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Testers Wanted! Shot Scope V5 ×

Want To Test a Callaway Paradym Driver? (SIGN UP CLOSED)


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Too bad it doesn’t come with a Senior shaft……LOL Best of luck to those handling the 6x shaft….

Driver: image.png.6ba1c8a254ad57aa05e527b74c2e04ba.png0311 XF 10.5* w/Project X Cypher 40 gram Senior shaft or 0811 XF 12* w/Evenflo Riptide CB Senior shaft

Fairways:  image.png.80321f01fc46450b6f428c7daf7b3471.png0211 5W & 7W w/ Evenflo Riptide CB  regular shaft and Tour Edge E521 9W w/Fubuki HD50 regular shaft

Hybrid: None in bag at the moment

IronsTitleist T300 5-PW w/Fubuki MV Senior graphite shafts w/Golf Pride Tour

Wedges: Edison forged 49*, 53* and 57* wedges with KB PGI Senior shafts(80 grm).

Putter: 33” Evnroll ER6R or  ER2 or Bellum Winmore Model 707,   or Nike Method Core Drone  w/Evnroll Gravity Grip

Bag: Vice cart bag(Black/Lime). 

Ball: Snell MTB Prime X, Maxfli Tour/S/X CG, Titleist Pro V1x or Titleist TruFeel

Using Shot Scope X5 and Pinned Rangefinder


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I switched to a ping g425 this summer and while I loved the forgiveness it just wasn’t the club (did keep me in the fairway). I ended up dropping back to my titleist 983k (partially bc my brother wanted the ping) that’s 20+ yrs old bc I can still bomb it and feel in control. I tested the stealth and was ready to pull the trigger (even got a shaft for it ready to go) but got myself curious about the burner mini. I’d go for the burner no doubt if they had a 9.5 or less loft. So currently I’m basically in driverless limbo. I game a callaway steelhead plus 3 wood that I’ve tried to replace over the years but nothing can take that beast out of the bag. My best drive this season came on hole #4 of my home course. It’s a 390 par 4 semi dog leg left with a bunker on the left side designed to prevent you from cutting the corner. Trees line both fairways and a shot that’s straight but too long is in the woods. Against my usual judgement and feeling like I was swinging well I brought out the driver and decided to rip it, the most perfect baby draw right along the left tree line and well clear of the bunker. Left myself about 45 into the green. Definitely didn’t flub the approach fat and have to scramble for par (I did). I don’t know that you should pick me, there may be other more deserving gamers out there but if you do, I know I’ll provide an honest objective review that will help others struggling in big stick limbo and need a relatable experience to add a piece to the bag. 

:Miura: CB-301 4-7i, MB-101 8-pw Nippon Tour Modus 3 120 x-flex

:ping-small: G425 max 9°, Tour Chrome 75S 

:ping-small:G430 2H, Ventus Blue 7S shaft

:callaway-small: Steelhead plus 3w+ 

:vokey-small: vokey SM9 48º 10F 54° 08M & 58° 10S

:scotty-cameron-1: Phantom X 9.5 

:titleist-small: ProV1x

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10 minutes ago, cksurfdude said:

Kudos to @StrokerAce and @GolfSpy SAM for sharing (and  caring 😉)! And also to @GolfSpy_APH for setting up this additional testing opportunity!!

Years ago I was able to participate in a club test .. my first .. and afterwards had asked if there were any sort of "clearing house" - other than the classifieds - to pass on the tester club(s) to another forum member...

So my suggestion is to see if this "Play It Again" opportunity might be made into a more regular thing..??


Agree!  We have a large community and a lot of us "test" different products from shafts to clubs all the time.  

:callaway-small: Paradym TD Driver w/ Ventus Blue 6S

:ping-small: 3W

:srixon-small: MKII ZX 5's (4-6) w/ KBS Tour V

:srixon-small: MKII ZX 7's (7-PW) w/ KBS Tour V

:titleist-small: Vokey Wedges 50* 54* 58*

:L.A.B.: DF2.1 Putter

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Tis the season of giving!  This is a pretty cool way to pay it forward too!

WITB-Foremost 551's - 3w, 5w, 5-SW (circa 1998), Top Flite 460cc Driver, Adam's 7w, Warrior GW and 60⁰, Odyssey AI-One DB putter.

