equipment & Current Game

I have played Titleist clubs ever since I can remember.  I grew up playing the Balata golf balls, the original blades ... Titleist has been my go to company for years.  

My current setup: 

Driver - 917 D2, Tour AD7; 917F2 fairways; AP3 5 - PW; TMB 4-iron; Vokey wedges; Scotty Newport putter.  But here are some pics of the bag currently.  (edit coming soon though with new woods!) 


I currently hit my driver about 250 - 265 yards depending on the swing I bring to the course & the condition of my body that day.  My swing speed hovers around 96 - 100 mph.  I'm hoping to consistently be over the century mark after this review is over.

Huh ... So This Is SwingSpeed

Who doesn't like it when UPS arrives at your door with golf goodness? 


I like the fact that the clubs were separated from each other in the box.  My initial reaction was "cool, at least I can differentiate the 3 clubs from each other by sight & not just feel."  The color scheme & the engraving on the weights themselves are nice.  The only thing that I didn't like was the Tour Velvet grips.  To a guy that has sweaty hands all of the time, no matter the weather, velvet grips are the devil.  I just better make sure there is enough room in the yard and no one else is around when I swing these.  And by no means will I be able to swing them in the house.  That's all I need is to have one slip out of my hands and into the flat screen in the living room.  Mrs Nut would not be too happy with me!  HA!  


SuperSpeed states the light, medium, and heavy sticks are 20% lighter, 10% lighter, 5% heavier, respectively.

Planning Ahead

Players are supposed to typically gain 5% over the first 6 weeks.  Their website lists a 1mph increase = approximately 2.6 yards.  I'm just hoping for any type of increase without swinging out of my shoes every time.  This was my biggest "fear" I guess for lack of a better word.  But the guys at SuperSpeed assured me that this wasn't going to be the case.  It's about training your mind & muscles to swing a certain way that you don't even notice it.  I have to say, I was a bit skeptical about that.  But only time will tell.

Protocol Outline.JPG

The "Happy Gilmore" swing is an interesting part of training as I would never attempt to hit the ball that way obviously.  As well as hitting from the knees but I'm sure they know what they are talking about.  Mind you, I'm not the most flexible person in the world ... so getting me into these positions might be a challenge.  HA! The left-handed version while kneeling should be interesting to say the least. 

"Swing as hard as you can!"  Never in the game of golf have you heard that phrase incorporated into training.  Unless of course you are in 6" high rough & you have to gauge it out ... then yes, swing as hard as you can.  But I would never do that off the tee box with a driver or an iron.  

Committing to this program will take some effort but I'm interested and intrigued by it.  I'm hoping to see some results in the future.  Maybe I might get out there a few more yards.  If I am able to hit 1 or 2 less clubs into my favorite holes, then it's definitely worth it.  

So stay tuned


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I am expecting good things from you all. This product is on my very short list for X-mas presents to myself. Can't wait to hear what your first Impressions are. 

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This will be fascinating. I understand the theory behind this but does it really work? You boys have a lot of work ahead 😁😎

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