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Pearl Golfballs (German brand)

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On 8/22/2019 at 5:59 AM, GolfSeeker said:

So I tried the Pro x and was greatly disappointed. Short off the tee. Short on approach shots. The only place it shined was on chips. It checks up pretty well. I guess it has decent control as well. Regularly play Bridgestone RXS and XS and get great distance and control. This ball is not in that class. Not even as good as old Prov1/x’s I pick up from the rough on my home course. Actually not even as good as the $30 Volvik’s I tried lately. My search continues for a good under $40 ball I can game for the next 2 years or so. I just ordered the Snell MTB-x after reading multiple reviews. I am hoping it works for me 


I was really surprised to read this. I´m playing them now for more than 6 month and I´m totally happy with my choice (PurePro). I´m not a PGA-Pro but could it be you should have chosen the 3-piece Pearl-ball? I can only talk for myself but my swingspeed isn´t good enough to bring the 4-piece balls that far as my other balls. 

I´m following PearlGolf for a while now and they seem to do a good job. For example I´ve seen they got the Digest HotList silver medal, also some reviews are out and it´s pretty interesting how they compare to other (more known) brands. 


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It may indeed be that the 3-piece pearl would be a better fit for me. However, I have found great success after switching to the TaylorMade balls. Now using project (a) as  my regular ball and tp5x as my premium ball. The tp5x is definitely the better ball both around the greens and longer off the tee ( avg 10 more yards)

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