Just an old newbie golfer, trying to learn and improve 1 club at a time.



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I've been a huge Callaway fan for years especially their irons and balls so when the Paradym Driver came out, I had to try a couple at the local golf store.  I wanted to like it but felt like it wouldn't outperform my old Taylor Made driver.  Now I'm an old golfer with average swing speeds 86-92 so maybe this had an impact on my experience.  I'm still a fan but waiting for another opportunity.

Have Fun!!


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Have fun and good luck to everyone 

Edited by Rob Person

WITB-Foremost 551's - 3w, 5w, 5-SW (circa 1998), Top Flite 460cc Driver, Adam's 7w, Warrior GW and 60⁰, Odyssey AI-One DB putter.

Just an old newbie golfer, trying to learn and improve 1 club at a time.



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Very nice gesture and it will be a great asset once it finds the right home.

Good luck to those who apply.

:titleist-small: Driver, TSi 1 S Flex

:cobra-small: 3 wood, Aerojet Max UST Helium Nanocore R Flex

:cobra-small: 5 wood, Aerojet Max UST Helium Nanocore R Flex 

:cobra-small: 7 Wood, Aerojet Max UST Helium Nanocore R Flex 

:cobra-small: 5 Hybrid King Tec MMT R Flex

:cobra-small: Irons, Tour UST Recoil 95 R Flex (6 - Gap)

:cobra-small: Wedges, Snakebite KBS Hi- Rev2.0 54* & 60*

:cobra-small: Agera 35"

image.png Ultralight 14-way Cart Bag

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Absolutely love this move (and community) - good luck to everyone that enters!

Cobra 50th Anniversary Member Special Challenge/Testing Bag (Link Here)

Driver: image.png.ca83f4e6716da9276cf90826f633daca.png Paradym with Ventus TR Blue 60 Stiff

Fairways:  image.png.c4f821ba6925e5e146c31600685bf103.png Aerojet Max 3W & 7W with Hzrdus Smoke Blue RDX 70 Stiff

Hybrid:  image.png.c21137d282a252fb544e47aceb520176.png King TEC 5H with KBS PGI 95 Stiff

Irons:  image.png.6621a18e06b1717c1f774c4a561fd7d8.png Forged TEC 5-GW with KBS Tour Lite Stiff

Wedges:  image.png.ca83f4e6716da9276cf90826f633daca.png Jaws Raw Plasma 54 & 58

Putter:  image.png.c8e6824d2c38fa85d20ca21913fbb2b1.pngPhantom X 5.5

Ball: 2023 Maxfli Tour

Other Reviews:

Callaway Paradym

Titleist White Box Testing (2023)

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5


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11 hours ago, rkj427 said:

Awesome opportunity for another member, and gestures like this one is what makes MGS much different and better than the rest.

Well said!

I enjoy the story this driver’s had already! Good luck to all who apply!

WITB (link to detailed post here):

Driver:  Cobragolflogo.png.602fb363b272aeca0ae57ab591da02de.png LTDx 9* (ProjectX BlueSmoke Stiff)

Fairway metals:  TITLEIST_logo_15px.png.86858562876473681822bdce0336ecd4.png 3W TSR2 14.25* (ProjectX BlueSmoke Stiff) | PXG_Logo.png.e8b8454bf242754d2326ecb0a719cd30.png 5W Gen4 0341XF (Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 75 S)

Hybrid: PXG_Logo.png.e8b8454bf242754d2326ecb0a719cd30.png4H Gen4 0317XF (Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 75HY S)

Irons:   Sub70.png.5f7ea5565c2690f7d237f327e2e5238a.png 659 CB 5-AW (Project X Rifle 6.0)

Wedges:   Sub70.png.5f7ea5565c2690f7d237f327e2e5238a.png 286 54* & 58* (KBS Tour 120 S)

Putter:  Sub70.png.5f7ea5565c2690f7d237f327e2e5238a.png AL-6 armlock | Unofficial review here

Ball:   Vice_logo.png.282566e7be35424dbb3a5d3359e6385f.png pro drip: red & blue | MAXFLI_logo_15px.png.137df4bf59bf3628d99abc6ca08fd43f.png Tour S

Pushcart:  clicgear_logo.png.5569d627daa35e79384784c8a4e886f4.png 4.0 | '23 MGS Clicgear 4.0 Pushcart Tester | Link here

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Wow, really cool. and very generous for those passing this on. Honestly, I have never been able to justify the cost of any of these top end drivers based on my skill level and all he other factors. I have swung them at stores occasionally, but it really didn't seem to show me much. I could have if I really wanted to, but just never put the money into it I guess. Since I took a few lessons last couple years I got to where I am regularly in the mid 80's low 90's consistently, and have been curious if something like this would make a difference. But as many have already said, I am in a no golf zone in Illinois right now, so I couldn't do much with this, at least on a course till May.

That being said, I would love to test this thing. I currently have an RBZ, even got that used when my Callaway Diablo (only decent driver I think I ever bought new, had it for years) driver head went flying off into the water on a shot LOL I found it at a golf store and just got it cause it matched my irons. I hit it pretty well so just stuck with it.

If it makes any difference, I just signed a lease for a building yesterday to open a golf sim business with a trackman, so I am certainly diving in the deep end here, and expecting to improve my own game in the process (I better LOL) and could do some pretty thorough testing, but that probably won't be done till sometime mid Jan. 

I'll be posting more about the sim business once we get the build done and get closer to opening. Starting construction next week. BTW, I got the idea for the business from this forum, so obviously, this place literally may have completely changed my life. At 63 no less 😁 So yea, I would love to test this thing. But whomever does get the chance to do it, enjoy, it is pretty cool how this entire community works, glad I stumbled upon this wonderful place.

Cheers all.

Edited by RockerFCC

Just your "normal" obsessed golfer in search of more shots with names of flying critters...

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Pass it along ... very nice!  

WITB:  Do I like Titleist or what? 


Driver:     :titleist-small: TSR3 9* UST Mamiya Proto LIN-Q Blue 

Fairways   :titleist-small: TSi2 UST Mamiya LIN-Q Blue 13.5* 

Driving Iron:   :titleist-small: U500 17* :Fuji:  Blue Ventus HB Velocore 

Irons   :titleist-small: T350 4 & 5, T200 6 - PW UST Mamiya Recoil Dart F4 105g

Wedges    :vokey-small: SM9 48*, SM9 52*, SM8 56* Modus Tour Wedge 

Putter    :cameron-small: Newport 2 w/ Garsen Ultimate grip 

Ball    :titleist-small:  *ProV1 Left Dot

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Going to leave this open for say 3 more days then go through it with the staff and make a decision. 

Will be highlighted in tomorrow's newsletter so be sure to get your submission in asap before the flood of others come in!

⛳🛄 as of Nov 6, 2023 (Past WITB
Driver:  :callaway-small: Paradym TD w/ GD ADDI 6X Driver Shootout! 

Wood:    :cobra-small: F7 3 wood 14.5* w/ Motore F1 Shaft

Irons:   :titleist-small: T Series - T200 5 Iron
                                          T150 6-9 Iron
                                          T100 PW/GW

Wedge:  Toura Golf - A Spec 53,37,61 degree 

Putter:  Screenshot 2023-06-02 13.10.30.png Mezz Max!

Balls:     Vice Pro Plus Drip (Blue/Orange)


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I'd jump on this if it were 10.5*

@dlow206 did something similar a few years back and let me try the Motore he was selected to test. The one with the sick MGS logo on it! It didn't work out so I sent it back to him when I had him re-shaft my wedges. Stuff like this is what makes this community such a solid place to participate. One of the few places on the Internet that I don't hate visiting, lol.

Driver: :callaway-small: Rogue ST Max LS Tensei AV Blue S

3w/5w: :titelist-small: TSi2 Tensei AV Raw Blue S

4h: :mizuno-small: CLK 22* Hybrid Tensei CK Pro Blue 80HY S

Irons 5-PW: :mizuno-small: 223 Steelfiber PR 95 S

Wedges: :cleveland-small: RTX Zipcore Tour Rack 50, 54, 58 Steelfiber PR 105

Putter: LAB Link.1

Ball: :srixon-small: Z-Star Diamond

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